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How Your Fair Exchange Dynamic Energy Balance Sheet is Critical to Your Success and Sustainability in Life

Where does the scientific validity of the fair exchange idea come from? The evolutionary biologists and astro-physicists say that at the level of our 13.7 billion year evolving universe’s deepest core reoccurring success patterns (physical laws) the universe appears to be moving in the direction of creating or sustaining the following fundamental transactions, all of which directly or indirectly require energy exchanges.

These reoccurring deep success patterns for not just surviving but thriving in our 13.7 billion year old universe are:

a.) Expanding diversity and novelty (with a theoretical potential towards the exhaustion of all possibilities for more novelty and diversity.)

b.) Expanding complexity (with a theoretical potential towards the exhaustion of all possibilities for more complexity.)

c.) Expanding adaptation/mutation/integration/cooperation (towards a theoretical potential for the exhaustion of all possibilities of more adaptation/mutation/integration/cooperation.) And,

d.) Expanding energy exchanges and/or transfers (towards a theoretical exhaustion of all possibilities for more energy exchanges and/or transfers to create more dynamic energy equilibriums.)

These are four of the deepest universal laws and progressive evolutionary success "secrets." No matter what we do we cannot escape or ignore them if we are to have successful lives.

Of these four universe laws above, energy exchange appears to be the single most important and central law of all four of our 13.7 billion years of physical existence because everything directly or indirectly needs appropriate exchanges or transfers of energy for either sustainability (to establishing dynamic equilibriums) or to become more, grow and expand. Put more simply, nothing is maintained without appropriate energy exchange!

The above laws particularly the one on fair energy exchange also have spiritual implications. The spiritual laws of the universe should never deny or work contrary to the fundamental natural physical laws of the universe because logically the fundamental natural laws of the universe would have to have some high level of congruence with the source of all natural physical laws (Ultimate Reality.)

It therefore appears that exchanging energy and "balancing" energy with the sources from where you receive energy in “fair” and appropriate ways (to establish and maintain dynamic equilibriums in the case of biological life forms) is the indispensable and critical law basic to the sustainability, growth and success of all evolutionary existence and life! So just exactly how can this 13.7 billion year old time-tested and proven meta-success law of appropriate energy exchange improve your current life and future success right now?

Take the quiz below and Find out:

1.) Begin by asking yourself where are you currently receiving ANY energy in any form that helps you live better in the various financial, physical, emotional or information support forms? Make a physical list of all of your answers. We often receive energy from our mate, family, various groups, company, nation and environment. This includes living and non living systems in the environment.

2.) When you have finished that list then ask yourself the second question. What “fair” and appropriate energy forms have you exchanged back to and with each of those sources of your energy support?

3.) If you find that you have not had “fair” and appropriate energy exchanges with any of those energy support sources on your list, ask yourself what you can do to remedy those unbalanced energy exchange or balance situations. Make a list!

4.) Next, do everything within your power to re-balance those energy exchanges in some way as quickly as you can.

Watch what begins to happen in your life when your energy exchange within all the different areas of life is re-balanced. Some call it the best-kept natural secret of abundance.

This is in part because living by and keeping this most fundamental fair energy exchange success law of our 13.7 billion year old evolving universe --- the universe and life will almost always reward you with more life success and sustainability in one way or another.

Try this fair exchange enhancement exercise for 30 days and let us know how this worked for you by emailing us at manage@universespirit.org

The above is part of Evolution 2.0's core principles, click here for more.

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