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The Home of Evolutioneers

Does your unusual spelling of (r)evolutionary have a special meaning?

The (r)Evolutionary spelling is our way of combining two words, “revolution” and “evolution.” The complete definition of (r)evolutionary that we wish to convey by our unusual spelling is:

    a.) a new dialectical or cyclical turning (a spiraling or revolving) of the progressive evolutionary unfolding of life, spirituality and the universe;

    b.) a new natural emergence that is in itself a revolutionary breakthrough in the evolution of evolution (Evolution 2.0 and religious ideas Religion 2.0;

    c.) a revolutionary new synthesis and maximization of the most life-affirming evolutionary potentials from all scientific and religious lineages; and finally,

Nothing in our definition of a (r)evolutionary is meant to imply or endorse political or military violence or any form of retaliatory abuse. We are about both personal social evolution and a new type of organizational structure that transforms individuals, relationships communities and nations that transform the world and eventually the universe.

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