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Eco Theology and Collapse 101

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Submitted by Lawrence on

Our good friend Michael Dowd has created a unique new eco-spirituality video illuminating the global predicament and its threat to the future.

Are you ready for a cutting-edge eco-spirituality video that will significantly change your perspective? 

Can you imagine your perspective moving in a direction that would better match the challenges of our current reality and the soon-arriving future? 

If you can, watch this spellbinding eco-spirituality video and prepare to get your socks knocked off!

This is an 85-minute science-based, religious naturalist video. Its alternate subtitle is "Eco-Theology and Collapse 101. (This longish eco-spirituality video is broken down into multiple shorter sections with breaks.)

It is the most complete video Michael Dowd has created to date that outlines the following: 

A. Why our name and relationship to our living (biophysical) creator, sustainer, and end is an existential (life or death) issue. 

B. The nature of our global predicament (ecological overshoot, abrupt climate mayhem, resource depletion, biospheric collapse, etc.). 

C. The social, historical, ecological, technological, and religious factors that have caused dozens of previous civilizations to collapse and how they are doing the same today, just faster. 

D. The fundamental differences between genuinely sustainable, pro-future cultures and utterly unsustainable, anti-future civilizations. 

E. What is possible, impossible, and both inspiring and soul-nourishing going forward. 

Video Viewing Suggestion: This is a VERY visual presentation, and Michael encourages you to watch, rather than merely listen, and to do so at normal speed and without multi-tasking. I also encourage viewers to take a few minutes to pause between the main sections.

After you see this video and have time to recover a bit from its stunning effect, we strongly recommend that you immediately begin the Job One for Humanity Climate and Global Crises Resilience Plan.

To get to this genuinely illuminating and essential eco-spirituality video for this challenging moment in time on YouTube, click here


If you like the video above as much as we did, we also recommend his other new video that Provides much-needed emotional support for climate anxiety and environmental dread. Click here to view this modern un-denominational Serenity Prayer.