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What is the Spiritual Prime Directive of Religion 2.0 and Evolution Spirituality

The universe's universal spiritual prime directive is that:

the individual is the true and final free will authority determining the truth for their own spiritual life. This is solely the individual’s final spiritual right through exercise of their own unfettered, sovereign free will and their independent investigation for truth.

Interfering with or attempting to supersede the authentic guiding voice and internal authority of the presence of the Ultimate Reality (however you describe it,) within the individual is never permissible by any exterior individual or organizational or ecclesiastical body. This is because all healthy minded individuals are capable of discerning spiritual beliefs they want to hold for themselves by using their own direct experience(s) of the Ultimate Reality in conjunction with using the traditional spiritual validity tests and safeguards. These classic validity tests and safeguards indicate how to know when one is experiencing or "hearing" the authentic facts, meanings or "voice" of the Ultimate Reality within --- and not one’s own desire, projections, ego or other inappropriate internal or external influences.