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The Home of Evolutioneers

Universe College Curriculum: Our Open Access Basic Goals

Universe College is comprised of an integral life-education curriculum that teaches The Three Great Types of Knowledge that are essential to creating successful, sustainable, and meaningful lives.

Our Basic Curriculum Goals Are:

1) To show students their natural place in evolution, both biologically and culturally, and to teach them about the evolution of the universe.

2) To teach our students new ways of living meaningful and successful lives --  individually and communally and if the student is so inclined, though the creation of a personal and personalized, universe science grounded spirituality.

3) To encourage the design of individual and group livelihoods and lifestyles that prioritize sustainable prosperity and meaningful existence for all.

4) To create a mini-culture and network of informed and responsible Universe Citizens who will help to evolve a just and sustainable future for humanity for generations to come.

5) To have our students recognize the most important task facing humanity: to preserve our physical and biological environment and to steer humanity toward a healthier, more sustainable future.