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Four ways your faith can help you survive and thrive the coming global warming catastrophes.

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We have done many posts on the global warming emergency and how bad it is. We thought it's time to post some realistic yet positive perspectives on this escalating crisis that we all face. 

Please enjoy these new entries.

There are many benefits for people of faith as we endure the unavoidable coming global warming catastrophes. Your spiritual faith will help you to endure the hardships and sacrifice as the global warming process escalates until it is finally resolved. There is also a large personal spiritual growth benefit in the evolutionary process itself whenever you overcome significant obstacles and challenges. You grow in both character and in spirit.

Additionally, helping to re-stabilize our climate will give you a powerful opportunity to live your deepest faith in relation to what many refer to as the Great Mystery of Ultimate Reality (God, Buddha, Allah, etc.) You can also demonstrate that ending global warming and being a good steward for the Earth is fully compatible with your best understanding of the Great Mystery and its intentions to sustain life on the planet (as believed in many faiths). As this happens, you will be demonstrating the power and influence of your faith and the world's religions.

The best and biggest silver lining here is that when most individuals of faith and most of the great religious groups of this world collectively demand we do what is necessary to slow and less escalating global warming, an unimaginably great moral leverage will be in place to help ensure we are eventually successful.

Your strong personal faith shared with others will also help demonstrate that humanity is completely capable of lessening, slowing, and eventually resolving the global warming challenge if:

  1. we clearly understand the global warming emergency is currently and what caused it. (Click here for a temporarily free copy of a new ebook on the global warming emergency that will provide the latest research.) 
  2. we are realistic about what is effective and what is not in the time we have left, 
  3. we do the “first-things-first” on critical path actions, 
  4. we cooperate together as a unified and coordinated force.

Together, faith and spirit communities can help extend the existence, stability, and quality of life for the present generation, as well as for future generations.

“A thing is right when it tends to preserve the integrity, stability, and beauty of the biotic community. It is wrong when it tends otherwise.” 

            — Aldo Leopold, American author, ecologist, and environmentalist


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