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The Essential Roles and Balance Between Objective Science and Subjective Personal Exploration within the Evolution Spirituality

Evolution Spirituality is based significantly, but not exclusively upon the direct physical and objective observation and physical experience of the universe as a whole and as a unified system. It grounds, supports and balances subjective personal religion and spirituality for the first time from a whole systems, integral and physical universe-framed objective perspective.

It holds that even though the physical universe may not be the ultimate end of the spiritual discovery and exploration process, it is the first, most direct and most common objective collective space wherein individuals can explore and test their subjective personal spirituality and then agree upon what common or universal spiritual values and meanings they have discovered in an open and reasonable manner. Direct, objective observation of the patterns of the physical universe has always been the source of our oldest spiritual wisdom and practical principles for living.

Now because of the many new universe-scaled discoveries by modern science it now has once again become the surprise source of the newest and most life-affirming spiritual wisdom and practical principles for living (as found within the perspectives and principles of new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and Evolution Spirituality.) Direct observation of the physical universe may also be the most optimized way to know the nature, purposes of the Origin and Original Source of the physical universe in that directly observing the fruit (the universe,) of any seed tells you a lot about the nature, purposes and destiny of that seed.

In truth, all that we can know objectively about Ultimate Reality is from direct observation of the physical universe. What the above means is that Evolution Spirituality incorporates the wisdom of both science and spirituality to create integral well being on all levels.  Click here to see exactly how we integrate science and spirituality in a balanced way and integrate new, accurate and useful science and humanity's omni-denominational spiritual heritage of life-affirming wisdom into a life-enhancing new balance. 

In Evolution Spirituality you will not have to abandon your rational/factual left brain and the objective scientific facts of reality while seeking the rich and optimal well being, deeper meaning and meaningful values and wholeness through personal exploration of humanity's great spiritual wisdom and tools. You will always also be able to honor and wisely integrate the intuitive heart and subjective right brain's wisdom, myths, metaphors, values and the other the many life-affirming ideas from the world's great religions with objective science.

"Objective science is the highest value first exploration area of Evolution Spirituality, but it is not all. It is the grounding balancing and indispensable foundation for what comes next for some but not all individuals. Some individuals also need to engage upon the subjective search for deeper meaning by exploring for Ultimate Reality and the answers to the existential questions of life from within the wisdom of humanity's vast spiritual heritage. What's different about Evolution Spirituality is that you can still explore the subject, but one could hardly consider themselves a student, teacher or member of Evolution Spirituality if they did not have the essential grounding and balance created from having studied the objective science side of life and evolution." Lawrence Wollersheim

In Evolution Spirituality you can and always do both! Evolution Spirituality allows you to use your whole brain's objective and subjective capabilities while you are trying to better understand your own origin, nature, purpose and "destiny" as well as the universe's. You do not have to deny either part of your brain's natural capabilities ---- either the objective rationality of the left brain or the subjective, intuitive and metaphoric and myth meaning-making found on the right side of the brain.

Evolution Spirituality will also always encourage you to incorporate a science-grounded universe perspective and scale to balance and integrate the objective, rational left brain with the subjective, value and meaning making of the right brain for a deeper, broader and more useful view of universe reality.

"The relationship worked out between science and religion will determine the destiny of the human race." Alfred Lord Whitehead

Click here to see how we help you work out the relationship between science and religion and integrate science and spirituality in a balanced way. This section is one of the most important sections in understanding how objective science and personal subjective spirituality are integrated and balanced! Please read it here before going on. It is a foundational principle of Evolution Spirituality when coupled with the Open Source Religion and Open Source Spirituality.

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