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What the Balanced Integration of Science and Spirituality means within the Evolution Spirituality Movement

The Big Question: Can Science and Spirituality Really be Integrated? 

Over the ages, in one form or another, the following validity testing principle for determining authentic spiritual truth or wise religious belief in spiritual communities has been repeatedly made by the founders, mystics and leading theologians of almost ALL major religious denominations.

“No encompassing, whole view and objective truth-probability of science can ever really be in conflict with authentic spiritual law, truth or subjective belief about the nature and purposes of the Ultimate Reality that interconnects, unites and includes all things. The fruit cannot but indicate the nature of its seed! If there is a conflict, then it is the small, partial or limited view of the spiritual laws, truths and beliefs that are wrong."

Understanding this initial premise will make it easier to recognize and value the following principles on how science and religion can be successfully integrated.

"The relationship worked out between science and religion will determine the destiny of the human race." Alfred Lord Whitehead

The two words evolution and spirituality when combined to form Evolution Spirituality also define and reflect the integration and balance of science (from the direct objective observation of the universe's evolution) and a subjective personal spirituality (integrated from humanity's vast life-affirming spiritual heritage.) These two words also embody a common objectivity in the word evolution and personal subjectivity in the word spirituality.

These balanced and integrated concepts of universe science and its common objectivity and subjective personal spiritual experience and exploration reflect the dance and balance of the most vital and fundamental relationship for any spirituality that will be effective, healthy, and growing (evolutionary.)

What this means is that personal spirituality as practiced in the Evolution Spirituality movement is continuously grown within the individual's personal subjective reality and then is balanced and grounded by good science about the objective physical nature of the universe. The essential subjective side of Evolution Spirituality consists of the knowledge, wisdom, myths, metaphors, probabilities, and beliefs available from all life-affirming spiritual and religious traditions that the individual discovers for themselves and then decides, holds discards, or re-integrates at new levels as they mature in their spiritual development and practice.

The objective side of Evolution Spirituality consists of the knowledge, wisdom, myths, metaphors, probabilities, and facts that the individual discovers for themselves from the sciences and then holds, discards, or re-integrates at new levels of growth as they expand their studies and/or as science discovers new or re-defining facts. In this balance and dance between discovery experiences in subjective personal reality and objective science reality experiences that have been validity tested by a community of the adequate a balance and integration is found. This is what makes the new Evolution Spirituality so vital to the future of religion and spirituality.

It is in the combination, integration, and balancing of the subjective, objective, and even the inter-subjective (the "we" shared or agreed upon experiences of reality,) discoveries of life as we grow where we continually expand our vision of our own individual essence and the essence of all things, (Ultimate Reality) in new and expanding ways which add to the richness, meaning and effectiveness of our lives. Evolution Spirituality embraces this evolutionary, integral, and balanced necessary spiritual process of objective and subjective integration and balance and educates on how to maximize its safe results in many unique ways simply not found in any other spiritual or religious movement in the world today.

We hold that without both sides of objective science and subjective personal spirituality integrated and in balance, it would be simply impossible to have a healthy and effective spirituality or religion. If you are curious or are an intermediate or advanced student Evolution Spirituality also see The Critical Role and Balance of the I, We and It Perspectives. It explains in full the importance of honoring and balancing both objective and subjective reality experiences in a wise and integrated way.

A Main Sources of Science Used in Evolution Spirituality

Evolution Spirituality has also come into being in significant part, (but not completely,) due to the emergence of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and its new scientific breakthroughs. Now because of new universe-scale discoveries and perspectives in cosmology, progressive evolution, meta-systemic analysis, and breakthroughs in other sciences the physical universe has once again become an upgraded and expanded source for some of the most accurate, effective, and life-affirming new wisdom and practical principles for living.

This direct observation of the physical universe may also be one of the best ways to know the origin, nature, purposes, and destiny of the Origin and Original Source of the physical universe. This is because directly observing the fruit of any seed (the universe,) tells you a lot about the origin, nature, purposes, and destiny of that seed (the universe's origin.) Right now the newest science discoveries described by the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview are providing one of the most exponentially expanded, systematic, and accurate direct observations of the universe in the entire history of humanity.

What Does This Mean When You Put it all Together:

When you think Evolution Spirituality think of:

the objective fact probabilities of science from the vast evolutionary perspective and scale of the universe (as described in the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the Universe Principles of Sustainability,) grounding, balancing, and being wisely integrated with the subjective belief probabilities of your self-created personal spirituality, which are derived from a full and open access to all of humanity's vast life-affirming spiritual wisdom tools and processes.

Evolution Spirituality you do not have to abandon your rational/factual left brain and the objective facts of reality while seeking deeper meaning and wholeness through subjective personal exploration and experimentation. You will always also be able to honor and wisely integrate the intuitive and subjective right brain's wisdom, myths, metaphors, and other ideas from the world's great religions.

Evolution Spirituality allows you to be fully whole-brained while you are trying to better understand your own origins and purposes as well as the universe's origin, nature, purpose, and "destiny." You do not have to deny either part of your brain's natural abilities for objective rationality of the left brain or the intuitive and metaphoric value and meaning-making on the right side of the brain.

Evolution Spirituality will always encourage you to balance and integrate the objective, rational left brain of good current science with the subjective, value, and meaning-making right brain for a deeper, broader, and richer view of universe reality. This is one of the most exciting qualities of this new spirituality and religious movement!

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