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Women's Spirituality: the Role of Women and the Divine Feminine in Evolution Spirituality

We affirm that the effective implementation of an integral, evolutionary and universe-framed spirituality will help facilitate the creation of a just, sustainable and equitable world. We will achieve this in important part by affirmatively and actively honoring of the important role of women in this process. We will achieve also this with women by the recognition, re-assent and re-sacralization of the Divine Female/Divine Feminine in practice and life. (For more details on the crucial role of women in rebalancing our societies and our Century of Women Program in the Evolution Spirituality, click here.)

A spiritual reconnection to the Divine Feminine will, we believe, then organically grow to support the rebalancing of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine. Once the paradoxical oneness of the Divine is envisioned in this way, a more robust, inclusive expression of creativity, joy, peace and love will be possible.

We have also dedicated ourselves to also doing the work of honoring the Divine Female because She, (often also called Goddess or Divine Mother,) is currently neglected, suppressed, denied, rejected, marginalized and psychologically repressed throughout much of the world. Her denigration and the ignoring of Her qualities has been the root cause of myriad crises—environmental, spiritual, physical and social—because without a valuing of the Feminine/Female face of the Divine, humanity has in many contexts stripped itself of the potential for fullest wholeness and oneness the Divine affords.

By embracing Her within the larger context of our spiritual worship, we also can embrace truly more of ourselves, each other, and our beloved Earth. Embracing Her, we also reconnect to the source of embodied wisdom; wisdom that has been denied expression given the tendency toward pathological dualities and patriarchal limitations within so many of humanity’s social structures. (See the patriarchy definition at end of page.)

Evolution Spirituality in its honoring of women's spirituality holds that a renewed envisioning of the Divine Feminine, replete with all qualities and aspects, will further assist us in realizing a paradoxical oneness—what some see as a triune Godhead with aspects encompassing the transcendent, immanent and evolutionary absolute states of spiritual consciousness. This opening to a fuller acceptance of life’s challenges and the wonders of Ultimate Reality is only possible through the healing work of loving what we have dis-owned. This vital spiritual and psychological shadow work will involve and continue to be informed by the unique contributions of women’s spirituality and the Divine Feminine.

To honor this Women's spirituality perspective and the Divine Feminine, we have open-to-the public Divine Feminine and women's spirituality services regularly on our local events calendar.

For more on The Divine Feminine in the Evolution Spirituality movement, click here.

For more on the Crucial Role of Women in Rebalancing our Societies and The Century of Women Program in the Evolution Spirituality movement, click here.

Patriarchy Definition:

Patriarchy, as broadly delineated by anthropologists, sociologists, feminists and other scholars, chronologically denotes the period of recorded human history and civilization from approximately 3,500 BCE (roughly analogous with the Bronze Age) up to the present. This lengthy period of time is typified within the western worldview by Descartes’ mind/body duality and the Catholic Church’s spirit/flesh duality. It is also characterized by culture/nature, human/animal, reason/emotion, mind/body, self/other, subject/object, activity/passivity, form/matter and man/woman dichotomies, among others.

Under patriarchy, dualities become problematic and unhealthy because only one quality (or side of any given dualistic expression) is valued within the pair of opposites. This leads to the exclusion, suppression, and/or repression of the other on personal and societal levels.

As Susan Moller Okin writes, "From place to place, from class to class, from race to race, and from culture to culture, we find similarities in the specifics of... inequalities, although often not in their extent or their severity." The degree of marginalization caused by patriarchal constructs may vary and the effects upon individuals and societies may equally vary, but patriarchy de facto limits potentials for wholeness. Okin, Susan Moller, "Inequalities Between the Sexes in Different Cultural Contexts" in Women, Culture and Development, ibid., p. 294


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