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Integral Definition Used in the Evolutionary Universe Community

What we Mean When We use the Word Integral on the Universe Spirit Website:

1. Everything essential or necessary for completeness

2. Possessing everything essential in its proper position, excluding nothing that is needed from science, philosophy, art, religion etc.

3. The Integral movement and Universe Evolutionary Worldview has emerged in the Universe Age and a global Internet where the totality of every knowledge discipline and the wisdom of all existing and previous cultures are readily available.

4. Integral approaches to any field attempt to include as many perspectives, styles, and methodologies as possible within a coherent view of the topic.

5.) Integral approaches or solutions in sub-systems are grounded and integrated with the "big picture," universe-scaled solutions of the master universe evolutionary system (as described in the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the Universe Principles of Life.

6.) Integral approaches embrace the dynamic natural and continual tension between the presence of harmony and conflict in an evolutionary universe. 

Because of the Above Integral solutions tend to:

A.) provide a deeper and broader map of the evolution of known reality that embraces an inclusive, multiple perspective way of looking at and understanding personal, cultural and biologic evolutionary development. It excludes nothing needed for balanced understanding and/or growth in any area.

B.) anticipate what more appropriate solution comes next in the unfolding of the evolutionary process. These new solutions are shifted away from today’s polarizing and marginalizing, right or wrong, either/or, left or right partial choices toward more inclusive, comprehensive both/and solutions. That’s because its new solutions embrace the entire evolutionary developmental spectrum of life and humanity, allowing the lessons of previously exclusive and competitive worldviews and perspectives to be systematically meshed, layered and harmoniously integrated to serve the wellbeing of the whole spiral of life (as seen in the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview.

C.) are based upon the integral method of inclusion, transcendence and synthesis. It includes the most useful perspectives and values from all previous worldviews where contextually appropriate, while simultaneously pruning away contextually inappropriate perspectives and values.

D.) unite all things in a coherent and structured matrix of relationship. It combines inner (subjective), outer (objective,) and the inter-subjective (relational) perspectives on any phenomena, whether singular or collective.

E.) re-embrace forms of non-pathological, integral spirituality and the omni-denominational personal spirituality of Religion 2.0 that is congenial to science, philosophy and art, and more universal and science-grounded in its perspectives.

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