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The Home of Evolutioneers

What it Means for Enhancing Your Life When You Make a Donation to Our Organization & Mission

In addition to the 50% off your US taxes that you get when you donate to us --- when you act to support our life and spirit empowering mission:

  • You honor your life and spirit by supporting a clear path for articulating it's highest values.
  • You liberate and pay tribute to the most meaningful values within your highest self and Ultimate Reality within you.
  • A portion of your spending becomes aligned to support your best visions for a better world.
  • Abundance is released and flows like a river for you and others to receive and drink from.
  • You make a statement "My life is about more than just material accumulation".
  • Others are inspired by your support commitment and actions to bring about a better world for self and others.
  • When your attention is put on contribution to a common, beneficial and larger union, new and unexpected areas of your life will begin to flourish.
  • Courage and strength is developed when one can let go and give.
  • Letting go of what you have been holding onto opens up new spectrums of well being possibilities.
  • You support your own and many others balanced transformation and growth.

  • You participate in the universal flow of fair exchange, which is your right and privilege.

  • Your contributions help create an alliance that unifies us in pursuing truth, beauty and goodness and the planting of seeds for a different kind of future for the planet.

  • If you believe in the tremendous leverage that the healthy, balanced Universe Spirit mission can bring to bear to resolve the problems of our personal lives and the world, then donating to help us achieve our goals is also nothing more than an enlightened self interest investment in your own highest truth, values and commitments to a sustainable prosperity for all. And finally,

  • You receive the tax deduction benefits of taking 50% of your donation off your taxes in the United States for contributing to a our non-profit organization. (In other countries you may receive tax deductions as well. Check your national tax regulations.)

As you make your donation keep in mind that you are helping to co-create a completely new form of Life, Spirit and sustainable prosperity organization that is spreading an effective, new and inclusive Universe Worldview based solutions, principles and processes to it's own rapidly growing membership, to new visitors and to the other organizations and religions of the world. The new Evolution Spirituality is a tremendous source of life and spirit leverage, wisdom, hope and energy that is vitally needed to help resolve the global and local challenges that we and our fellow planetary citizens now face.

Click here and go to the section Easy Ways to Donate (Online, Mail, Fax, Direct Deposit, Other) to Donate Now!

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