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Introduction to the Integral/Spiral Movement Continued

At Universe Spirit we feel that integral theory offers many exciting new tools and concepts to a new spirituality created in and for the challenges of the 21st century and beyond, but o­ne does not have to read, know or believe in integral theory to be a member of our organization or use our web site.

We simply recommend and use many concepts from the integral movement because Integral theory provides a new and more comprehensive understanding of reality. This new understanding includes the value, and transcends the limitations, of the worldviews previously provided by the traditional institutions of science, philosophy, or religion. The integral vision achieves this expanded view of reality through the use of a new meaning-making framework, a framework that allows us to organize and incorporate the research findings and insights of a great number of disciplines.

These include the natural sciences (physics, chemistry, biology, neurology, ecology) as well as psychology, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, business, politics, art, ethics, religion, and spirituality.

This Integral Movement section of our web site will cover all the topics and issues of the Integral Movement. It is an o­ngoing collaboration on how the wisdom, power and compassion of your spirituality and experience can be added to that of others to help make a better world. Several of the goals of this section are to develop integral position papers on the key issues of the Integral Movement that might also be endorsed in an interfaith collaboration or be published and distributed to the general public and media. If you would like to learn more about how the Integral movement has influence spiritual practices, click the following link Universe Spirit Practices.

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Extra Tools:

  • Ken Wilber - Meetup with other local Ken Wilber fans to discuss the spiritual intellectual's unified field theory of consciousness.
  • Spiral Dynamics - Meetup with other local people interested in Spiral Dynamics, an idea suggested by Dr. Clare W. Graves.


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