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The Home of Evolutioneers

About the Life and Spirit Facilitators (Ministers,) of Evolution Spirituality and the Universe Spirit Organization

If you would like to self-organize the spread of the knowledge and tools of Evolution Spirituality in your area consider the following...

You do not need anyone's permission or approval to do goof in the world. The Evolution Spirituality new and updated equivalent to a minister, rabbi, priest or iman is what we call our Life and Spirit facilitators. We give it this unique name to let you know while our Life and Spirit Facilitators perform many of the same functions that a minister, rabbi, priest or iman would perform they also are different and do many more functions beyond what these traditional types of religious ministers do.

Our Life and Spirit facilitators also continuously honor and recognize the priority and importance of first being sustainability educators and then serving as facilitators assisting you to make wise personal spiritual choices and in creating your own personalized spirituality through the process of living and serving in the natural world and the process of discovering Ultimate Reality

What Our Life and Spirit Facilitators Do in Evolution Spirituality and Our Universe Communities (congregations)

Our Life and Spirit facilitators can do many things:

  1. They teach the science principles of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview that helps to support, ground and balance humanity's spiritual wisdom;
  2. They teach the principles of Evolution Spirituality;
  3. They teach the principles of sustainable prosperity;
  4. They can teach/facilitate the discovery of life-affirming spiritual wisdom derived from all of humankind's spiritual heritage;
  5. They teach any and all of the essential practical life skills in any area needed to assist individuals or organizations achieve the goals of Job One for Humanity and create and live in a sustainable prosperity in the real world;  
  6. They can provide pastoral, relationship and other forms of coaching and counseling, third party arbitration, mediation and negotiation and assist with conflict resolution and justice actions within the Universe Community (congregation);
  7. They can provide charity and advocacy social services in their local, regional, national and/or international centers and communities;
  8. They can perform various Evolution Spirituality ceremonies, rituals or sacraments such as community worship, prayer or meditation, marriage, baptism, funerals, etc;
  9. They support and facilitate the process of balanced personal and spiritual growth through ongoing education at our Online Universe College, local centers or in retreats relating to direct spiritual experience and Ultimate Reality;
  10. They can administer in the daily operations of our local, regional or national centers to forward the mission of Universe Spirit and Evolution Spirituality;
  11. They can administer in the daily operations of the international headquarters of the Universe Spirit organization.

The Self-Ordination of Evolution Spirituality Life and Spirit Facilitators 

As of 11.11.13 we have modified all of our Life and Spirit Facilitators requirements to better imitate how evolution creates success. We no longer pre-screen or individually test and train candidates.

We instead allow any individuals who want to become a Life and Spirit Facilitator to self-organize and self-select themselves into the Life and Spirit Facilitators training program. The best, brightest and most motivated candidates will naturally successfully self-direct their study of our course materials and then they will simply self-ordain and begin experimenting, teaching and building new Evolution Spirituality groups in their area. If they have the right stuff and understand the success principles of evolution as given on this website, they will be successful. If they do not, their experiments will naturally disappear. 

This does not mean we will not share training materials, be supportive and cooperative in all the ways that we at the founding San Francisco center can be. It just means that we know that the processes of cooperative and progressive evolution work and we are adapting all of our teaching and administrative procedures to align with theses principles.

The types of Evolution Spirituality Life and Spirit facilitators:

1.) Self-organized and/or self-ordained Evolution Spirituality Life and Spirit facilitators. These are individuals who self-study our materials and simply begin creating and ministering to their own local community. These individuals may self-ordain themselves or as us for recognition of their good works. You do not need permission or approval to do good in the world!

You can start to become a self-taught Evolution Spirituality Life and Spirit facilitator by using our secular and spiritual master FAQs as check sheets to guide your self-directed and self-organized study.

2.) Natural Evolution Spirituality Life and Spirit facilitators are those spiritual individuals whose lives and accomplishments truly reflect a powerful and effective presence of Ultimate Reality in the world. They are truly being Evolution Spirituality Life and Spirit facilitators and ministers naturally. They are already doing one or more of the things that traditionally trained ministers do very well--- in many cases they do it better than traditionally ordained and trained ministers.

When we come across such an individual (via referral or discovery on our own,) we officially recognize that individual as a natural Life and Spirit facilitator of Evolution Spirituality and then we recognize the specific functions that this individual is authorized to perform within our local, regional, national and international centers.

3.) Interfaith Life and Spirit facilitators are existing ordained ministers in good standing with their own denomination and are officially recognized by Evolution Spirituality and the Universe Spirit organization as long as they are still in good standing with their own denomination as one of our interfaith Life and Spirit facilitators.

4.) Our own ordained Evolution Spirituality Life and Spirit facilitators have studied the particular principles and educational materials of our organization and depending on their certification, are qualified to perform one or more of the various services above.

Evolution Spirituality Life and Spirit Facilitator (Ministerial,) Qualifications and Training

Anyone may become an Evolution Spirituality Life and Spirit facilitator. Ideally all applicants must be of good moral character and have a sincere desire to serve. To become an effective self-ordained Evolution Spirituality Life and Spirit facilitator and to perform all of our facilitator functions, one needs to take and understand the facilitator courses. Our facilitators courses cover the following areas:

  1. Understanding How the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the New Universe Principles of Sustainability enhances personalized spirituality and sustainability.
  2. Understanding the basic intermediate and as applicable the advanced principles of the new Evolution Spirituality
  3. Understanding the nature and variety of Personal Spiritual Experiences with Ultimate Reality
  4. Pastoral Counseling and conflict resolution facilitating to increase cooperation in all life areas
  5. Administrative functions for building and maintaining a Universe Spirit/Evolution Spirituality communities (congregations)
  6. Healthy Spiritual Guidelines and Ethical Codes and knowing how to administer our member codes of conduct
  7. Our Ceremonies, Rituals and Meditations
  8. Final Ordination Procedures (If you are not going to self-ordain.)

All applicants should abide by our organizational code of ethics for Life and Spirit facilitator conduct as well as our other member codes of conduct to maintain their Life and Spirit facilitator in a good standing status with their peer facilitators and peer organizations and centers.

To begin the Evolution Spirituality Life and Spirit facilitators online course click here and then go to the Universe Spirit Facilitator Accreditation Courses, USS 610 (Please note: From time to time we upgrade the facilitator course and requirements. During that time the course will have an under construction label and you will not be able to access it until you contact us directly.)

Evolution Spirituality Life and Spirit Facilitator Training Location

New Facilitators will sometimes be supported in their training and ordained online or in our San Francisco location.

Evolution Spirituality Life and Spirit Facilitator Certification and Ordination Ceremony

When an individual completes the training requirements for their type of facilitator a self-ordination ceremony should be scheduled. If the individual has completed their requirements via remote learning online over the internet and travel to an Evolution Spirituality  local, regional, national or international center is not possible or desired, a certificate of self-ordination will be prepared and sent to that individual by the Founding Evolution Spirituality Center inn San Francisco. All types of Life and Spirit facilitators in good standing will be entered upon and maintained in a master list at the founding international center for as long as they are in good standing. The founding international center will at its discretion make that list available as needed.

To contact a Evolution Spirituality Life and Spirit facilitator regarding an area of personal service or need listed above or, to become a facilitator yourself email us at manage@universespirit.org and include "Life and Spirit Facilitator" in the subject line. In the body of the text fill please let us know specifically what service(s) you would like or, what type of Life and Spirit facilitator you would like to become and what area or areas you would like to specialize in. 

For more information on creating your own Evolution Spirituality group or center, click here.

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