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Evolution Spirituality: Its Definition, Key Principles, and History


Think about Evolution Spirituality (aka Evolutionary Spirituality, Universe Spirituality, or Religion 2.0) as an upgraded new system of life-affirming values and ideas that create both an open-source personalized spirituality and a new philosophy of life. Bear in mind that it also explores the many possibilities of direct personal awareness and experience of the Ever-Present Origin, (Ultimate Reality,) and the Great Universe Union we all are embedded within.

How Evolution Spirituality (Religion 2.0) is Different from Religion 1.5 and Religion 1.0

Before we can expand on the definition of what Evolution Spirituality is, it is helpful to say something about the earlier versions of spirituality and religion.

Religion 1.0 is traditional "old-time" religion and spirituality with all of its dogma, exclusive or special authorities, and rituals.

Religion 1.5 includes the most life-affirming ideas of the newer progressive religious and spiritual movements like the Unitarian Universalists, Creation Spirituality, process theology, liberation theology, Integral Spirituality, and even some of the "Newer Age" religions like Unity and Religious Science without their inappropriate or no longer applicable, beliefs, qualities, authorities, and practices.

Religion 2.0 (Evolution Spirituality) is a major upgrade on the older versions of religion and 1.0 and 1.5. Religion 2.0 (Evolution Spirituality) transcends the worst of religion 1.0 and religion 1.5 while still including their best qualities. 

A bit More About Evolution Spirituality

Evolution Spirituality is dominantly grounded in science, particularly science about the evolutionary success process of the universe.

"The relationship worked out between science and religion will determine the destiny of the human race." ---Alfred Lord Whitehead

Evolution Spirituality is partially different in that it also has secular areas that can be practiced in completely secular ways. This means that if you are not spiritually inclined, or are an atheist, agnostic, or a humanist you can use all of the science-grounded ideas and practices found within the secular areas of Evolution Spirituality and still be a practicing member of Evolution Spirituality, our Universe Community, and Evolution 2.0 movement.

While the core Religion 2.0 and beyond nature of Evolution Spirituality is very different from Religion 1.0 and Religion 1.5, it still honors and includes the best of what Religion 1.0 and Religion 1.5 has to offer.

Evolution Spirituality transcends, but can still include the best goals and most life-affirming ideas and practices from Religion 1.0 and Religion 1.5 without their many known pathologies and prejudices. This quality reflects one of the most important aspects of Evolution Spirituality which is personal choice, which is always honored. You are always the one who gets to decide how much, how little, or what parts of the Evolution Spirituality, Religion 1.5, or Religion 1.0 that you want to use!

Because of Evolution Spirituality's strong science-grounding, practitioners of its principles can significantly improve their evolutionary fitness, adaptability, and control of their environments as well as function more cooperatively and successfully as groups and in groups.

Evolution Spirituality practitioners also participate in something far greater than themselves by helping to consciously co-create and forward the progressive evolutionary progress and adventure of the universe.

"We do not belong to ourselves, even mostly. We belong to the universe." Buckminster Fuller

Because it is both a personal spirituality and a philosophy of life, it provides for its practitioners the deepest of meanings and purpose for their lives.

Evolution Spirituality is a completely new emergence in the biological and cultural evolution of our planet and in spirituality and religion like nothing else that has ever come before. It also has many other unique features and qualities that you will not find in Religion 1.0 or Religion 1.5.

Evolution Spirituality In Greater Detail

Evolution means “the process of change,” particularly as it relates to the processes of physical change of the physical universe throughout its history. Evolution Spirituality is not just evolutionary and cosmological science where appropriate it also integrates the most life-affirming wisdom from humanity's spiritual heritage to deepen the meanings discovered by the facts of science. 

Evolution Spirituality:

1.) embraces progressive evolutionary science and the newest discoveries of cosmology.

2.) embraces and integrates the most life-affirming wisdom and tools from all of humanity's spiritual heritage to deepen the meanings discovered by the facts of evolutionary and cosmological science.

3.) enhances and embraces much of what is know as today's eco-spirituality movement. It 

is sometimes also called evolution eco-spirituality.

4.) embraces the evolutionary history of spirituality and religion while simultaneously being engaged in evolutionizing current spirituality and religion.

5.) is a type of omni-denominational and trans-denominational meta-spirituality and meta-religion.

6.) is embraced and embodied in its basic in a practical sense within the new Universe Principles of Sustainability.

7.) has the core mission of forwarding the progressive evolution of humanity and life in the universe.

8.) Has many other qualities found elsewhere on this website on pages like this.  

The history and Qualities Evolution Spirituality

Evolution Spirituality (also known as Evolutionary Spirituality, Religion 2.0, Eco-spirituality Universe Spirituality, and even sometimes process theology,) is one of the key foundational spiritual currents which runs within the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the Evolution Spirituality found on this website. The earliest ideas of evolutionary spirituality began to emerge in the 1940 and 1950s simultaneously in the east and west. As a spiritual current and theme it has rich layers of meaning.

The Evolution Spirituality at Universe Spirit in part relates to the body of scientific knowledge on progressive evolution and spiritual wisdom that can be discerned or reasonably supported concerning Ultimate Reality and how to live our lives with others by looking directly at and studying the deepest reoccurring patterns, directionality and objective scientific probabilities discoverable within the progressive evolutionary processes of 14 billion years of deep time evolution within the universe. 

Evolution Spirituality as a spiritual current is important in part because it answers the most basic and important life questions from the deep time objective scientific probabilities drawn from our knowledge about the whole progressive evolution of the universe. It also holds as a key and fundamental principle that by using this deep time objective universe knowledge each of us can become conscious and intentional partners and co-creators of the universe evolutionary process itself and thus more efficiently evolve a better world for ourselves and all of life.

Evolution Spirituality teaches about the intelligence and creativity that directionalizes and drives evolution itself. It holds that --- only by using the whole universe biggest picture perspective and motivation can we adequately create wise social forms that will effectively align individual, organizational, national, and planetary self-interests to overcome the massive planetary challenges we all now face.

Evolution Spirituality in answering the key life questions also creates a whole new unitive and empowering perspective to enhance, evolve, support or, challenge (when needed,) our past subjective, mystical, or traditional religious answers concerning these essential and fundamental questions about life and living. The key existential questions that this new movement answers from a universe science-based perspective are: 

Where did we come from? (The question of origin.)
Who are we? (The question of identity.)
Why are we here? (The question of purpose.)
Where are we going? (The question of Destiny.)
What Ultimately matters? (The question of meaning.)
How are we to live with each other, the physical world and its non-human inhabitants? (The questions of ethics, morality and right action.)

What happens when we die? (The question of continuity or finality.)

Evolution Spirituality is the Union of Science-Grounded, Post Big Bang Evolutionary Spirituality and Pre Big Bang Mystical Spirituality in a New, Open Source and Integral Way

If you think about Evolution Spirituality as a newly emerged form of post-big bang 21st-century consciousness enlightened spirituality --- the mostly objective, rational, science-illuminated spirituality of everything now progressively evolving and that has come into being one instant after the Big Bang at the very beginning of the Universe, you would have a good initial understanding, but there is much more to it (see expanded descriptions of Evolution Spirituality and its basics in the sections below.)

If post-big bang Evolution Spirituality is mostly objective, rational and science-illuminated, then think of pre-big bang spirituality as mostly subjective, mythic, metaphoric, and even traditional. What we call pre-big bang spirituality is what is commonly called mystical or traditional spirituality or theology, which deals with the nature of the Origin of the universe and its relationship and purposes within the physical universe is mostly subjective, mythic, metaphoric, or even revelational ways. Here you find the vast accumulated treasures of humanity's spiritual wisdom.

For the first time, these two essential and yet complementary forms of spirituality now exist and are appropriately separated, sequenced, and balanced so they can be studied independently and each can inform, enhance and balance the other in life-affirming ways. (Believe it or not, at their very deepest levels there is a great congruence of meanings and purposes to be discovered within and between post big bang Evolution Spirituality and pre-big bang traditional or mystical spirituality.)

Evolution Spirituality holds that discovering, understanding, and practicing both of these forms of pre and post big bang spirituality are absolutely essential for a full and authentic spiritual life and practice. Although individuals enter our organization and many different spiritual levels, we always recommend that as soon as possible they balance and enhance their current spiritual lifestyle by adding the understanding and practice of the Universe Evolutionary Worldview and Evolution Spirituality as well.

Why the Emergence of Evolution Spirituality is More Important Today Than Ever!

1.) The Evolution Spirituality movement also happens to be a major source of the deepest spiritual ethical and moral leverage and legitimacy, compelling motivation, support and new empowerment and vitality for the global sustainability, Gaia, deep ecology, environmentalism and previous eco-spirituality movements. Indirectly the evolutionary spirituality movement also supports the implementation of the global warming warnings and other environmental protecting scientific discoveries of the new earth sciences and geosciences.

This is critically important because “Job One” for all humanity is to rapidly come together to save the planet from its current directions toward potentially biocidal destruction. If we do not find new ways to work together using what is common and unites us, the quality of life for ourselves and for all future generations will be severely lessened and possibly ended.

At the current time due to a growing environmental crisis that both we and all future generations will face, we hold that there is no greater, more current or more embodied and important great spiritual work and daily spiritual practice than that of learning and following the practical steps of living sustainably and actively stewarding the Earth's eco-systems for ourselves, for future generations as well as to honor or give back to Ultimate Reality however you define it.

Due to this looming environmental crisis, no religious or spiritual person who feels either love or connection to Ultimate Reality and/or others can any longer ignore their logically most immediate spiritual responsibility and daily spiritual practice --- to live in a practical sustainable harmony with the eco-systems of earth and to teach others to do so as well. Until we are collectively out of this growing environmental crisis, living sustainably and educating both ourselves and others on how to live sustainably is absolutely Job One for every person, corporation, government, organization and religion on the planet! 

If we do not do this Job One fast and well to protect the Earth life system that sustains all lives and activities, then the lives and dreams all people, organizations and generations will be drastically effected in unthinkably painful ways up to and including de facto planetary wide biocide!

2.) Evolution Spirituality is also critically relevant today because it offers humanity a common and uniting genesis story and it offers each individual a new perspective on a common and uniting identity with all other individuals at the deepest levels of meaning and living. From these two vital qualities naturally emerges a myriad of rational, non-polarizing spiritual and secular behaviors as well as an implied near-universal set of ethics, morals and virtues for living both authentic and successful lives in the 21st century. 

It can be well argued that the Evolution Spirituality current potentially presents the most primal, globally uniting and universal post big bang secular and spiritual perspective existing in the world today.  It's ideas are critical to understanding the most basic level of our most universally agreeable common identity, origin, nature, purposes and destiny. From a more universal sense of our most common identity, origin, nature, purposes and destiny we as a better informed and united humanity will be far better able to address our common problems and create a far better common future for all life on earth.

3.) As this new spiritual current spreads from denomination to denomination, Evolution Spirituality can both initiate and energize the environmental commitments of all religious denominations. From those religious denominations' authorities it then can leverage the environmentalism commitments of their members by spiritual directive and precept.

4.) Evolution Spirituality also produces its own evolutionary consciousness and conscious evolution. Barbara Marx Hubbard says that, "conscious evolution is the worldview that has arisen precisely at this moment in history to deal with the new human condition. It is a vision and a direction to help us navigate through this transitional period to the next stage of human evolution. As Einstein admonished, humankind cannot solve its problems from the same place of consciousness in which we created them. A new place and space of expanded consciousness is required. In simple terms conscious evolution takes place when we intend to grow in consciousness and use our increasing awareness to guide our actions and partner with evolution to achieve a positive future." Bela H. Banathy, author of Guided Evolution of Society, says the following about conscious evolution:

"It is a process by which we can individually and collectively take responsibility for our future. It is a process of giving direction to the evolution of human systems by purposeful action. And most importantly, conscious evolution enables us, if we take responsibility for it, to use our creative power to guide our own lives and the evolution of the systems and the communities in which we live and work. It is a process by which individuals and groups, families, organizations, and societies can envision and create images of what should be, and bring those images to life by design.

Conscious evolution is at the core a spiritually motivated endeavor. Its precepts reside at the heart of every great faith, affirming that humans have the potential of being co-creators with Spirit, with the deeper patterns of nature and universal design. The promise of conscious evolution is nothing less than the emergence of a universal humanity capable of its guiding its own evolution into a future of unimaginable co-creativity."

Because of Evolution Spirituality's profound importance to the future of all humanity and the world we face today and will face tomorrow as an important contributing part to an emerging new form of Universe Meta-Spirituality, we offer several simple free access online courses that will cover all the basics of this vital spiritual current no matter what your education level or denominational background. 

Even if you are spiritually advanced in mystical or traditional spirituality and religion, the emergence of the ideas of the Evolution Spirituality movement offers your spiritual practice and life path empowering, embodied, and healing new perspectives and principles for personal, community, and global success. In our organization whenever a new member joins us and has not already explored mystical or traditional religion or theology, we strongly suggest that they start off their exploration of the great spiritual adventure by doing our Evolution Spirituality courses first.

Evolution Spirituality Already has Numerous Variations

There are several current variations of Evolution Spirituality being practiced today around the world. The variation of Evolution Spirituality that is practiced at Universe Spirit began in 2002 based on the evolution of Ultimate Reality into and with the universe as first discussed by Teilhard de Chardin and Sri Aurobindo. From 2005-2007 our variation of Evolution Spirituality moved toward the science-grounding of progressive evolution. In 2008-9 that science grounding integration was expanded with the  Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the Universe Principles of Sustainability.

Today some of the other variations of Evolution Spirituality focus more on only the consciousness, self reflection, self awareness and being an intentional social and spiritual partner with evolution to evolve yourself and evolve your world aspects of evolution. Other variations focus on integrating the principles of progressive evolution and spirituality with a particular faith such as in what process theology does for the Christian faith. These variations of Evolution Spirituality sometimes call their members conscious and evolutionaries, evolutionaries, universe citizens, process theology practitioners, or Evolution Spirituality members. (We call our members Evolutioneers!)

While Universe Spirit organization also includes and forwards these other aspects of Evolutionary Spirituality as well, it has a stronger focus on the integration of the other important scientific aspects of progressive evolution as well as the new dialectical thinking skills for managing interacting complex systems. These other science-focused progressive evolution aspects (as expressed within the new Universe Principles of Sustainability,) provide a significant expansion and grounding balance to the consciousness, self-reflection, self-awareness, and being an intentional partner with evolution aspects of other variations of Evolution Spirituality. 

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The Core Ideas of evolution spirituality are Found in the Deepest Patterns, Purposes and Intentions of 14 billion Years of Evolutionary Progress (Here is a brief listing of what those patterns are.)

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