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What is Your Position On the Evolutionary Process Itself When Applied to New Information and the Organization?

As in open source software, where software development is an unending process of continual upgrades, open source spirituality processes for expanding the global spiritual commons within Evolution Spirituality is also more of an ongoing evolving, collaborative process than any final result. It too will be constantly upgraded. 

As more wisdom is included and synthesized in the expanding global spiritual commons new synchronicities and connections within this accumulating wisdom will point to, hint at or disclose additional new wisdom that sometimes may naturally transcend earlier spiritual or scientific wisdom. Co-creators of Evolution Spirituality should expect many pleasant and exciting surprises as new transcending spiritual and science related wisdom is discovered or naturally emerges disclosing new perspectives and metaphors of Ultimate Reality

It will always be a continuous, incomplete and evolving process of expanding the spiritual wisdom knowledge base of humanity’s spiritual commons. One of the prime reasons for this unending quality of the process is that the collaborative assembling and search for new or more universal, inclusive and life affirming spiritual and science related wisdom concerning Ultimate Reality is itself an unending process. And, Ultimate Reality can never be fully knowable in its entire infinite splendor. 

All efforts to fully know or disclose the infiniteness of its nature and purposes will at best be partial maps, myths or metaphors. No matter how much we can know about the Ultimate Reality it will always be a partial and incomplete representation of its infinite potentials and its infinite realized aspects. 

Individuals and organizations within the open source spirituality movement like Evolution Spirituality always stand in openness, awe and humility to new surprises concerning Ultimate Reality continually unveiling itself to each individual personality and successive generation through any and all means, sources or circumstances regarding its ultimate and complete truth, beauty and goodness. From the above, it is reasonable to deduce that one religion or one religious perspective alone will not have all the answers and all current religions might be partial or complementary views of the infinite and unfathomable mysteries, which will forever surround the infiniteness and absoluteness of Ultimate Reality.

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