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The Home of Evolutioneers

Universe Spirit Plan

1.) Using open source integral and integrative methods gather all of the best of humankind's collective spiritual wisdom and relevant science into one searchable multi-language database. To do this we will invite individuals from diverse scientific, spiritual, contemplative and religious communities from all over the world to add their individual spiritual wisdom as well as the spiritual wisdom of their particular spiritual or religious affiliation.

2.) Begin a collective co-creative effort to integrate that information where possible with the best of the wisdom of the sciences and then organize and sequence that synthesis of spiritual and scientific wisdom for easiest online and off line courses for assimilation by humankind’s diverse personality types, learning styles, developmental perspectives and cultures.

3.) Expand our dissemination and distribution efforts in all ways possible to make this aggregated spiritual and science related wisdom easily and freely available to all to help individuals achieve:

  1. expanding direct spiritual experience(s) of the Divine,
  2. successful lives, and
  3. co-creation of a just sustainable prosperity for all and an equitable world.

4.) While simultaneously doing 1-3 above, we also encourage all of our members and visitors to do social advocacy work on the first Great Commitment and the Great Work. The first Great Work is saving the planet from the global environmental crisis and the potential biocide it now faces. If Earth is not sustained in a viable manner, no person, organization or endeavor will be sustained in a viable manner. All of our futures are inescapably linked to the well being of the Earth’s biological systems now moving deeper into crisis. This is the current Job One and Great Work for all of humanity and every Earth organization! If you would like to see an amazing short video on the logic of why this has to be Job One for all of humanity, click here. (In our evolutionary spirituality courses you can learn all about this issue, what to do about it and much more.)

We invite you to become an active co-creator of our spiritual organization and a co-creator of this simple plan by clicking, What's Next?

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