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Why Has Evolution Spirituality a New Meta-Spirituality and Religion of Evolution has Emerged into Being at this Time

Evolution Spirituality is first and foremost the result of the evolutionary process itself! Evolution Spirituality was also evolved and emerged into being because it was believed that a new type of Open Source and omni-denominational spiritual organization grounded in science was needed. 

 Evolution Spirituality has also evolved into being because it was believed that a new type of Open Source Spirituality, meta-spirituality and omni-denominational spiritual organization created in the post-postmodern age with post-postmodern technologies, science, philosophy and art could do personal spirituality and religion in new and better ways. This would then result in more spiritual and social benefit for both the individual and the world. 

It was also believed that the older forms of pre-global tribal, ethnic, or nationalistic religions created with pre-modern, traditional, modern and even post-modern thinking and technologies were inherently either too incomplete or incompatible for effective and efficient problem solving use in these globalized, post-postmodern times. Evolution Spirituality holds that the pre-global to pre post post-modern religions also inadvertently and unintentionally help to cause many of our global religious or social problems (such as religious intolerance.) 

We believed that if a whole new type of post-postmodern, integrative and integral open source spirituality and "religion of evolution" based on the sciences and simultaneously honoring both the highest Essence and Great Mystery of all religions and utilizing the rationality of our current post-postmodern sciences would come into being, many of the current religious and social problems would become less of a problem and even cease to exists.

The above are some of the basic reasons Evolution Spirituality naturally emerged within the history of religion to meet the current evolutionary need for a more global and universal religion and, --- why like evolution itself --- it will always continue to evolve.

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