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Have you considered joining a sustainable or intentional community because of deteriorating national or global conditions?

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Job One for Humanity and Universe Spirit are now working together to help self-organizing individuals and groups create many new urban, suburban, and rural sustainable communities around the world as briefly described below.

If you are interested in helping or learning from what we are doing, follow the instructions as described below.

About these communities

To deal with the accelerating global warming emergency and these 11 other most critical global challenges, our members have started creating the first of hopefully many more sustainable eco-communities. These new communities will have a high potential to survive and thrive in the safer global warming locations and have the best chance to survive the 11 other major global challenges that are rapidly worsening.

These communities are designed to be places for the best of appropriate modern technology, sustainable gardens and farms, (an agrihood) net-zero energy construction, a focus on lifelong ongoing personal growth and education, off-the-grid independence, green energy generation, complete recycling, and environmentally sensitive policies.

They will also be places where humanists, individuals who value rationality and science, and individuals with progressive and tolerant spiritual practices will always feel comfortable and valued.

These intentionally designed communities will have a new system of personalized direct democratic management that will better serve the community's wellbeing. They also are designed with a new and equitable fair exchange, meritocracy-driven economic model. 

These communities are also being developed using open-source models. Anyone joining and contributing may use all of the information we have assembled and create their own community at any time to form their unique urban, suburban, or rural new community experiment.

If you want to be involved in helping to co-create this new community(s), we suggest the following: 

1. Read this page first so you get a quick general idea of what is happening with the global warming emergency.

2. Read this critical page next.

3. Then read this page for why it is necessary to get prepared NOW. 

4. Next, read this page to learn more about us.

5. Next become a member here and then read all of the additional member-sonly information on global warming migration and how to be a part of the Universe Communities 4 types of self-organizing communities. 

6. Please start reading about our Universe eco-communities here first on our new secondary website. It contains the most updated information on the four types of Universe eco-communities, their qualities, launch dates, and how to join, etc. 

7. To give you a good example of our survive and thrive community design established on deep and time-tested scientific, spiritual, and philosophic values and meanings, click here, then read this online booklet about the new Job one and Univers Spirit partnership Universe Communities. (Please note, many pages in this booklet have been viewed online as many as 20,000 times.

To self-organize or be a part of a Universe community right where you live now, virtually or physically or, to become part of the new communities being established in areas safer from global warming and the other coming global crises. Become a member today. (The latest and most complete information, qualifications, launch dates, and locations for the four types of new Universe Communities is found in the Member's Section of our website in the About the Universe Community link.)