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THE EVOLUTIONARY MANIFESTO, Our Role in the Future Evolution of Life. A Must Read for Every Evolutionary, Futurist, Sustainability Advocate & Spiritual Progressive

A lot of new information has evolved since Darwin’s original theory of evolution. The new post-Darwinian theories and qualifications of evolution can tangibly teach us how to live more integral and successful lives and, they show us how evolution has repeatedly solved problems such as global warming by replacing destructive competition with larger-scale cooperative organization. The ground-breaking Evolutionary Manifesto by John Stewart contains a new evolutionary way to see the planet and live ethically. While it only indirectly mentions spirituality, it is essential life information for every Universe Evolutionary, Sustainability Advocate, Futurist and anyone who creates their own personal spirituality or resonates with evolutionary spirituality or eco-spirituality or, who believes that life and spirituality should be informed and assisted by the science of evolution. And after all, is not evolving and developing ourselves in and through life --- itself the deepest core essence of what spirituality and religion is supposed to be all about? 

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