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Global Warming and its Consequent Climate Destabilization is Now the Single Most Serious National Security, Safety and Prosperity Threat Facing the Planet

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"You cannot be called an alarmist if there really is something to be alarmed about." Unknown

More than Just an Environmental Issue Now
Global warming and its consequent climate destabilization may have started out as an environmental issue 35 years ago, but global warming due to fossil fuel carbon pollution of the atmosphere has now gone far beyond that. It is now the single biggest threat to our global security, safety and financial prosperity.
On the security side, continuing global warming and climate destabilization will create massive and escalating desertification, deforestation, food and resource depletion, ocean fish stock depletions, increasing droughts, sea rise, super storms, wildfires, ocean reef collapse and water pollution. This will increase and magnify public uncertainty, poverty, economic instability and political instability leading to more war and massive population migrations which then further increases poverty, economic instability and political instability leading to more war and massive migrations in an ever increasing positive feedback loop until we finally get serious about mitigating global warming or, civilization as we know it collapses and reforms into who knows what.
On the safety side, it is not just about maintaining and stabilizing the food, water and energy security for the future. It is now about the long term security, safety and stability of our economic, political and social systems. This is because of the many converging, amplifying and whipsawing national and global challenges that humanity now faces.
These many challenges are first multiplied and then amplified by climate destabilization and then once again by the additional challenges of economic instability, peak oil, water pollution, desertification, deforestation, rising seas, super storms, wildfires, over population, food and resource depletion, ocean fish stock depletions, increasing droughts and ocean reef collapse. These things while bad enough in themselves also produce the safety-destroying cycle of increasing poverty, political injustice, political instability and more war. The current convergence of these national and global challenges whipsawing off each other and amplifying each other creates the greatest safety and security challenge that the world has ever known.
On the prosperity side, it is not about creating the same kind of ecologically-blind prosperity that has taken not enough of the planet's population into prosperity. It is also now about creating a new kind of truly sustainable prosperity that will not just expand the benefits of prosperity to far more of the planet's population it will also make that prosperity far more sustainably lasting and meaningful.
The new Job One for Humanity Climate Re-stabilization Plan offers new ways of seeing and fresh thinking for mitigating the security, safety and prosperity climate cliff challenge now before us. Click here for more information on the Job One for Humanity Plan.

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