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What is the Spiral of Life Concept used in the Universe Evolutionary Worldview?

Lifelong personal development and growth are core values of the Universe Spirit movement and community. The potentials for human development and growth have been described by numerous researchers.

Whenever the terms "spiral of life" or "spiraling memes of human development" is used within the Universe Evolutionary Worldview, it is referring to how the potentials for human consciousness and human cultures both develop in a spiral that shows distinct levels of development as the spiral turns and expands through time. These levels of human growth, consciousness development, and cultural development have been stated in many similar ways by numerous developmental psychologists, but the spiral meme version we are specifically referring to was developed over 50 years by professor Claire Graves.

Professor Grave’s work has been popularized in the Book Spiral Dynamics. Each of Grave's spiral levels of human consciousness development produces a unique worldview and each worldview produces specific values and personal and cultural qualities. Click here for more about the spiral levels and spiral memes.