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A New The Evolutionary Definition of Peace and Normalcy that Reflects Biological Reality and Life as well as a Basic Perspective of Religion 2.0

The scientists who study the universe and its history o­n both macro and micro levels tell us that o­ne of the deepest reoccurring patterns in the ongoing greatest system success of all time --- (our 13.7 billion years of universe evolution,) is near continuous dynamic tension and balanced turbulence between sub-systems or groupings (or between wholes and parts,) within the universe trying to establish higher levels of complexity, integration and dynamic equilibrium.  Put more simply, as it is currently and commonly defined, there is no peace or conflict free zones within the most successful living and non-living system ever existing!

For 13.7 billion years, peace in the real universe and in real life has required continuous dynamic tension (conflict,) and balanced turbulence between sub-systems or groupings and wholes and parts trying to establish higher or larger levels of complexity, integration and dynamic equilibrium. Science has demonstrated that continuous dynamic tension and balanced turbulence to be the best peace or normalcy that the universe has ever wisely evolved.

Why should that not be the real life and rational gold standard for judging the current peace, normalcy and even success in your own life and it the world around you?

But it gets even better, the same scientists studying the deepest reoccurring patterns of the 13.7 billion years of successful evolution of life tell us that in addition to the dynamic tension and balanced turbulence --- reoccurring bad news, catastrophe, destruction and death, decay, retrogressions, failed experiments are also absolutely continually necessary for new life, releasing new creativity and finding new adaptive solutions. 13.7 billion years of evolutionary universe success resoundingly demonstrates that these combined stresses are absolutely essential to help life and the universe grow. It is not an exaggeration in any way to say that without these vital stressors continually existing life, the universe and yes even you would simply not be here today!

So take a new look at your life and get more real about what these words really mean on an evolutionary and dynamic level. Consider changing your life perspective about what the essential minimal stress and conflict levels within real peace and normalcy will always look like in both your life and the world. See what this does to how you see and feel about your life and the world and all of the success and successful process that surround us--- that we often do not even see.

If these new, more reality and truth reflecting definitions of peace and normalcy were used o­n everything from how we feel about the state of politics to the success and quality of our interpersonal relations our perspectives and sense of wellbeing would be immediately and dramatically improved. Maybe the ancient mystics who prayed for adversity to help them reach the Divine knew this all intuitively.

Evolution has other 13.7 billion year old deep patterns of success. It also moves with its own inevitable force toward more cooperation and integration, more complexity, more novelty, and more consciousness. This increasing consciousness and its potentials of personal choice for you creates a powerful new partner for the unstoppable success forces of evolution --- you!

By our conscious choices and actions you can help diminish most unhealthy and distorted excesses of the evolving dynamic tension and turbulence, “bad news” and catastrophes that continuously and naturally occur in most any area of life. Here is just o­ne of the many powerful ways.

Even though we may live in a world like the above, we can still own our own feelings and actions. Circumstances do not and should not absolutely determine our state of mind or how we feel.  When we maintain a calm inner self, even in the midst of chaos, we change our lives and also the lives of those around us for the better. We proactively diminish the excesses of dynamic tension and turbulence, “bad news” and catastrophes of life and move them toward their more optimal balances.

The above ideas about dynamic tension, turbulence, “bad news” and the naturally evolving catastrophes of life prompts us to ask, “do we want to be in a state of confusion and stress about what is natural or to have a tranquil inner self optimized to do its best co-creative part?” The solution for a life of anxiety and stress about your past or present personal conditions or the world’s particular state of political or ecological evolution is a combination of always accepting what is natural to biological life and evolution and then if you are spiritual in nature, choosing inner spiritual stillness and simplicity. This then allows you to consciously choose the most effective personal actions to improve any area.

Are you depressed? Irritated? Frustrated? Madly in love? Whatever your current state, if you believe a changing of events around you is responsible for your inner calm or happiness and you then use these external factors to explain your inner state of being, you've lost touch with the true power of your inner being of spirit. Why?

This is because you're allowing yourself to be blown to and fro by the shifting changes of dynamic tension, turbulence, “bad news” and catastrophes that naturally take place outside of you. They will always be there, but you can accept, quiet you mind and become spiritually centered in the midst of any kind of unrest.

You can make a decision to accept natural evolutionary truth and optimal growth conditions of continuous dynamic tension and stress and find calm. After fully accepting what naturally is take a few deep breaths and empty your mind of judgments. Then it becomes impossible to not find calm.

You have the innate ability to find calmness when others are driven to madness by accepting what is a natural and healthy evolutionary growth supporting process. This doesn't mean you don't care about what is happening outside yourself or the state of our world, but that when you come from a place of acceptance of natural truth and centeredness you are far more likely to be able to deal with the outer world in a more loving way...

Normalize the Dynamic Tension, Balanced Turbulence and Inherent Conflict in your Life by Accepting it as Normal and You Will Have a Dramatically Better Life!

To Help you do this we strongly recommend that you do the following fast experiments and exercises for a few minutes:

1.) Re-vision your own personal life history by viewing it from the perspective that all of the dynamic tension and balanced turbulence of your life as well as its “bad news” and catastrophes were essential to your personal evolution and your optimal personal growth and even those around you. What happens when your see and accept your past this way and in the light of truth of o­ne of evolutions deepest success patterns?

2.) Re-vision how you see where your workplace or even how you see the current world political or ecological situations by viewing them from the perspective that all of the dynamic tension and balanced turbulence of these areas as well as their “bad news” and catastrophes are essential to their natural evolution and their optimal growth. What happens when your see and accept these areas this way and in the light of truth of o­ne of evolutions deepest success patterns?

Please Note: If you are of a spiritual nature the above reflects a key life attitudinal perspective of Religion 2.0.

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