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How to Establish an Organizational Alliance with Us

Universe Spirit is always interested in joining or creating strategic alliances with other cultural and spiritual creatives and organizations that forward any of the mission compatible areas of science, spirituality or social activism or that directly forward or are compatible with our Our Mission or goals. The following are a few of the capabilities we can bring to these mutually beneficial strategic alliances depending on the circumstances:

1.) Trade for ads and email access to each others members and visitors and trade other resources such as web site content, educational materials or any products that we can use, workshops, seminars, conferences, interesting interviews with leaders and innovators in areas compatible with our mission that can be used in our member magazine or member emails or, services that we have or provide in San Francisco or other locations.

2.) Other custom alliance services and resources as appropriate. We are open to reviewing new possibilities and opportunities.

Submit a Proposal

In every strategic universe alliance, Universe Spirit always seeks to practice the principles of creating the triple win: you win, our organization wins and the environment and culture wins. Firmly embedded within that principle is the principle of creating a fair and balanced energy exchange with our alliance partners.

If you are a part of an organization that you believe would be a good strategic alliance for our organization and you believe that we would be a good alliance for your organization, please contact us and tell us in detail about your organization and how you envision such an alliance can benefit both parties.

Before submitting a proposal, carefully review applicable parts of our description of what we are, what we do (our mission and goals,) and/or if applicable our New Universe Worldview work, Evolution Spirituality,  Integral philosophy and the emerging global integral worldview and Movement. If this is a social activism universe alliance proposal, review our position paper on spiritualized social activism. (Descriptions of these subjects are found below or are found as major sections on our website.)

If you still think there is a good match between you and our organization after this review, send us your alliance proposal keeping in mind while writing it that we are completely focused upon practical ways and alliances that forward our core mission and goals and that we only enter new strategic alliances in areas that most directly support and expand the science, spiritual, philosophical, and social activism perspectives mentioned in the paragraph above. In your proposal also please provide which items above that you are interested in doing with us. If you have ideas not included in items above, let us know those too.

To contact us and submit your strategic alliance proposal email us at manage@universespirit.org and put "Strategic Universe Alliance" in the subject line. Be sure to leave contact details and copy your proposal into this form. We will review it and get back to you as soon as possible.


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