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Will Amazon regret it's 2 new headquarters locations because of accelerating global warming consequences that will soon destabilize its operations?

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Submitted by Lawrence on

Amazon's long-term planners who have read a new book on global warming may be already regretting the selection of the two new Amazon headquarters locations in New York and Virginia.

Currently, there are only a few people in intelligence agencies around the world and at the highest levels of climate research who understand that global warming is accelerating at a dangerous, exponential level. Even less understand that we could have 10 feet of sea level rise as early as 2050. This does not even include an additional 3 feet of additional sea level rise that that would occur during king tides and storm surges. 

Even fewer individuals understand that corporations and governments have only about 10 years left of relative climate, social, economic and particularly, real estate stability to mass-move and relocate people, critical business infrastructure, military bases and government at or above the 45th parallel north or at or below the 45th parallel south. 

Yes, if Amazon was looking beyond the next 10 to 15 years of operating its businesses during the global warming emergency, instead of moving it's two headquarters inside the global warming unsafe zones of New York and Virginia, Amazon could have moved them to much safer cities like Minneapolis, Vancouver Canada, or other US cities near or above the 45th parallel.

If you want to know more about the new global warming book that is being discretely read by intelligence agency staff, think tanks and the brightest long-term corporate and government planners, click here. In this book, you will learn that the long-range planners at Amazon still have a little bit of time left to push hard to get Jeff Bezos to reconsider the current 2 New York and Virginia headquarters relocations as well as the future locations of any and all new distribution centers. 

One thing you can count on is that the brightest long-range planners, corporate officers, and stockholders of Amazon who have read this new book will do their required and full due diligence and do everything within their job descriptions or powers to make their boss Jeff Bezos understand that the known consequences of accelerating global warming have now become one of the most important factors in ALL major long-term business decisions.

Those high-tech corporations like Amazon who take the accelerating global warming emergency seriously in their major business decisions will be rewarded handsomely! As you watch the 20 worst consequences of global warming unfolding in the short-term with greater frequency, severity, and scale, you will also inevitably see more of the smartest millennials and most qualified techies fighting for positions in and, eager to relocate themselves and their families with the wisest high-tech corporations who are or soon will be rapidly relocating their operations to the new global warming safe zones.

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