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The Home of Evolutioneers

What is the scope of the spiritual theology of Evolution Spirituality?

We honor all potential faces and aspects of the oneness of Ultimate Reality. We particularly honor the tripartite of potential Divine co-absolutes within the oneness that are sometimes called the "I" co-absolute of God, the "We" co-absolute of God and the "It" co-absolute of God. They are also more commonly known as:

  1. The Personal Absolute (the God/Goddess as offered by spirituality. This would also include our direct personal relation to this Personal Absolute),
  2. The Evolutionary Absolute (God/Goddess/Ultimate Reality evolving through and in the universe with us as partners. This form of Deity/Wholeness is both science-revealed and humanly co-evolved in time. This co-absolute form contains both personal and impersonal aspects) and,
  3. The Impersonal Absolute/Ultimate Reality (Concepts such as the non-personal Buddhist Emptiness, Brahman, the Tao or the “I am witness” as offered by many forms of eastern spirituality. We also honor the Ultimate Concern or Universe Totality concepts held by humanists)

We hold that for one's spiritual life to grow to its fullest heights and the world to flourish in the most life-affirming ways, one's spiritual path is most optimally served by regular and balanced spiritual experiences with Ultimate Reality itself and each and all of the Personal, Impersonal and Evolutionary co-absolutes of Ultimate Reality.

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