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What is the Universe Evolutionary Worldview Part 1


Welcome to the New Universe Age and the Newly Emerged Universe Evolutionary Worldview!

"Humanity has entered into a new Universe Evolutionary Worldview. It is the first post-planetary worldview. Its new facts, tools, thinking, perspectives and identity convey an 'unfair' survival and quality-of-life sustainability advantage on all who use it. It far transcends the current post-modern worldview, the Information Age as well as the emerging ages of nano-technology and biotechnology where ever it relates to the future sustainability of humanity as a species is concerned!" Lawrence Wollersheim

Quick Summary:

The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview (Universe Worldview or UEW for short,) is a vastly larger and more accurate knowledge-base, perspective and reality map of life. Its new integral and evolutionary tools and principles for sustaining individuals and living communities have been proven over 13.7 billion years of universe evolutionary testing. The new Universe Worldview shows how universe evolution has reached the amazing point where the universe's most successful life-sustaining evolutionary patterns are now known to such a degree that for the first time in human history both individuals and organizations using these time-proven patterns can effectively partner with the universe to consciously co-evolve evolution itself! These new acts of conscious co-evolution using this new evolutionary knowledge causes dramatic improvement in individual lives, communities and in the environment to create the perfect evolutionary win/win/win --- just when it is needed most and it creates the new evolutionary universe citizen!

The new Universe Worldview also is effective because it provides individuals with a new science-grounded larger identity --- that of evolutionary universe citizens solving planetary challenges, a new set of universal evolutionary ethics and new dialectical thinking forms. Just as the first Enlightenment of the 1600's had its new thinking processes breakthrough in the forms of the new rational analytical thinking and scientific methodology, the Second Enlightenment of this Universe Age also has emerged its own transcending and including new dialectical thinking processes.

These new Second Enlightenment thinking processes are whole system dialectical in nature and are capable of solving the personal and planetary challenges of today's complex systems interacting with each other. With this new worldview and its tools everything is re-framed and can be seen in new challenge-resolving, life-thriving and sustaining ways.

Why is this Universe Evolutionary Worldview so Important? (Human history has had only five previous worldviews.)

A worldview is a centering meta-paradigm of reality, a unifying cultural consciousness that both underlies and almost always invisibly conditions, controls and limits an individual’s group's and a culture's, way of knowing, seeing, thinking, valuing and most importantly, acting in the world. A new worldview like the universe worldview and its universe consciousness always emerges and evolves naturally when the previous worldview no longer adequately solves the new critical problems that are arising for the individual and the society.

Each new worldview expansion provides transcending more effective solutions that simply cannot be seen from within the constraints of the previous worldview. Each new worldview encompasses and includes the best of the previous worldviews. The new universe worldview and its universe consciousness encompasses and includes the best of previous planetary worldviews and the current limits of a planetary circumscribed consciousness. Each new worldview eventually causes a new and great re-alignment of how individuals and cultures now view their lives and world and this eventually re-aligns how they act in it. New worldviews have emerged just a handful of times in human history. In the order of their emergence, the previous worldviews were called: archaic, magic, mythic, enlightenment/modern and postmodern.

It is vitally important to know about the dawning of any new worldview because it is the emerging new vision and values center and it is a bellwether of the next large-scale, powerful cultural evolution and of a pending great re-alignment about to occur. For example, it was the emergence of a new worldview in the eighteenth century called the Enlightenment, or what is also called rational modernism, that caused what many consider to be the greatest single previous surge in cultural and personal freedom as well as a surge in human knowledge and consequent material well being in history.

Because a worldview is a centering meta-paradigm for how the totality of reality is perceived and because it both underlies and invisibly conditions an individual’s (or culture's,) way of knowing, seeing, valuing and acting in the world, new worldviews do not really overthrow old worldviews in sudden or violent ways. They emerge slowly at the edges of humanity that are most open to the survival and sustainability advantages that a new, more accurate worldview bestows upon those few fortunate enough to have been first exposed to it and then find ways to use it. If a new worldview gains support with those who control the educational systems, it can rapidly spread through the human population.

If there is a particular individual or collective crisis that the new world view can help resolve in a significant and speedy way, that new worldview could move though humanity's entire literate population in less than a generation in the age of the Internet. Such a collective does and need does exists today.

Another important reason the new universe worldview is so important is because it is the first time in human history that life has been viewed from a whole universe time and space evolutionary perspective. We can finally see far better than ever before how the deep reoccurring patterns of creating and sustaining life and communities of life work as a whole system. This vast new universe scale perspective is capable of improving everything in faster and more effective ways that has ever been known before in human history.

"We simply cannot effectively resolve today's complex global challenges from a planetary systems perspective and the local area perspective alone! We can't even solve our personal problems effectively anymore using just a local or planetary systems perspective. Only by also using the vastly larger universe-scaled progressive evolutionary systems perspective and its time-tested principles and tools (the Universe Worldview,) will humanity ever successfully resolve its current planetary challenges and more effectively solve its individual challenges." This is because as Albert Einstein said, "the consciousness that created the problem is not the consciousness that will be able to resolve the problem." LawrenceWollersheim   

What Exactly is the New Universe Evolutionary Worldview?

The Universe Evolutionary Worldview (AKA the Universe Worldview, the Universe Worldview or universe consciousness,) conveys a tremendous evolutionary and integral problem solving and quality-of-life success advantage upon all individuals or groups that have discovered it! But, it takes a bit of reading and study effort to realize this tremendous advantage. 

The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview is a multi-disciplinary and science-grounded new meta-perspective, which creates and expands universe consciousness and universe-framed cognition and planning skills. It provides a unified understanding of the facts and meanings of life (and even spirit for those individuals so inclined,) based upon the largest possible viewing perspective that exists --- the physical universe and its 13.7 billion year big history of time, space and the progressive evolution of life within it! It is a new worldview that includes and transcends all previous worldviews. Many, but not all of the facts, aspects and perspectives of the new Universe Worldview have also been previously known as the Great Story, The Evolutionary Epic, The Big History, The Science Creation Myth, the Evolutionary Worldview and the Universe Story.

Both the new cosmology and progressive evolutionary sciences play key roles in providing many of the empowering new meta-perspectives emerging from this new, multi-disciplinary and whole systems unified understanding of life and life's sub-studies such as physics, organic chemistry, biology, culture, society, economics, politics, management, government, the environment and even religion. The new Universe Worldview and its universe consciousness celebrate and embrace the rapidly accelerating electronic unification of all human knowledge and wisdom. It is already being called "the greatest single expansion of human perspective in human history."

Why the Universe Evolutionary Worldview is Critically Important to the World at This Time

All political, economic, religious, social, legal and philosophic systems are as only as good as the fundamental and centering value interpretations, processes and facts and perspectives about life in the real universe (their worldview,) upon which they were initially based (and/or upon which they are currently updated and aligned.) Nowhere are the actual value interpretations, processes, facts and perspectives about life expressed more completely than at the cutting edge of today's cosmological and progressive evolutionary and life sciences.

As they exist today, all human cultural systems will continue to produce far less effective results in solving humanity's greatest common challenges until they are more accurately science-aligned or re-aligned first with the new enlarging empirical facts about the sustainability patterns our progressive evolutionary life and universe existence. Until then, all current cultural systems (and the currently inappropriate or smaller scale partial view values and perspectives they embody,) will continue to be a significant invisible causative or contributive components to the very challenges of humanity that they seek to resolve!

The new Universe Evolutionary Worldview is the single centering new worldview that is big enough, inclusive and unifying enough and capable enough with the more accurate new information and perspectives as well as its new set of universal evolutionary ethics, which are all needed to effectively solve every challenge now facing humanity. This is also uniquely true because of its global consensus building ability to help rationally align or re-align all existing human cultural systems and their values/ethics (including even religion,) with the most accurate new science grounded realities of the universe's evolutionary life systems. And, where there is alignment, there can be agreement and, where there is agreement there is flow and power. It is then when efforts and resources can be better coordinated and utilized to more effectively help resolve all manner of our collective current global challenges.

The naturally emerging new Universe Worldview provides a monumental forward leap for coming into better harmony with life, ourselves as well as for ethically aligning or re-aligning with each other and the universe. It is the centering and new uniting vision and perspective that encompasses exactly what is needed at the right time to successfully pass through the survival and sustainable prosperity challenges currently facing the biological and cultural systems of our planet. With the rational and centering vision and values of the new Universe Worldview we now can better align or re-align our mutual actions to more effectively cooperate to also create a more sustainable and prosperous planet for all.

The new Universe Worldview is truly the new centering hub and whole systems perspective that will hold! It is the emerging new evolutionary answer to the poet Yeats' famous line, "Things fall apart; The centre cannot hold..."

This new Universe Worldview is not just the new emerging center that can hold us though our next set of planetary transitions. It is so vast it is monumentally transformational of itself. It does not just move the pieces around in small changes. It changes the way the whole game board is viewed.

It does not just point to a new set of solutions to our most intractable problems. It asks a whole new set of questions and provides a whole new set of values that allows us to see the problems themselves in a new light and then shows us how to re-align and play the game of life more successfully in a whole new way.

"Homo sapiens, the first truly free species, is about to decommission natural selection,
the force that made us…
Soon we must look deep within ourselves and decide what we wish to become." Edward O. Wilson

Why (and How,) the New Universe Worldview Empowers the Universe Age and a Great New Alignment with the Unstoppable Progressive Evolutionary Directionality of the Universe

Empowered by the new Universe Worldview the great new alignment now occurring in this new Universe Age has come into being because of the following factors:

  • Factor One, Critical Need: As a global species living in a globalized age, we urgently need a centering, new and more accurate trans-global perspective to help us resolve our many global challenges and to create needed new global agreements. This need is critical simply because --- the way humanity is currently living on the planet is not sustainable!

    Through its most forward thinking leaders and individuals humanity is now rapidly moving from the older and limiting Newtonian mechanistic planetary worldview to the non-mechanistic, complex systems evolutionary new Universe Worldview. The new Universe Worldview has recently emerged because for the first time in human history by using super computers and powerful telescopes (like the Hubble telescope,) we are finally able to see the full scope of evolutionary time and space back from the present time to the beginnings of the universe at the Big Bang some 13.7 billion years ago and, from where we are located in the Milky Way Galaxy we can now see to the very edge of the cosmic horizon billions of light years away.

    We have finally transcended the vastly smaller and partial time and space views of the past in a monumental surge through a whole system view breakthrough. For the very first time in human history because of the newest technologies that allow us to finally see all of the Universe's time and space evolution and the new discoveries within the cosmology related sciences, we are able to see and understand the universe from this big history perspective as a whole and as a whole system. Unlike any previous generation who looked at the vastly smaller and partial space and time views of the universe in the past, we at this time are able to see and understand vastly more of the universe than anyone before us!

    This new big picture, big history view of the universe is monumentally important because up until about a decade or so ago, we as a species were only able to get accurate information about the universe from exclusively partial and sub-system views. Seeing the universe and its history for the first time as a whole and at the master system level has created a quantum re-alignment in our understanding of both the nature of the universe as well as the progressive directionality qualities of universe evolution. Both of these things significantly affect the success, survival and sustainability of every sub-system and living thing within the universe.

    As a species, with the advent of our new technology for seeing and understanding the universe as a whole system and its full history we have finally moved from and beyond a limiting planetary consciousness to an expansive and encompassing universe consciousness. This transition is critically important to humanity's current planetary survival because as Albert Einstein said "the consciousness that creates the problem is not the consciousness that will be able to solve the problem."

    Our current partial view and older Newtonian planetary consciousness is simply not capable by itself to resolve the critical life and life system sustainability challenges facing all of humanity at this critical moment in history. It is only when the new Universe Worldview's science and perspectives are added to the best of humanity's earlier worldviews that humanity now has a realistic hope and the proper tools to create a sustainable prosperity for all that holds the potential to last for a million generations.

  • Factor 2, The Progressive Evolution Alignment: Evolution at the cutting edge is now being seen as progressive. This is one of the most key foundational factors in the new Universe Worldview. Progressive evolution simply means that there is an objective testable directionality to the evolution of life and the planet that we all share. Universe Evolution is progressively going somewhere and, it is carrying all of its embedded participants in one way or another in that direction.

    The realization of the progressive directionality of evolution also has monumental implications for all individuals and life on the planet. Those individuals and groups that better align and partner with the now known progressive directionality and nearly unstoppable forces of universe evolution will naturally be far more, successful, adaptable and far more sustainable than those individuals and organizations who are ignorant of this new "evolution is progressive" information.

    Additionally, there is no deeper source of meaning for human beings and to experience their own lives as reflecting the nature and origin of our universe. When the progressive directionality of evolution is understood, seen and embraced the most common evolutionary meanings, purposes and values of our individual and collective lives become clear and our lives become more energized. In those new meanings, purposes and values our lives continue to grow as we individually and collectively align ourselves and then proactively partner with evolution’s inherent directionality.

    With the knowledge of progressive evolutionary science, humanity has gone from wondering or theorizing about its natural origins to not just understanding them, but also to the possibility of becoming a partner in co-evolving evolution itself. This great new re-alignment of understanding and its consequent capability to actively co-evolve evolution presents the greatest sudden leap in the operational capabilities of humanity to create and maintain its own future since the earliest forms of humans first emerged on this planet. Becoming aware and using the principles of the progressive evolutionary process is a monumental liberation for humanity!

    To see some of those evolutionary "values" and universal evolutionary ethics of the new Universe Worldview subtly expressed within a quick overview of the core steps and levels of progressive evolution, click here. To see some of those evolutionary "values" and alignment ethics of the new Universe Worldview expressed as a creative interpretation of the vital success actions of life and what we call the new Universe Principles of Lifeclick here.

  • Factor 3, A new form of thinking, universal ethics and identity. The new Universe Worldview provides individuals with a new science-grounded vastly larger identity --- that of evolutionary universe citizens solving planetary challenges. It also provides, a new set of universal ethics and new meta-systemic dialectical thinking forms. Just as the first Enlightenment of the 1600's had its thinking process breakthrough in the form of rational analytical thinking and scientific methodology, the Second Enlightenment embraced within the Universe Worldview also has emerged its own transcending and including new complex systems dialectical thinking processes. These new meta-systemic thinking processes are to solve both humanity's and the individuals interacting complex system challenges.
  • Factor 4, A new importance and centrality for humanity and the individual in the universe: These new big picture and big history science-informed universe views have among other things have demonstrated and recently restored humanity's more appropriate value and centrality to the universe's evolutionary process. We are no longer meaningless specks in the vastness of cold dark space. Two new books in addition to Brian Swimme's Universe Story that explain this particularly well are, View from the Center of the Universe by Joe Primack and Nancy Abrams and The Living Universe by Duane Elgin.

    To see some of the other cosmological "values" of the new Universe Worldview expressed within a quick overview of the nature of the master universe as a system, click here. 

    To see some of the other cosmological "values" of the new Universe Worldview expressed as a creative interpretation of the vital success attitudes of life in what we call the new Universe Principles of Life, click here.

  • Factor 5, The global movement toward sustainable prosperity for all: Our scientists have told us humanity as a collective cannot continue to live the way it is or there will be dire physical consequences to ourselves, the planet's biological systems and for future generations. Humanity has already begun to heed this warning by slowly starting to move its laws and value systems toward creating a new form of sustainable prosperity for all.
  • Factor 6, The integration and unification of all human knowledge: The new Universe Worldview and Universe Age transcends, includes and encompasses all of the best of all of humanity's most monumental historic worldviews. For increasing numbers of individuals within humanity the emerging Universe Age has now expanded human perspective far beyond the limitations of the previously dominant Newtonian planetary worldview and the misconceptions of "survival of the fittest" non-progressive evolution model to the larger and more useful perspectives of the new Universe worldview. In this new, larger and science-grounded Universe Age perspective is found a new more universal and unified way of seeing and understanding all life and things evolving in the universe.
  • Factor 7, The access to all human knowledge: The new Universe Age (birthed by the new Universe Worldview,) has emerged at a time where for the first time in human history a near totality of all science and wisdom from all existing and previous cultures is readily available and accessible on the Internet. This totality of information is now accessible by billions of people and that number is growing faster every year.
  • Factor 8, The tremendous improvement in the speed of distributing knowledge: This is due to the advent of both the Internet and the Peer to Peer (P2P) networking movement as well as the vast improvement in the speed and efficiency of distributing and upgrading knowledge and knowledge management systems due to the advent of the Open Source movement in its many application flavors. (Open Source Spirituality is just one of the many new flavors of creatively applying the original open source software principles to other important areas of life.)
  • Factor 9, The universe has become more conscious of itself as we become more conscious of it. This is possibly the most momentous evolutionary jump and new perspective in the 13.7 billion year evolutionary history of the universe!

    Just as there was a momentous progressive evolutionary jump when the multi-cellular collections of organs in apelike pre-hominids finally became self-conscious and self-reflective and became what we know today as the first self-reflective humans, humanity (as a collection of individual universe parts,) has provided a momentous opportunity for the universe to become more conscious of itself in and through us. This occurs every time we peer into our telescopes or analyze information about the universe as a totality.

    When we individually look at and become more aware of the universe as a unified living system and organism, in essence, the universe is looking at itself and becoming more aware of itself though the ongoing universe awareness increasing actions of its self-reflective individual parts. Through our individual and collective time and space awareness of the big history of the universe through our universe mapping and analyzing supercomputers and new telescopes the universe is not only is it becoming more aware of itself, it is also becoming more aware of the process of its own progressive evolution.

    Just as we are becoming aware of our own progressive evolution this momentous evolutionary jump in the universe’s reflective awareness of its own progressive evolution has amazing implications on future evolution that have yet to be imagined and discovered. When combined with humanity's new understanding of progressive evolution and humanity's ability to now partner in co-evolving the future of evolution --- the future truly looks brighter and more exciting than ever.

    The new universe worldview expands upon the many discoveries about progressive evolution that began with Darwin's first discoveries. It also explores how to capture the benefits and synergies of a self-reflective humanity co-evolving the future with and within a living universe that is growing more aware of itself through us.

  • Factor 10, The new rise of women around the world and its consequent integration and power re-balancing of male and female gender issues: The rise of the power and wisdom of women has meant the re-integrating and re-balancing the currently dominant patriarchal and male power biased social, economic and spiritual practices, customs and institutions with the matriarchal, communion, nurturing and other qualities of the social and spiritual feminine. This rebalancing is an essential element to a successful and sustainable future for humanity. See the Century of Women for more on this.)
  • Factor 11, Other key facilitating, integral and supporting factors: There is an additional combination of additional facilitating, technical and philosophic sub-factors or operational values, which integrally contribute to this accelerating new re-alignment of humanity’s perspective into alignment with the new Universe Worldview.

The new Universe Worldview is integral in that it:

  1. provides a deeper and broader "big history" map of the progressive evolution of known universe reality that embraces an inclusive, multiple perspective and science multi-disciplinary way of seeing and understanding personal, cultural, biologic and organic evolutionary development.

  2. is a worldview that seeks to include everything essential in its appropriate place. It excludes nothing needed for a balanced macro (big perspective,) and micro (small perspective,) understanding of the universe in any area.

  3. anticipates what more appropriate solutions come next in the unfolding of the universe’s progressive evolutionary process. These new solutions are shifted away from much of today’s polarizing, marginalizing, right or wrong, either/or, left or right and partial or absolute truth certainty based choices and options. The new Universe Worldview solutions are more inclusive and encompassing (not overthrowing,) and are “both/and” type solutions based on truth probabilities rather than illusionary truth certainties. That’s because the solutions of the new Universe Worldview embrace the entire big history ---- the entire span of universe time and space and the complete evolutionary developmental spectrum on all organic, biological and cultural levels while also allowing the most currently useful wisdom of previously exclusive and competitive worldviews to be systematically meshed, layered and harmoniously integrated to serve the sustainable well-being of the whole of life. The new Universe Worldview can do this because it is based upon transcendence, inclusion and synthesis. It includes the most useful science and wisdom perspectives from all previous worldviews and disciplines where contextually appropriate, while simultaneously pruning away all contextually inappropriate or no longer relevant perspectives and values.

  4. reframes and realigns all sub-systems (parts of the universe,) to the universe as the master evolutionary system as a whole. The integral Universe Worldview places all sub perspectives back into the master perspective of universe evolution so that they may be evaluated and seen from the largest of all possible perspectives and scales while they are being seen for smaller scale applications. This telescoping to the master evolutionary universe view and alignment with the master universe systems dramatically increases the probability that smaller scale applications will be successful.

  5. unites and distinguishes all things within the universe in a coherent and structured matrix of triune relationship. It both combines and distinguishes outer (objective, it realities,) inner (subjective, I realities,) and the inter-subjective (relational, we realities) on any phenomena, whether singular or collective. Not only does it more clearly distinguish these three important perspectives of reality it also orders them in a practical new way.

    The new Universe Worldview orders these three integral perspectives of reality by placing an initial learning and evaluation importance upon the outer objective, "it realities" of science. This is due to the capabilities of the outer objective, "it realities" of science to rationally ground and balance the other two subjective I and inter-subjective we perspectives of reality. The outer objective, "it realities" of science also create a vitally important common and shared reality that is testable and verifiable by any rational member of the group. Having such common and shared objective rational realities is critical to establish the common rational agreements that allow for and expand the human cooperation at greater scales that is now essential to our planetary survival.

    Because the new Universe Worldview gives the outer objective, "it realities" of science a learning and evaluation initial priority does not mean that the other two subjective I and inter-subjective we perspectives of reality are ignored or devalued. In fact, quite the opposite is true.

    The new Universe Worldview starts with and puts an un-apologetic weighting toward grounding in the factual probabilities of the outer objective, "it realities" of science. After that has been achieved it then encourages the individual and groups in non-prejudicial ways to explore the subjective I and inter-subjective we perspectives. It does this to help find, interpret and expand the personal meanings and values of the fact probabilities discovered by science or to explore whole new possibilities. The new Universe Worldview reunites objective facts and subjective and inter-subjective personal meanings in a new order and weighting that will more effectively support the increasing cooperation at great scale of progressive evolution. This also forwards in a practical way the planetary goal of a sustainable prosperity for all.

    A key factor to keep in mind in this process is that while individuals and groups are encouraged in non-prejudicial ways to explore the subjective I and inter-subjective we perspectives for new personal meanings for the fact probabilities of science (or for whole new creative possibilities for the future,) it does not mean that inner personal subjective or inter-subjective meanings should ever be treated as the common and shared fact probabilities of science without those meanings going through the vigorous testing and verification processes of science. When subjective personal meanings or opinions are treated as objective science probabilities within a society and then used to make common and shared decisions negating the actual objective science probabilities related to that situation eventual destruction or chaos is the near certain outcome.

  6. offers a new conflict healing perspective about the optimal relationship and exchange balance between the needs of the whole and the needs of the part (group vs. individual, communion vs. agency,) essential to optimal sustainability for all things. (Some of these optimal part vs. whole and individual vs. group relationship balancing factors can be found in the new Universe Principles of Life. It also does the above whole and part rebalancing by recognizing that parts of the universe are always interconnected (and often interdependent,) parts of some whole --- and, paradoxically at the same time they are also a unique whole within themselves. Each thing being both a whole and part simultaneously helps in part to create a new perspective and balance that of itself, when realized and adopted significantly facilitates a completely new set possibilities for new effective solutions not previously seen.

  7. re-embraces (for those so spiritually inclined,) new forms of non-pathological, progressive personalized spirituality and spiritual exploration that is congenial to science-grounding, the directionality of progressive evolution, open philosophic inquiry and is universal in its perspectives. (For those individuals who are not spiritual or religious in any way the new Universe Worldview also stands alone and fully upon only its science grounding and this section need not be read.) In the scientific revolution of the last four hundred years there has been an evolution toward scientism and religious reductionism. These extreme directions within science have actively denied ANY role for the meanings and values of a new non-pathological kind of personal spirituality or of spirit. For those so spiritually inclined the new Universe Worldview once again allows for reunification of science and spirituality, but this time in new and balanced ways appropriate to their unique individual capabilities and domains for informing life with useful factual knowledge as well as meaning. This new science-grounded and balanced, (but not reductionist and science-strangled,) re-unification of life and spirit and of science and progressive personalized spirituality is essential because neither the objective probability of the "truths" of science nor the subjective "certainty” of the beliefs of personal spirituality are true in any fixed, ultimate or absolute sense.

    Just as in physics light cannot be fully or accurately described as either a stream of particles or a wave --- only as something with some of the characteristics of each and yet beyond either descriptive metaphor. So to the physical universe cannot be adequately described as either something scientifically observed or spiritually experienced.

    For those so inclined to holding spiritual perspectives, the new Universe Worldview holds a centering new science grounded evolutionary cosmology and genesis story for a progressively evolving universe that can hold both the science and spirit levels at once. It can hold both the new cosmology and progressive evolutionary science with the most life-affirming non-pathological wisdom from our total human spiritual heritage. To those of a spiritual nature, the perspectives of the new Universe Worldview offers a new Genesis Story or as others call it a new Great Story, Big History, Modern Creation Myth or Evolutionary Epic that discloses and holds a new common meaning, purposes and common identity (evolutionary universe citizens) for solving planetary challenges, that can be shared by all of humanity.

    For those so spiritually inclined, with science and personalized spirituality together once again in a more appropriate and balanced relationship, they can now be additionally understood as essential alternate metaphor systems in whose juxtaposition is revealed something much larger and better than either can express alone.

    Fortunately, there are numerous new and older spiritual organizations now in the process of evolving their spiritual organizations toward more science integrated and science grounded positions. One of the newest, self-personalized and co-created forms of this new meta-spirituality this website's version called Evolution Spirituality.

    It addresses both creating a science and spirituality integrated organization closely congruent with the universal values and the perspectives of the new Universe Worldview while Evolution Spirituality also squarely address the past pathologies, problems and power abuses of past religious and spiritual groups by offering innovative new solutions to these areas as well. (For more information about this new, individually personalized and co-created form of Universe-framed Spirituality, click here.)

Curious to learn more about the Universe Evolutionary Worldview details and how it applies to your daily life, who are its leading thinkers or, about its Unissance social network or, what you can do to discover more then click here.

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