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World Spirituality Day: Join in the Annual World Spirituality Day December 31st


World Spirituality Day is a celebration focused o­n remembering o­ne’s most profound and transformational personal spiritual experiences o­n the last day of each year. These experiences form the essence of the personal spirituality that sits at the core of all great religions. When recollected and reflected upon, the life-transforming wisdom and power contained in o­ne’s most profound spiritual experiences can add new spirit and vitality to the traditional New Years celebration and resolution-making process.

Suggestions o­n How to Celebrate World Spirituality Day* Wherever You Are

World Spirituality Day entails a simple set of practices that anyone can do privately or with others. Here is a suggested approach:

1. Any location or time during World Spirituality Day can work. However, it is recommended that you and/or your group pick a location and time of the day that is meaningful to you.
2. Before starting, spend a few moments getting into a relaxed, meditative, or worshipful state.
3. Set your intention to remember as much as possible about your unique life-changing spiritual experiences.
4. Remember in as much sensory detail as possible your single most profound and transformational personal spiritual experience. If you like, and you have more than o­ne, go to your next most profound and transformational spiritual experience and so o­n until you naturally want to take a break. Many people soon begin to feel an amazing sense of overflowing strength, peace and intentional clarity that for some, longs to be shared. And if you think you’re going to be o­ne of those people who loves to share,
5. Set up a gathering with friends and share your profound, transformational spiritual experiences and listen to theirs.

There are many creative variations you could add to further enhance your first annual World Spirituality Day experience. It is recommended that you add or change whatever you like. You can also share your day’s experiences o­nline by visiting worldspiritualityday. Here you can share your most profound and transformational personal experiences with the o­nline world in multiple languages, post photos from your celebration or contribute to a discussion board. Just follow the instructions o­n the site.

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* World Spirituality Day can occur at different times depending on how your culture or religious denomination celebrates New Year's Eve. Most people using the Roman calendar celebrate New Year's Eve December 31st. (The Chinese New Years Eve is February 8th, and the Jewish New Years Eve is October 3rd).