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Creativity and Art: The Special Role of Creativity and Art in the Evolution Spirituality movement

The re-integration and honoring of the importance of creativity and art in one's life and in one's spirituality (if you are spiritual in nature,) is one of the key goals the Universe Spirit organization, the Universe Community and in Evolution Spirituality. Creativity is also a major driving factor in progressive evolution as expressed in the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview that also embodies much of our core vision.

There are many reasons for the important role that creativity and art plays within the Universe Spirit organization, the Evolution Spirituality movement and the Universe community:

1.) Each of us like the universe and the source of the universe is inherently and abundantly creative because we too contain within us the very Essence of the source of all artistic creativity itself.

2.) Progressive evolution is driven by creativity as a dominant factor. Because of this we believe that everyone is a creative artist and that for the individual to grow optimally and for the world to become better, all organizations and groups must once again encourage and support individuals into releasing the creative artist within them and to treat their life as a work of art.

"The Idea of a professional artist should be tossed away. Everyone should feel as an artist does. Everyone should be free to let his or her inner mind speak to them. And everyone is an artist when they do this… If one wants to be an artist in life, "discover the galaxy within yourself and remain aware of it." ~ Kenji Miyazawa

"Every artist may not be a special kind of person, but every person is a special kind of artist." ~ Eric Gill

"Art in a wide and general sense, as a part of everyday life, has lost its place in our world." ~ Erich Fromm

3.) Art calls forth the expression of our truest meanings, which is the core process of authentic growth. It makes us listen to what is within and without --- the very cosmos within us and around us as well as the Ultimate Reality of this cosmos. Then, this transformative inner listening and creativity naturally gives birth to more beauty in our outer world as it is released from us.

"If you do not express your own original ideas, if you do not listen to your own being, you will have betrayed yourself." ~ Rollo May

"Real beauty is my aim." ~ Mahatma Gandhi

"No I can, we can, express ourselves and our ways. In this sense every liberation movement is about the release of the artist within people, that part of us with expresses our deepest self." ~ Matthew Fox, Original Blessing

4.) Artistic creativity is one of the best healing therapies to heal one another as well as the world that there is. Some say art is beyond healing in that it is redemptive and salific by connecting us to our deepest resources, to each other in profound new ways as well as to the Ultimate Reality itself.

"The poor need not only bread. The poor also need beauty." ~ Monsignor Hildebrand

"We ordinary people must forge our own beauty. We must set fire to the grayness of our labor with the art of our own lives…" ~ Kenji Miyazawa

"Anybody who lives art knows that psychoanalysis has no monopoly on the power to heal… Art and poetry have always been altering our ways of sensing and feeling --- that is to say, altering the human body." ~ Norman O. Brown

5.) Art integrated with spirituality helps to re-balance the right and left brain and helps create a more balanced path of spiritual, personal and social growth.

"Art heightens the sense of humanity. It gives an elation of feeling, which is supernatural. A sunset is glorious, but it dwarfs humanity and belongs to the general flow of nature. A million sunsets will not spur men on towards civilization. It requires Art to evoke into consciousness the finite perfections which lie ready for human achievement… Thus, in the broadest sense, art is civilization. For civilization is nothing other than the unremitting aim at the major perfections of harmony." ~ Alfred North Whitehead

"… Art is the result of play." ~ Matthew Fox, Original Blessing

"Art is a way of life faithful to the natural instincts and therefore faithful to childhood." ~ Norman O. Brown

"Everything that is beautiful is orderly, and there can be no other order unless things are in their right relation to each other. Of this right relation throughout the world beauty is born… Art is the noting of the existence of order throughout the world, and so, order stirs the imagination and inspires one to reproduce this beautiful relationship existing in the universe, as best as one can." ~ Robert Henri

6.) We believe that creating art as a meditative process is one of the most powerful ways to create not just an art work, but to realize the artist themselves through the unfolding of the highest spiritual, secular and social potentials within the artist.

"Art will indeed characterize the new civilization. Not elitist art, but art as meditation and spirituality, the art of our lives." ~ Matthew Fox, Original Blessing

"In the Orthodox spiritual tradition, the ultimate moral question we ask is the following: Is what we are doing, is what I am doing beautiful or not?" ~ Carolyn Gifford (Orthodox theologian)

7.) The beauty of art reflects Ultimate Reality in its boundlessly artistic and creative characteristics. The beauty of art is spirituality in the form of creativity and letting go. Developing and continually exercising your creativity and learning when to let go will lead one to the direct experience of the original Source of all creativity itself.

"But all experience of beauty is experience of cosmic wholeness, of harmony. Beauty is microcosmic intuition of macrocosmic reality… To create is to experience the likeness to divinity." ~ Matthew Fox, Original Blessing

8.) We believe that creating art is one of the best spiritual meditations there is to connect oneself to or, for worship of Ultimate Reality. All artistic creativity and art reflect and honor Ultimate Reality in its most primal creative and artistic attributes.

"Every real creation of art is independent, more powerful than the artist himself, and returns to the Divine through its manifestation. It is one with man only in this, that it bears testimony to the mediation of the divine within him." ~ Beethoven

"Neither Power alone or reason alone creates the works of art and poetry… The Spirit creates them individually and universally, powerful and full of reason at the time." ~ Paul Tillich

9. In its artistic creativity, Ultimate Reality delights eternally and without measure in the beauty manifest or manifesting within all of creation.

"God is beauty." ~ Francis of Assisi

"When one finds the absolute of beauty Buddhahood has been experienced." ~ Unknown Buddhist scholar

"God is the 'absolute art.'" ~ Nicolas of Cusa

10.) We believe it is the artists who are creating the dawning second great enlightenment age of humankind and the songs, plays, novels, books, stories, movies, dances, animations, web site graphics, flags, logos and other artistic works and symbols that will become the framework for interpreting and delivering the needed new post-postmodern educational, social justice and spiritual paradigms to the multitude of cultures, ethnicities, races, spiritualities and demographics of the world. It is through the incomparable communication power of beauty in the arts that the human soul and spirit is powerfully uplifted and healed in unique and universally accessible ways not achievable by any other means.

"Every true artist has had real, direct, and immediate contact with the beauty of the world, contact that is of the nature of a sacrament." ~ Simone Weil

"A true artist is an intellectual with ideas to share. By the same token, a true intellectual is an artist with ideas, passionately in love with their wonder and their consequences for humankind." ~ Matthew Fox, Original Blessing

"The Teleology of the Universe is directed to the production of beauty… The type of truth required for the final stretch of beauty is a discovery and not a recapitulation… Apart from beauty, truth is neither good nor bad… Truth matters because of beauty." ~ Alfred North Whitehead

"Our art must be the foundation of the coming culture." ~ Kenji Miyazawa

"Art seduces us into the struggle against repression." ~ Norman O. Brown

"The theoretical intelligence merely contemplates the world, the practical intelligence merely orders it, but the esthetic intelligence creates the world." ~ Friedrich Schelling

"It is imagination that steers the sparks of anger in the direction of transformation and new creation. In this sense we need to realize that every prophet is an artist." ~ Matthew Fox, Original Blessing

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