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Evolution 2.0's Position on Government, World Government and the Governed

Last Updated 4.4.23

"There is no solution for civilization or even the human race, other than the creation of a world government." Albert Einstein

We cannot solve most of our current global problems because no nation, organization, or individual is actually "driving" the global governance "car" to remedy climate change and our many other global crises on a worldwide scale. The current United Nations is ineffective global governance by any stretch of the imagination and will never be effective because of its inherently flawed power structure. 

We do not have an effective global government or governance (a car without a driver) overseeing the well-being of ALL humanity and the Earth's systems as a whole. Instead, we have competing nations seeking their own selfish best interests, most frequently at the expense of other countries, peoples, and the environment. 

One does not have to be a genius to know a car in motion without a driver will always eventually crash!

We will unlikely establish a valid global government or some other form of effective global governance with true legislative, executive, and judicial powers working for ALL humanity within the next few decades. Consequently, it is nearly certain that we will not get all of the needed climate change extinction prevention actions listed in Part 3 of the Job One Plan done in time. Consequently, without effective global government, the "car" of humanity will crash and go over the first carbon 425-450 ppm climate change extinction tipping point. 

Additionally, our many other global crises will continue to worsen without effective global governance. At this point, it is helpful to understand what makes a government legitimate and what would make a global government legitimate.

What Governments Need to Do to Be Supported by the Population and Be Seen As Legitimate:

For a government to be truly legitimate and have the right to collect your taxes, it must do the following things both fairly and well:

promote the common life goals, vision, and worldview supported by the majority of the population. (Or, it must provide a new and better worldview.)

provide for the education of the population on common goals, values, and needed skills,

create and maintain public works infrastructure such as water, waste management, energy, communications, monuments,

provide for sanitation and basic health care for its population, particularly children,

provide for the delivery of food and other materials through highways, bridges, etc., and storage facilities,

provide for maintaining internal order in the form of law, police, courts, etc.,

provide for external defense,

provide for the creation, management, and distribution of adequate reserves of food and other critical items vital to the resilience of society should there be a catastrophe,

provide temporary emergency services and survival reserves to the portions of the population hit by natural or other emergencies and,

promote the common culture and art.

In the provision of these above services, governments earn their legitimacy and the right to tax the population for their costs.

Any government, governed people, economic or social system to survive, be sustainable, and thrive must provide the above and align with and forward the deepest fundamental reoccurring patterns and principles of evolutionary sustainability found within the universe's 13.7 billion-year-old directionalized path of progressive evolution. Any system of government that tries to go against the unstoppable directional flow of the universe's ongoing progressive evolution will eventually be worn down, drained of energy and treasure, and it will be broken down and fail! (To learn more of exactly what these deep reoccurring fundamental patterns and principles of the universe's progressive evolution and system sustainability are, click here.)

Additionally, any government to earn and maintain its legitimacy, must find a taxation formula that rewards sustainable productivity and merit and which also generates adequate revenue and reserves to provide equal, open, and fair access to essential and appropriate pre-natal and adolescent nutrition, education, defense, and security, ongoing health care, income opportunity and justice for all. To achieve this, the government must simultaneously find a non-coercive way to motivate all of its governed population to work productively and sustainably so that there is not only adequate resources and energy but also appropriate reserves to provide and/or coordinate equal, open, and fair access to essential and appropriate nutrition, health care, education, defense and security, opportunity, justice and assistance in emergencies for all of its governed.

If a government fails to strike this evolutionary energy balance by aligning with and forwarding the universe's path of progressive evolution and being abundantly productive, it will go into an energy deficit and eventually collapse according to the immutable second law of thermodynamics.

If a government fails to provide all of the above-mentioned items of legitimacy with equal and fair access to essential and appropriate nutrition, health care, education, security, opportunity, and justice for all, it will eventually lose its legitimacy in the eyes of its people, and it will also collapse as well.

The big challenge for governments will be in educating its people that we are all intrinsically interconnected in a universal union and that each of us is an asset or potential asset to be cared for with equal, open, and fair access to essential and appropriate nutrition, health care, education, security, opportunity, and justice --- for the ultimate wellbeing of the nation and its individual citizens. Currently, the win/lose hyper-competitive thinking and lack of equal, open, and fair access to essential and appropriate pre-natal and adolescent nutrition, ongoing health care, education, security, opportunity, and justice destroys too much of the essential trust and goodwill necessary for the kind of cooperation needed for a people with its government and people with each other. 

Universe Citizens, Evolutioneers, and a Planetary Government

It is inevitable that some form of planetary government will eventually evolve on our planet. The catastrophic effects of global warming (global climate destabilization,) as well other global ecological, resource, economic, and political issues may do much to bring the needed universal planetary law and planetary enforcement systems into being to eventually create a functioning planetary government one way or the other (either through evolution or via global collapse and a complete rebuild.

Evolutioneers do want to see this new planetary government happen, and they work intelligently and actively to see that it does, but --- only in such a way that it aligns with and embraces the principles of progressive evolution, the Universe Evolutionary Worldview, and the Universe Evolutionary Principles of Sustainability as well as other documents found on this page and website.

Evolutioneers are not interested in forwarding or favoring some existing national or international political or economic "ism." We forward the goals and objectives of the progressive evolution of the universe and our planet as an embedded part of that evolutionary process.

We see that this new planetary government will have many distinct nation-states, preserving the critical cultural, political, and economic diversity within the essential ecosystem of this new planetary government.

The constitution for the new planetary government has yet to be written by some self-organizing Evolutioneer and Universe Citizen. It would be creatively written and based upon the following principles and facts integrated into one new constitutional document that would embrace and sustain both the goals of the evolutionary universe and ALL life within the universe. This would include in some way:

a.) the principles of progressive evolution because if it was not, it would be out of sustainable alignment with the progressive evolution of life in the universe itself,

b.) the Universe Evolutionary Principles of Sustainability,

c.) The Universe Charter

d.) Universe Declaration of Rights for Universe Citizens

e.) Universe Declaration of Responsibilities for Universe Citizens

For more information on the kinds of Evolutioneers, planetary citizens, and Universe Citizens who will help to create this world government and "planetary country," as well as the tools and principles they will use, click here.

(Please Note: The terms Universe Citizen or Universe Citizenship includes the most life-affirming and progressive evolution-aligned principles of other movements such as; Cosmopolitanism, Global citizenship, Postnationalism, Planetary Citizenship, Transnationalism, World Federalists, World Government, World citizenship, and Earth citizenship, while still transcending them with a far larger universe-based scale as well as many other new ideas and principles.

(Please Note 2: In order to be the most effective Evolutioneer and planetary citizen that you can be, one also really needs to be a Universe Citizen. With the universe-scaled evolutionary perspective and universe-scaled wisdom of a Universe Citizen, problems that seem unsolvable to an individual holding just the perspective and wisdom of a planetary citizen get solved.)