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Job One Part 4: The Slower-to-Implement, Long Term Climate Destabilization Mitigation Strategies

(Each step below takes a longer term resolution and maintenance perspective. do these steps after you have been successful with the earlier Job One steps)

Step 1.) Create a "sustainable prosperity" for All. (That is the new sustainable lifestyles and livelihoods, which will help to also create social justice as an indispensable step to both the longer term and post-crisis climate re-stabilization solution.)

There can be no legitimate long-term solution to climate destabilization that can be maintained without understanding and applying the new principles of sustainable prosperity. And, there can be no sustainable prosperity without climate stabilization! 

For the long term solution to catastrophic climate destabilization (as well as many of our other human-caused pollution challenges,) we will have to learn and evolve to sustainable prosperity lifestyles, livelihoods, communities and nations as well as educate others about it. To do this we will need to engage in a massive restructuring and re-aligment of our economic, social and political systems because at their current state of evolutionary progress they are the deep and true underlying causes which both created and allowed climate destabilization to occur.

Understanding and creating the major restructuring and re-alignments needed to create sustainable prosperity is the indispensable key to maintaining climate stabilization one we finally prevent the worst of it. Band-Aids and tweeks and minor changes to our existing systems simply will no longer work!

While creating the new your new sustainable prosperity lifestyles and livelihoods be sure to also join or begin creating the new micro-culture sustainable prosperity communities. These micro cultures and sustainable prosperity communities will seed and eventuate sustainable prosperity becoming the norm in the macro culture.

Click here for more about the principles of sustainable prosperity.

(Universe College offers some great free access courses on Sustainable Prosperity and the Universe Principles of Sustainability this in the Department of Sustainability Studies. Go to Universe College to learn more about sustainable prosperity as well as how to create sustainable livelihoods, lifestyles and communities that are aligned with the Universe Principles of Sustainable.)

Step 2.) And finally, become a "big picture" partner in maintaining climate stabilization once it has been restored by committing to sustainable planetary evolution by becoming a Planetary and Universe Evolutionary.

Knowing the universe's evolutionary principles for creating Sustainable Prosperity and where they came from is critical! Their attitude principles effect and condition how we do everything. Their action principles enhance the effectiveness of our every action which we do to help resolve human-caused catastrophic climate destabilization and to ultimately achieve long term Job One for Humanity success. As part of an exciting new worldview that can work for all of humanity not just a few they can also be used to help solve every other major challenge that humanity now faces.

Once you learn these sustainability principles and the new worldview they came from you can further the process of sustainable planetary evolution beyond our current challenges by becoming a Planetary and Universe Evolutionary.

Learn more about how to align yourself with sustainable planetary and universe evolution by using the Universe's Evolutionary Principles for Creating Sustainability!

(At our Universe College's Department of Evolutionary Sciences we offer classes such as How to be a Planetary and Universe Evolutionary.)

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