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Wills and Bequests to our Organization

This is a gift you make to Job One for Humanity and Universe Spirit by naming Factnet inc in your will and you can receive an estate tax deduction for the value of your bequest. It gives you flexibility in providing for family needs first.

If you have any questions, contact us at, manager@joboneforhumanity.org

Specific Bequest - When a specific dollar amount, specific percentage, or specific property is designated in your will.

Residual Bequest - The remaining amount or residual amount after the estate pays all debts, expenses, taxes and specific bequest is then transferred to Integrative Spirituality.

Contingent Bequest - When certain circumstances are specified in the bequest for it to be transferred to Integrative Spirituality (the corporate name of Universe Spirit.) An example of this would be that Integrative Spirituality is designated as a beneficiary of the estate o­nly if there are no surviving close family members.

If you already have an existing will, a codicil (which is another word for amendment to a will) can easily be drawn up to include Integrative Spirituality as a beneficiary. This should be discussed with your tax advisor, attorney and/or estate planner. Please see our Contribution Guidelines and Safeguards and Tax Guidelines for additional information. Please send us an e-mail at manage@universespirit.org with additional questions and/or to make appropriate arrangements.