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The Home of Evolutioneers

Who created the Universe Spirit Orgnization and Evolution Spirituality?

We do not have a single or original founder. 

Regarding those who are now directly involved in this non profit organization in the coalescing of ideas related to Universe Spirit, all of the board members and officers of our community are public persons whose biographies are available o­n this website. All of our ordained or recognized Life and Spirit facilitators are also public persons visible and accessible to everyone. We intend that all of the board members, officers and Life and Spirit facilitators of future spiritual communities organized in the Universe Spirit movement will also be visible public persons in their spiritual communities.

Evolution Spirituality is an evolutionary movement of those who co-create it with us. Everyone is invited to participate in this co-creational adventure and journey!

Evolution Spirituality does not have any final ecclesiastical authority. Spiritual truth and authority, we believe, is determined and held by the individual with the assistance of the Ultimate Reality within and around them. We do not recognize anyone as having an exclusive claim to the authority of Divinely-inspired leadership or special spiritual revelation that must or should now become a new or senior truth. We believe that the combined group spiritual wisdom of our membership and the already existing spiritual validity tests of humanity’s spiritual heritage is fully sufficient for Universe Spirit and our organization to evolve and grow in the optimal way.

We also believe that no o­ne individual perspective or spiritual community-created ecclesiastical statement of spiritual principle or conscience will completely define or limit the possible future spiritual development and evolution of the Universe Spirit movement or its supporting organization. We further believe that the ultimate mysteries of Ultimate Reality may never be fully knowable. Humility toward this unknowable element of Ultimate Reality will always exist in any authentic spirituality and it is healthy for this to be recognized openly in all Universe Spirit communities.

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