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For 12 years we have been trying to get you to understand how bad global warming is. This 7 minute video did a better job, but...

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Submitted by Lawrence on

This 7-minute video might help you to realize that we are almost out of time!

Watch the 7-minute spellbinding video here. 

If you want to know about the critical 1% of facts they did not cover, please

a. Click here first and then,

b. click here to see the remaining slivers of light this powerful video missed! Things are dark, but not quite as dark as shown in this 7-minute video.

c. And finally, although we cannot avoid much of what is coming, there is still a small chance that some of us might survive. To see what you and your loved ones will need to do to have a legitimate chance at a longer, more comfortable life in an accelerating global warming world, click here.

If you are not convinced it is as bad as the video implies 

Read the 26 powerful reasons why what they are saying is 99% truehere.