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What is Evolution 2.0's Position on Population Management and Population Control

In the Universe Community we recognize that the growing global human population is a amplifying and whipsawing core cause to all of the following problems:


global warming and climate destabilization,

growing economic inequity and instability,

food and resource depletion,

increasing droughts, wildfires and floods,

peak oil,

water pollution and water table loss,

desertification and deforestation,

ocean fish stock depletions,

war, pandemic,

poverty, and

political injustice and growing political instability.

We may have already grossly exceeded the carrying capacity of the Earth to support the existing population! If the human species is to survive it must honestly face the over-population problem and do it soon.

To do this we must:

1.) make education on contraception widely available.

2.) make family planning products widely available at low or no cost.

3.) provide incentives for families that choose to have smaller families.

4.) counter-educate where secular or religious policies exist that promote unplanned pregnancy.

It may be virtually impossible to create a sustainable prosperity for all unless we honestly face the over-population problem and do it soon.

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