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Collaboration Principles Used in the Universe Community

Vision Components
Additional Proven Principles


The Universe Spirit movement highly regards the collaborative approach in developing our organization web site etc. Collaboration principles are a critical component of this web site and how it is being created. Planetary evolution has presented collaboration as the tool for accomplishing what needs to happen for global issues to be resolved.

The definition of collaboration is to work together. We are essentially creating a microcosm (Universe Spirit) of the macrocosm (Our universe and planet,) for collaboration to be experienced and thrive in a safe, spiritually supported environment. We intend to fully make use of this tool and present it to our visitors, members and community to learn and grow from. These principles can transform how one works together with people, in all areas of life. We are grateful to be given this opportunity to use these principles to form this new paradigm of an organization, while also teaching the tools to others.


Everyone has vision. Sometimes, people like to stay safe and comfortable and don't express this core part of their being, but we all have experienced imagining the possibilities of our dreams coming true. Many times, these dreams are similarly aligned with the dreams of others. The "how" or way to manifest the vision may not appear similar, but outcomes are typically shared. By coming together with others, the vision receives multiplied energy and co-creation becomes easily attainable.

Personal Vision - Getting in touch with and developing your own personal vision is the first step in vision work. Imagine achieving a result that is desired and in touch with your core being. Articulate this in writing until it accurately reflects what is true for you.

Shared Vision - once a personal vision is developed and communicated in a safe environment, a shared vision becomes the next natural step. The shared vision is finding the commonalities in the personal visions to attain an inclusive vision of the group collaborating together to meet an objective. Developing this shared vision results in community.

Vision Components

A FRAMEWORK is needed for collaboration to take place effectively. This framework is a set of shared guiding principles or ground rules for interaction and understanding.

A SELF-NEEDS ASSESSMENT is needed to identify your resources. What assets are already obvious? What needs or resources must be fulfilled? Identify the partners for collaboration to fill these resource areas. Is the group diverse enough and does it feel challenging to work with the diversity? If so, you are on the right track.

PARTNERSHIP goes hand in hand with collaboration. This culture is inclusive and encourages "buy-in" and is not the hierarchical setting traditionally seen. Not that hierarchy doesn't have its benefits, but is not effective in collaborative type engagements.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT of the contributions and voices of the collaborative partners co-creating together is important. Everyone has been blessed with gifts and when supported by others, these can brightly shine through.

ROLES AND RESPONSIBILITIES are utilized to get clear o­n what is expected of the collaborative partners. Define these together and determine where each person's passions and interests are. Come to mutual agreement o­n who should be involved in what. Be open, flexible and willing to make adaptations when it seems it appropriate. Allow this development to then form a system of governance and decision-making.

GOVERNANCE is established to define who are the facilitators and what members comprise the community. Each should be responsible for certain management duties and be willing, responsible and accountable for acting in alignment with those duties.

TIMETABLES AND GUIDELINES help define the collaborative path. Setting goals, establishing when the goals wish to be accomplished by and defining the guidelines for how they are to be achieved is a proven methodology. In collaboration, be cognizant of setting realistic timetable and goals, so success is achievable. This brings cohesiveness to the community when goals are accomplished together.

EVALUATE AND ASSESS the progress of the collaborative efforts periodically. Build this into your timetables and goals. Document your progress and results and where things can be improved. Establish data gathering and reporting processes. Share the results with each other and determine adjustments to timetables, goals and action plans.

GROUP DYNAMICS are always going to be occurring in the collaborative process. There are certain components of group dynamics that we believe must be integrated in the collaboration process, which ensure enhanced outcomes. They are:

Identity - Members identify who comprises the group and establish relationships with o­ne another.

Reputation - Members establish a reputation based upon the expressed opinions of others.

Communication - Members must have easily accessible means of communicating.

Group - Members form groups with each other based upon specific interests or tasks.

Environment - A synergistic environment or atmosphere is created to enable members to accomplish the stated goals and purposes.

Boundaries - The community members have a clear sense of their purpose and who or what is internal and external to the group.

Trust - This is built between members and facilitators, based upon integrity and authenticity. It then increases efficiency and enables conflict resolution.

Exchange - The group had mutual understanding about forms of exchange values, including money and others such as knowledge, experience, support and barter.

Expression - There is healthy interdependence, and the group has a collective soul. Members of the group are each aware of what each other is involved with and responsible for.

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We at Universe Spirit have found additional proven principles from the world of commerce, to support the collaboration process. We incorporate, and ask all those collaborating and co-creating with us to incorporate these as appropriate in the collaborative group work to maximize the results.

  1. Since we are a non-profit online community, conservation of resources is a priority to our organization. We encourage people to work at home whenever possible, and the online collaboration tools we offer support this. This should result in enhanced concentration, productivity and flexibility.
  2. Maintain balance. Balance is achieved when people have the space and time to define their interests, express their talents and merge their personal visions with the shared vision and goals or the organization. Through this balance they experience challenge, invigoration and productivity that produce continuous growth.
  3. Every individual has access to the power of intention within themselves. An environment that supports the expression of this power of intention and authentic purpose, is one that provides appropriate worthwhile opportunities for people to express themselves through. Ways to enhance this environment and keep the access open for opportunities include job rotation, reverse evaluation and self-management.
  4. Develop trust. A high degree of trust formed between different roles within the organization or collaborative group, dissolve the need for micromanagement and control. Once barriers of distrust are dissolved, the power of talent and people's calling then emerge. When people move into this way of working they are empowered, accountable and the need for supervision is significantly diminished.
  5. Take the focus off revenues. When people are working together towards shared purpose for the greater good, and revenue is a part of that picture but not it's driving force, then long-term sustainability becomes possible.
  6. People desire more than money alone, so put quality of life first. People needs include personal fulfillment, human interaction, and being of service to others, in addition to financial abundance. It is important that people can contribute their talents in ways that meet all of these goals, in partnership with those they collaborate with.
  7. Support diversity and identification. People establish identity in relation to others and form their own tribal like systems to work together. The organization or group structure accepts change as a basic premise, allows tribal customs to thrive and fosters the power derived from respect.
  8. Pressure, fear and abuse of power are not tolerated. The by-products of these practices are never sustainable and create a culture of inauthentic and destructive expression. Instead focus on support, collaboration and open communication.
  9. Take pride in all that is pursued and take actions in alignment with this mindset at all times. Only produce work that is of the highest quality and allow the divine part of being shine through. This will be reflected back to you.
  10. Don't shy away from debate. Allow for the expression of diverse opinions and encourage involvement.
  11. Share Knowledge. Information supports intuition. Create synthesis between the two. Publicize financial results, strategies and productivity outcomes. Teach people how to interpret and understand the information and allow for new creative ideas to come forth.
  12. Organic, fluid concentric group formation. Keep from setting too many boundaries on group processes. Promote representative democracy through committees to formulate strategies and make important decisions. Committee members are elected and meet with management to discuss relevant and critical issues or policies.
  13. Take time to reflect. Everyone should have breaks from workload, in order to recharge, re-energize and reconnect with the Source of their creativity, ideas and vitality. When working full time, at least three weeks a year with this kind of reflection and rejuvenation is necessary.

We are excited to convey this information on how we work together as an organization and provide you with the building blocks for effective and fulfilling collaboration. These are not a fully inclusive set, as new ways of achieving effective, empowered collaboration are always being discovered. We look forward to experiencing this discovery process with you and continuing to build upon these principles.

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