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Summary of Administrative Qualities Used within Religion 2.0 and the Universe Community

This is a continuation of "Core Spiritual and Administrative Principles, Part 1 and 2."

Please note: If you are of a spiritual nature, read the spiritual principles sections. If not, read only the administrative principles sections. If you are considering setting up your own independent local Universe Community and/or Religion 2.0 center, it is essential that you read all of the following administrative principles. If you are spiritual by nature, read the spiritual principles as well. They will greatly assist you in creating a successful and sustainable local center that works well and will be in general alignment with other collaborating centers. 

A Summary of Our Administrative Space Qualities:

* Facilitating
* Collaborative
* Self-Organizing
* Interdependent
* Balanced
* Cooperative and Co-creative
* Diversity Honoring
* Safe
* Appropriate, practical solution focused
* Internet centered
* Non adversarial
* Integral
* Universal
* Flow State
* "Quality of Being" Focused
* Healthy Boundaries
* Neutral Space
* Competent, Productive, Responsible and Ethical
* Prepared
* Physically and Mentally Healthy
* Non Personality Focused

* Fair Exchange

* Transparent

A Summary of our Integral Physical Space Qualities:

- Beauty and Art
- Oceans and Space
- Conclusion

The Administrative Space Qualities of the Universe Community, Religion 2.0 and the Universe Spirit Organization

All of our administrative space qualities are created, achieved and improved though the process of inclusion, synthesis and transcendence. They are intended to empower the accomplishment of our mission, each step of the adventurous journey and the process of getting there. Similar to our spiritual space qualities and principles, these qualities are also applicable to improving the individual lives of our members.

In reflecting both the essence of the highest spiritual truth and science, we have selected the administrative systems based on what type of post-postmodern administrative and ecclesiastical structure would best support our mission and our spiritual space concepts. Consequently, Religion 2.0 will not look like the organizational or ecclesiastical structures of any other religious or spiritual groups created centuries, millenniums ago or created within the last several decades.

This is because the organizational and ecclesiastical structures of past religions had to significantly evolve to a new level before this new spiritual expression and movement could manifest adequately or hope to achieve its meta-spiritual mission. Even though we will look radically different administratively and ecclesiastically from other spiritualities and religions that were born long ago, at its essence and in its focus, Religion 2.0 is and does what every authentic religion is supposed to be and do. We intend that these fluid administrative and spiritual space qualities will help us create the necessary new type of spiritual vehicle for post-postmodern consciousness, the challenges of the 21st century and for the rest of the third millennium.

Administrative Space Qualities

a.) Facilitating: We intend to help people of diverse personality types, denominations, developmental or consciousness perspectives, cultures, ethnicities or isms to work co-creatively and collaboratively toward achieving their personal spiritual goals, our spiritual community’s mission and a sustainable and equitable world. Reflecting the Infinite’s respect for our free will and experiencing of consequences, we too respect individual free will and do not interfere with each individual working out their own choices and the consequences of their or their group’s choices.

b.) Collaborative: We intend to be a place of openness, shared spiritual intention and attention, trust, authentic listening, speaking and participating from our experiences, intimacy, vulnerability, knowing and where one can suspend strongly held ideas and look beyond personal preconceptions to enable the process of true learning and gaining new insights.

c.) Self-organizing: We operate on many of the principles of systems theory, particularly that of self-organizing systems i.e. those who show up are the "right" persons for the work. We promote bottom up created and managed solutions. Our volunteers have self-empowering freedom and autonomy in selecting and managing (self-organizing) their own projects and resources. Self-organization is one of the most important evolutionary qualities and practices that we promote!

d.) Interdependent: We actively foster inter-dependence between independent individuals and organizations.

f.) Balanced: We intend to create an enlightened win, win, win balance where individual, community and environmental interests are mutually forwarded, balanced and upheld.

e.) Cooperative and Co-creative: We intend to be cooperative and co-creative with all organizations and individuals with compatible missions. As a non-profit organization we do not compete with anyone.

f.) Diversity Honoring: Because the Infinite loves novelty and diversity, we are committed to utilizing the life affirming information from a multiplicity of cultural, ethnic, racial, spiritual and scientific perspectives to evolve and build our organization and attract co-creators from all walks of life. To create a new integrative spirituality, many spiritual and non-spiritual perspectives are woven into a fabric that still maintains its distinct, diverse individual visible textures and colors. We see diversity as both essential to better more inclusive solutions, complementary strength and creative opportunity.

g.) Safe: We maintain an environment where all people can feel safe spiritually, socially and physically. One of our sub-goals is to help build many co-operative spiritual mini-cultures that will support individuals living their spiritual values in a competitive materialistic world, which regularly ignores spiritual values for ease, comfort, profit or power. The concept of building a safe space also means that we set only those minimum healthy boundaries and policies necessary to protect our open and progressive spiritual community from unhealthy, unethical or secular practices of individuals, businesses or organizations who would unfairly or harmfully exploit our members, mission and open community. To help us do this we will use established validity tests, safeguards and healthy boundaries that have been repeatedly found in the most mature and enlightened spiritual communities throughout history. Click here for details about keeping it safe.

h.) Appropriate, practical solution focused: We seek to create organizational solutions that are integral, sufficient, scalable, practical and non-authoritarian.

i.) Internet centered: Our multi-language website is our first sacred temple and center to serve our global membership 24 hours a day seven days a week. This web site allows all members free access to all of our education materials whenever and wherever they are needed.

j.) Non-Adversarial: We have no adversaries. We work toward reducing ignorance and inappropriate or disproportionate fear.

k.) Integral: The open source Global Collaborative Commons is being significantly expanded by a  new Integral perspective. This means many administration practices and other spiritual aspects of the Global Collaborative Commons and Universe Community will often reflect integral perspectives. As such it can operate from a "both and" perspective, not an either or view. Paradox is embraced. The Global Collaborative Commons will naturally include and synthesize the life affirming spiritual wisdom and processes it encounters and if it occurs as part of this natural process occasional birth new and transcending spiritual wisdom. (Pease note: Integral is one of numerous perspectives in how we do things administratively. If you're not quite certain what this means yet, click the integral worldview link in the above paragraph.)

l.) Universal: We are an ecumenical, global and universal spiritual movement. We promote integral interfaith activities that enhance understanding, tolerance and unity among all religions and individuals.

m.) Flow State: Authority and resources flow to where they are natural or needed within our organization and in forwarding our mission. Flow usually exists as a relative dynamic balance created from continuous adjustments to exterior evolutionary stress and/or internal tensions.

n.) "Quality of Being" Focused: As an organization we make internal decisions from both a "quality of spiritual being" and a quality of physical existence focus vs. a solitary physical survival focus.

o.) Healthy Boundaries: We strive to set only the flexible, healthy and the most minimal boundaries necessary to maintain the quality our spiritual space and achieve our mission. These boundaries will be derived from established or historic spiritual and social "community validity tests" or safeguards that are also relevant to the conditions of the current situation.

p.) Neutral Space: We are a neutral, nondenominational space and sanctuary where all authentic spiritual expressions from all developmental perspectives, cultures, or personality styles found within the spiral of life can co-exist and feel comfortable in a global spiritual community, operating on universal spiritual values. In our sanctuary, for the diversity of spiritual expression no one expression may dominate, claim final authority or attempt to inappropriately diminish another.

q.) Competent, Productive, Responsible and Ethical: Those who work in our organization as paid staff, steward the financial support the organization receives to the highest standards of efficiency. They demonstrate and uphold both personally and with their peers the highest standards of work competence, productivity, responsibility and integrity and view their service to our spiritual community as both an honor and privilege. Click here for more on our ethical guidelines.

r.) Prepared: We intend to always be prepared to deal with the consequences of any reasonable negative possibility, yet once so prepared we will act as if we "forget" about such preparations and focus entirely upon creating realistic solutions to the negative possibility. In other words, once we have prepared for the worst we work for the best.

s.) Physically and Mentally Healthy: We believe we are responsible as individuals to use the best of science to improve or maintain our mental and physical health. We support a culture for our staff and members that embraces vigorous preventive healthcare and peak wellness strategies of good nutrition, exercise and stress management. We believe that if people are properly nourished, exercise and reduce their stress with both exercise or other stress management techniques, many of the ailments they are suffering from would either be dramatically improved or eliminated altogether. From this improved personal bio-chemistry their energy levels would rise. Any cyclical up and down and often troublesome moods would significantly lessen and their general attitudes would improve.

When all this happens they would be physically more stable and bio-chemically better supported to make more spiritually enlightened choices and be more productive. From this their world would improve and everyone else's world would improve a little too. Care of the body through good health practices and proper bio-chemical balance is essential to supporting better spiritual choices and that better spiritual choices is one of the most effective and powerful levers to improve and sustain our world.

t.) Non Personality Focused: We believe that the sharing of service to achieve our mission is important and as Gandhi said, there is no limit to the amount of good you can do in the world if you are willing to do it anonymously. The many personalities of our organization will be given no inappropriate or special attention or considerations. They have chosen the personal joys of humble service as spiritual equals. While we will gladly accept the help of anyone, we will also give no inappropriate or special attention, position or consideration to any member or visitor primarily because they are personalities of wealth, fame, power, specialized influence or celebrity. Ours is a space of souls and hearts sharing in equal spiritual dignity where individuals want to work with us because that is what they know they should be doing and, that is precisely what is naturally overflowing out of them to do!

u.) Fair Exchange Based: As a mini-culture and in reflection of the deepest natural patterns and laws of the universe our organization holds that maintaining fair and appropriate energy exchanges in life with all the sources that support one’s life is vital to our well being on all levels! We offer our courses and services on a free/donate what you can or, exchange something of value with us basis. This is based upon either what you feel is appropriate to your means, or/and according to the value that you feel our services and materials have brought into your life. If you DO receive a real value from any of our services or materials and you feel that they have improved your life in a tangible way, please do support us by exchanging energy with us in some way so that we too may continue to exist and grow! Some individuals cannot afford any monetary donation, but they always can exchange their donated labor with us to maintain the healthy practice of exchanging something of value for something of value. (And, we are flexible and always also open to hearing about special situations where no exchange is possible at all.) We do realize that our members and visitors come from many different economic levels and completely trust that they will joyously donate to us according to both their means and the value that they have received in exchange from us. And, we will receive those donations with equal joy! (Click here to learn more about how to donate and exchange energy with us to support our amazing mission and beautiful community. For more information on the exchange principle of life and how using it can dramatically improve you life’s success click here. ) What if You did not get Something of Value from our Courses or Services? Our community strongly supports appropriate exchange as a basic success law of life. If you did not get a real value from our services or materials and you feel that they have not improved your life in some tangible way, please do not donate! We recommend that you may want to try one or two more of our services or courses, but if you still do not receive a tangible benefit to your life for which you want to joyously exchange energy support with our organization, then we simply ask that you do not take more of our free services or courses or attend our community functions. To do so would put an unfair and imbalanced drain on other exchanging community members and our community resources and in a sense would be to take advantage of our generous and kind mission and staff. We feel that to not educate and be open about our shared and flexible community values about appropriate and healthy exchange would be to deny a great success, truth and law about what makes life work.

V.) Transparent: Transparency is how the universe works best for the long run. It is the growing trend in all aspects of secular and spiritual life. Transparency is a safeguard and protection for all social and political organizations. Our organization will strive for transparency in all aspects of our administrative and spiritual operations. 

Physical Space Qualities

Beauty and Art: The physical spaces in which we worship or meet and our events are intended to be physically beautiful and filled with all forms of art and creativity. Beauty in art reflects the Infinite One.

Oceans and Space: The original space field created by the Infinite from which all things were able to come into being and in which all things currently exist has an inherent sacredness to us beyond its essential value in that nothing could exist without it. Because of this special value, things that closely reflect its spiritual qualities also have a special sacred meaning and importance to us --- things such as the oceans of our planet and outer space.

Much as the original space field is, the oceans and outer space are vital life birthing and life sustaining and nurturing environments. The oceans are the birthplace and sustenance of our planet’s organic life and outer space is the place of birthing and sustenance for the galaxies, planets and universes.

Because we believe that the oceans of earth possess many of the important qualities of the original space field and the Infinite One that created that space field, it is our intent to honor the Infinite and the original space field of all creation by building our first physical spiritual, worship and administrative centers or theological seminaries/monasteries or retreat centers on the ocean or on the water near major cities. As we grow or when building on the oceans or water is not practical, our spiritual centers will always contain elements that reflect and remind us of the sacredness of these places and the need to preserve and protect both the oceans and outer space as the universal life sustaining commons for all generations and all species. Additionally, we believe that the conditions of living on the water or eventually outer space cultivate adaptability to rapidly changing conditions, being in the present and prepare us to serve spiritually in difficult conditions…

It is mathematically probable that eventually humans will encounter intelligent extraterrestrial life outside of our planet. In anticipation of that probable event we support and promote the wise and fair exploration and use of outer space based on the difficult lessons we have learned from our own history i.e. the many spiritual, social and environmental problems caused by colonialism, racism, imperialism, empire building, and unfettered multinational corporations and globalization.

We teach that any encountered extraterrestrial life outside of our planet is also part of a universal spiritual brotherhood co-creating in the great adventure with the Infinite. As the universal commons for all life, outer space and the oceans are not new frontiers to be conquered. They should be wisely preserved and used for the common benefit and sustenance of all life for all generations.

When life in space finally becomes possible, we will build our first missionary spiritual centers in outer space and collaborate with indigenous spiritual organizations in an integrative way in alignment the principles of this document and with respect to the universal spiritual truth that the Infinite will reveal itself fully and anywhere any individual decides to experience and understand more about the Infinite…


If you view our organization and mission as worthwhile, we welcome your help. There are many opportunities to help co-create our mission and goals, and this is our invitation to do so. We would be honored to receive the gift of your knowledge, skills and support. You can get started by emailing us at manage@universespirit.org with "Volunteer Co-Creator" in the subject line.

In the body of the email let us know what areas of our website or organization for which you want to be a volunteer co-creator or moderator. Include any relevant credentials or experience you have relating to that area and an estimate of how much time you have available on a monthly basis. Also, let us know if you have any project management, special facilitator or collaboration skills.

(Version 5.0. This statement of principles was last updated on 4/14/2014. It will be upgraded again as needed).

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