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Universe Evolutionary Principles Part 2: The 9 Essential Attitudes Derived from Evolutionary Science needed to Create a Meaningful, Satisfying Life and a Sustainable Prosperity

Introduction to the Success Attitude Promandments or Progressive Evolution

There are currently a total of 23 creatively derived New Universe Principles (aka Universe Principles,) that are "attitudes" and  attitude "values." Nine are primary and essential and fourteen are more secondary, but still important.

They are all part of the universe's master list of evolutionary, time-proven principles for producing an intentional and conscious life (or organization,) and integral and optimal success at every level. These core universe evolutionary principles have conclusively and repeatedly demonstrated their unstoppable effectiveness over the last 13.7 billion years. There are reality-congruent and simply the most successfully repeated pattern and principle probabilities within life, existence, and evolution! 

Think about these success attitudes as the promandments of progressive evolution. (Promandments are proactive statements of values, virtues, attitudes and life affirming actions that are self-accepted as being in one's enlightened self-interst after a period of study and evaluation. Promandments are not commandments. Commnadments are usually negative injunctions and "thou shalt nots" instilled through fear or guilt laden indoctrination.)

When you read these following universe principles for creating success in every area of life have a sheet of paper and pen handy. As you read each principle ask yourself "to what degree on a 1-10 scale are you already applying that particular principle in your life or organization." Mark that answer down for later review and progress comparison use. Take time to think about each principle or perspective as most are complex enough to expand into their own article, chapter or book. Over the next 30 days read these principles every day either "as is" or in a visualization or affirmation form. You soon will begin to experience for yourself just how much your life can improve by better aligning your life and groups with these principles. 

The Space Qualities of the Universe Condition the Actions and Results Occurring within the Universe

An important principle discovered in physics is that the inherent qualities or potentialities of the space field in which an action takes place can powerfully effect and condition both the action itself and, the results of any action that takes place within that particular kind of space field. This powerful physics principle is often called the "space conditions action" principle.

This principle also implies that the inherent qualities and potentialities of a space field have a partial, but primal importance in relation to any actions taking place within that space field. In relation to this principle it is important to recognize that the universe IS the master quantum and macro space field which conditions all actions and all results within ALL sub-fields taking place within it. As the French evolutionary scientist Teilhard De Chardin so wisely said, " the universe is the arc to which all lines must conform."

Our current sciences have now described many of the macro and more subtle quantum result-conditioning qualities of the universe's master space field including in some cases how those qualities effect the processes and results of "things" acting within the space field of the master universe. Those result conditioning space qualities are manifest in both agency promoting (for the part,) and communion promoting (for the whole/union,) modes. At the end of the 23 attitudes and values for those of you who will want more detail on where these universe attitudes come from, you will find those inherent  universe space and quantum result-conditioning master qualities that more traditionally describe the multi-faceted nature of the universe that condition the actions going on within it .

The 9 Major Integral and "Quality of Being" related Universe Success Attitudes and Values are:


1.) Honor yourself! You are central, important and timely. 


At this unique and challenging time in human history you are of a central and special importance to the progressive evolution of the universe.


(As a self-reflective consciousness you are one of the most rare evolutionary creations in the universe! Physically you are the rarest of stardust that has evolved to become something that can not only just sing opera, but also something that has become aware of the very patterns of the universe's evolutionary process that has created it. From the new universe progressive evolutionary knowledge you can now even partner with evolution to help co-evolve the next critical steps in the progressive directionality of evolution. You are living at the very turning point of the existence for the human species. From the viewpoint of the generations alive today, the very point where we have both become sufficiently aware of  the critical planetary challenges that we must solve quickly while we still have the time and means to solve them. Honor yourself. Honor and love your individuality. You are just about at the center of the size scale of the universe and you (in the Milky Way Galaxy,) are existing at about the midpoint (center,) of 13.7 billion years of evolutionary time. You even exist at about the center of the expected life cycle of our planet. You are a central, important and unique evolutionary being of value within a living universe.)  


2.) This is a learning universe. There can be no real losses whenever you learn something! 


Embrace life in our universe as primarily a growth and learning adventure where everyone and everything in existence is fundamentally just learning and evolving! This emerges the evolutionary truth probability that ALL universe experience and relationship is primarily about the opportunity to learn and progressively evolve and in a sense --- even celebrate the universe’s existence and progression. 


(When one holds this key attitudinal perspective --- that there are no ultimate losses from the past, ultimate mistakes or, past "bad" experiences and that --- there are only learning experiences where you became "richer" and/or smarter in some way or another your life will become significantly easier. As soon as you begin treating everything that occurs as a non-deficient learning opportunity and experience then optimal life understanding and successful life action will be greatly enhanced. Because of the above, learning and ongoing education will naturally always be an essential lifelong process in a learning universe.)


3.) Everything is just evolutionary process. There are no real conflicts. Conflicts are just learning and adaptation opportunities and differentials being manifest! 


The universe as we know it is not in conflict with itself. It appears to be engaged in an internally conflict-free process, which appears to "favor" those things that:


a.) learn, adapt and cooperate, and

b.) those things, which best align themselves with the progressive directionality of the universe as a whole. 


In this big picture sense, ultimately there are no real negative conflicts (deficiencies,) within a learning universe in a directionalized evolutionary process. Our partial perceptions of negative conflicts are our failure to see the particular conflict within the whole universe evolutionary process and whole universe perspective. What we perceive from our partial perspectives as a negative conflict (or loss,) is just another learning, adaptation or recycling opportunity to the universe as well as a naturally emerging differential, (which also is a an essential process step within the universe's interdependent evolutionary process.) As the last 13.7 billion years of universe experience has conclusively demonstrated, we simply do not see that perceived negative conflicts in the universe invariably and eventually work out for the good of the whole system either as learning and adaptation or as necessary resource recycling. Once we begin to see all of the perceived negative conflicts of our lives from this expanded and more accurate evolutionary process perspective of merely being the necessary feedback for adaptation or recycling, we will become better able to manage our negative conflicts from an evolutionary "in-process" perspective and, we will no longer view them in such polarizing, stressful or debilitating ways. Always view conflict as feedback. Embrace ALL conflicts, differentials and dissonances, which are encountered without initial resistance. They are natural and inherent in an evolving universe and, most importantly they provide life mission critical adjustment feedback for your or your group’s, optimal adaptation and/or evolutionary growth.  


4.) Everything is emerging and evolving "perfectly." There are no real deficiencies!  


Embrace the non-deficient "IS-ness" quality of all existing and emerging universe realities. The inherent universe non-deficiency of "is-ness" is present in numerous ways:


a.) At the minimum, the universe at its core level as a totality holds a base neutrality and just IS! 


b.) It is present in the universe when taken as a whole or as Thomas Berry the evolutionary ecologist has said, "the universe is the only text without any context." It just is! There is nothing else in known existence to compare the universe to as a whole so, how can it be deficient --- if there is nothing to compare it to that can demonstrate a deficiency!


c.) Universe non-deficiency is also found within the perfection of all of the parts of evolution emerging in each evolving moment perfect exactly as they are --- when they too are compared only to themselves! This implies that we too can enjoy all of the emerging new "perfections" of the evolutionary process steps as they unfold no matter what the are --- if we hold the non-deficiency is-ness perspective that first sees the neutrality of is-ness then compares things to themselves.


d.) Finally, how can this be an inherently or intrinsically deficiency universe if it is primary a learning universe and all things and forces within evolution are eventually used for the good of the whole through the adaptive and recycling processes of evolution's progressive directionality. 


This universe non-deficiency is-ness principle when deeply understood and embraced powerfully heals and deconstructs partial or negative worldviews, fundamental perspectives and inappropriate judgments, --- the very worldviews, perspectives or biases that come from seeing our amazing universe at a fundamental worldview level as being inherently flawed or deficient in some way. For example, seeing the universe being primarily as a universe of suffering or inherent ignorance or, being born from or in some kind of original sin or flaw or, as being meaningless aloneness in dark cold space or, as being survival of the fittest or, as being inherently or intrinsically deficient, cruel, wrong, bad, or flawed in some other fundamental way. Any of these false deficiency perspectives when found within a person's fundamental worldview level then colors and distorts all subsequent perceptions, attitudes and solutions of one's life toward life itself and the evolving universe! These inappropriate worldview level deficiency perceptions, attitudes and colored solutions then further act to inaccurately condition or qualify all of one's (or one's groups,) subsequent life actions and results creating endless frustration and dysfunction. Worse yet, these deficiency worldview perceptions have in most all individuals become so habituated and unconscious they are all but invisible. Embrace the non-deficiency and perfection of each new emergence in your life. Then look for how it is informing you or your group of needed evolutionary adaptation or recycling.


5.) Everything works out for the evolutionary progress (good,) of the whole. Trust the process of the whole!


It turns out the Aussies were right. The universe’s has an amazing evolutionary ability to eventually use EVERY emerging new thing (idea, person, conflict resource etc,) as well as every existing thing for "good" --- both "as the thing currently is and, equally as the thing evolves. In one way or another, evolution achieves this "goodness" for the whole by causing either the evolutionary adaptation of that thing or, if it is inadaptable, by breaking it down and recycling all of its resources for the future good use elsewhere in the universe's progressive evolutionary process. Either way, every thing that exists in the universe is used for good on the macro whole system level to directly or indirectly forward the next steps of evolution’s progress(To the degree that your life and the groups that you belong to are aligned with the progressive directionality of evolution in the universe then on the micro level to just that degree of alignment, you and your groups existence will also hold the highest probability of having good happen to you and yoo to will reflect the reality of the "its all good" perspective.) 


6.) The universe is fundamentally safe!


The universe has resoundingly proven to be essentially safe if not only by the fact of its continuous existence over the last 13.7 billion years. ("I think the most important question facing humanity is, 'Is the universe a friendly place? 'Existence in the universe is not just fundamentally friendly as Albert Einstein posed as his most important question of life, it is also safe, meaningful and rewarding for all those who understand and adapt to and align with the universe's core nature and progressive directionality. As you learn more about core actions and principles of progressive evolution this feeling of appropriate and relative safety in the universe will continue to deepen.) 


7.) The universe is the best it has ever been!


Enjoy each new emergent and peak "now" moment. Each new NOW is truly the current known progress peak of the last 13.7 billion years of progressive evolutionary directionality as well as known life evolution success!


(The only self-conscious and universe evolution directionality aligning "fruit" of universe evolution that we know of for certain is blooming right here on earth in each one of us. We also know of no other greater universe evolutionary state of complexity and progress along the directionality of evolution than what we are experiencing right now. Once we begin to live from the perspective we are living at evolution's current peak our current challenges become significantly easier to manage from this expanded peak success perspective. That is because we can now see our challenges as just parts of a normal and natural evolutionary process and as new opportunities for our conscious partnership with evolution in evolving the next moment of evolution at its peak. ) 


8.) This is a Sharing Universe! Embrace Our Interconnectedness and Our Ultimate Inter-dependence. 


Nothing is ultimately separate! Nothing is Not Part of the One Great Universe Union. Embrace the inter-connectedness and inter-dependence of all universe parts embedded and shared within the ONE all-inclusive universe whole system. This recognized interconnection and interdependence motivates and is also a reason for the necessity for increasing appropriate sharing and cooperation!


(This has monumental meaning for improving our day-to-day lives beyond the outdated, mechanistic dualist worldviews and their win/lose strategies based on separation. Each universe part is defined, both by its universe context and by its interdependence (current indispensability,) to the universe process as a whole. Within the whole of the interconnected universe each unique and differentiated universe part finds its meaning. If a part was not by default interdependent and providing a value in some way to the learning and adaptation feeding the universe evolutionary process, it would not be there at this moment.)


9.) Hold an abundance vision for a better future for humanity for millions of years to come!


Embrace the science-rational hope for a better future as being a nearly inevitable probability! This is because universe evolution has repeatedly demonstrated in one way or another that it ALWAYS creates better futures along its progressive evolutionary directionality throughout virtually all of its 13.7 billion year history. It is also true because the universe contains near incalcuable abundances of energy and matter and does most everything with such an abundance of experiments and solutions that for the last 13.7 billion years it has without fail always found a way to advance along its own inherent directionality.


(The alarming dynamic forces in transitional crisis currently moving on this planet (climate change, environmental degradation, over-population, economic and political instability, etc,) will also eventually be used and transformed in some way to eventually forward evolution's progressive directional exactly as has been done over the last 13.7 billion years of universe time. Individually and collectively we need to begin seeing, hoping and expanding our perspective to universe time frames. The chance that life will end in 2012 as the extinct Mayan civilization predicted or that by 2050-2100 life on earth could be nearly extinct due to the growing climate, environmental and other crisis is simply ignoring the overwhelming fact that evolution has continually evolved its own successful solutions and directional progress for the last 13.7 billion years and, the additional new fact that as self-conscious partners WE also can now help co-evolve both the future of evolution on our planet and ourselves using what we already now know about the nature of the universe and its progressive evolutionary process. For yourself, for the 10 million generations yet to come and, for all life in the universe cultivate science-rational hope and regularly envision the long-term future success of planetary life in the universe. Taking this long term perspective on our futures will do wonders in helping individuals and groups make the best decisions and take the best actions.)  


The 14 Secondary "Action and Process" Universe Success Attitudes and Values: 


1.) First, align to, then surf the unstoppable wave of progressive evolutionary directionality. Rejoice in the continuous and transcending transformations of the living universe and all life within it by your and your group's alignment with the unstoppable power flow of the progressive evolutionary process. Go with the ultimate and empowering flow of the universe, don't fight it or ignore it! 


2.) Be fair exchange. Honor the universe's most fundamental sustainability principle: Create appropriate/fair energy exchanges between parts and wholes (unions.) It is essential to maintaining the dynamic balance and sustainability of all organic, biological and cultural systems!


3.) Release your fullest potentials! --- And, in the process love yourself into transcending fullness. Be like the universe that is also seeking to release and exhaust all of its fullest potentials in a near endless process of transcendence.  


4.) Be creative. Honor that you are already vibrantly creative just as the universe is vibrantly creative. 


5.) Be self-evolving. Accept the increasing probabilities of good results and outcomes that are derived from the increasing environmental control that is concurrently developing within the universe's most adaptable, self-conscious, intelligent, cooperative and self-evolving parts. These parts are consciously and actively cooperating with each other and partnering with evolution and the evolutionary process to help co-evolve evolution along its progressive directionality. 


6.) Experiment and stay and be open to new possibilities emerging and evolving within the life process. Enjoy and be fully present to the continuous unfolding of universe’s emerging and expanding new creativity (novelty, innovation,) and diversity in its almost play-like experimentation and adventure. With your openness to new possibilities and feedback and, your willingness to experiment are found the keys to discovering what next is needed to optimally adapt current situations toward more ideal situations.


7.) Be spontaneous. Accept the "perfect," continuous and mostly unpredictable emerging spontaneities and consequent uncertainties natural to the universe’s progressive evolutionary process and essential to its success. Be spontaneous at times and honor the great evolutionary process,   


8.) Be continuously present throughout life's natural and continuous flow of change. Embrace life being far more a process and journey of near continuous adaptation and dynamic change (Vs. life being a fixed end result or destination,) and be fully present through its changes!


9.) Embrace life's incompleteness. Accept the wonderful "work-in progress" incompleteness of an emerging and evolving living universe.


10.) Be as inclusive as the universe. Rejoice in the universe’s ALL-inclusive and continuous embrace and holding of --- Every Thing within it! 


11.) Honor life's growing complexity as natural. Embrace the growing complexity of life that is inherent in evolution's unfolding progressive directionality. (Cultivating various forms of living simplicity is essential to help to balance this increasing complexity.) 


12.) Embrace universe transparency. Be grateful for the universe’s inherent transparency. The universe eventually reveals all its knowledge to ALL who look then learn with the right instruments. Transparency is also the critical safeguard necessary and efficient adjustment and adaptation.


13.) Be cooperative at greater scales. Honor the core progressive evolutionary process of sustainable success being "survival for the most cooperative" and not "survival of the fittest."  


14.) Enjoy the sustainable abundances and beauty flowing throughout the universe. Let the near-infinite abundance and beauty of the universe’s sustainable energy flow as well as its other many abundances and beauties sustainably embrace you and all life.  (This is abundance consciousness, sustainable prosperity and what is needed for creating a life filled with beauty.)  


The above macro and subtle quantum result-conditioning qualities and potentialities of the master universe space field were creatively expressed as in the 23 success attitudes and values. These attitudes, attributes and values condition the process and results of the actions taking place within the universe. As such when embraced, they will help to successfully optimize the actions and results of your life or organization. When applying the companion universe’s success-action principles (listed in Part 1 of the Universe Principles,) you will get far better results in whatever you are doing if you first get "into the zone and flow" by holding and embodying in both a balanced and integral way the optimal result-conditioning attitudinal "space" conditions as described above.  

Practicing the Attitude Principles Made Much Easier:

The above Right Mind and Right Attitude Universe Principles of Life have been re-stated in just a few concise sentances that you can print and begin to read daily and practice. Click here for the very sort form of the above attitude principles. They are at the top of the page.

You have just completed Part two of the New Universe Principles. Click the following link to go to the part 1. Part 1 will help you successfully optimize the actions and results of your life or organization. 

Go to Part 1 of the New Universe Evolutionary Principles by clicking here. 

Why are these 23 Success attitudes Valid and Why are They so Important?

The above 23 success attitudes of evolution in the universe, which have been proven over 13.7 billion years of evolutionary testing are the 23 most critical attitudes necessary to enhance the actions of the progressive directionality of evolution and life. (The progressive directionality of the universe is sometimes called by individuals with a spiritual background, "the evolutionary impulse or the evolutionary intention.") The 23 success attitudes above also are vital evolutionary values and a partial statement of the action keys of evolutionary ethics.

They are all vital attitudinal behaviors that enhance the progressive directionality of evolution and life. The nine primary universe success attitudes are particularly important to today's sustainability environmental movements. They are particularly applicable to uplifting and expanding the perspectives upon how the sustainability movement's environmental activism can be more effectively re-aligned and executed.

If you are a advanced student at our Universe College or you are curious or, have a physics background and want to get a deeper understanding of where these 23 attitudes came and why they are valid and relevant click here. It is not necessary to know the complex universe physics behind the success attitudes to begin using them.

Important Notes On the New Universe Evolutionary Principles:

1.) Although this article has been based on parts of the works of the following individuals the inclusion of their names does not imply any specific endorsement of the New Universe Evolutionary Worldview as expressed herein, this article or the information expressed within it. These individuals have been mentioned in part to gratefully recognize their contributions to expanding the areas of cosmology, big history, progressive evolutionary science and/or conscious evolution that are emerging the Universe Evolutionary WorldviewThis article is based in part upon the universe and progressive evolutionary science and theories expressed by Teilhard De Chardin, Erich Jantsch, John Stewart, Duane Elgin, Michael Dowd, Connie Barlow, Nancy Ellen Abrams, Brian Swimme, Thomas Berry, Joel Primack, David Christian, David Ray Griffin, Sri Aurobindo, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Ken Wilber, Andrew Cohen, Steve McIntosh as well as numerous other evolution theorists, scientists, authors and speakers.

2.) You can see how we enact the success attitude "it is a learning universe" by going to our online Universe College by clicking the Online classes link on the top navigation bar of every web page. 

3.) The progressive directionality of evolution as described above is sometimes described as the impulse of evolution, the intention of evolution or the intentionality of evolution. These personalizing concepts are not used above to signify that it is the position of the science on progressive evolution. They are only included here to reference the wording now be used by many individuals coming from various spiritual backgrounds who do hold another more personal perspective on progressive evolution.

4.) The New Universe Principles (Parts 1 and 2,) when understood and practiced in a balanced way by individuals, groups, corporations and nations are  concrete guidelines for what is needed in actions and conditioning attitudes to create a sustainable prosperity for all, which is a key naturally emerged  objective within the New Universe Worldview.

5.) We hope that you have also discovered in reading the above universe attitudes that they both transcend and yet still creatively include the most life-affirming perspectives and classic virtues of humanity’s greatest philosophic and spiritual wisdom traditions. The above new universe principles of progressive evolution can act as a de facto lifestyle practices guide and new ethical code for conscious evolutionaries or, a statement of the attributes of the New Universe Worldview (among many other things,) has been provided to Evolution Spirituality (universespirit.org) by Lawrence Wollersheim from his soon to be released book, The Universe Manifesto, a New Universe Worldview that encompasses and re-aligns everything.

6.) The additional reading of the links in the main principles paragraphs above will shed significantly more light upon why within the New Universe Worldview the simple definition for ethical behavior is "those behaviors that enhance the progressive directionality of evolution and life for the good of the whole that also wherever possible, simultaneously honor and balance the good of the part."

7.) It would be reasonable if not wise, to consider the Universe Principles taken collectively as the minimal evolutionary "rules" for creating healthy, sustainable and thriving communities.

8.) The process of universe dynamism described above indirectly in the success attitudes is not always directionalized adaptation and growth. It can also become just change or grow experiments that dead end, go off in novel tangents and stall or stall after various levels of growth. When growth and adaptation stop the universe breaks down the growth experiment and recycles its parts.

9.) By birthright whether realized or not, everyone is a universe citizen. As citizens of the universe is both our responsibility and opportunity to live the universe success action principles and success attitude principles to become effective universe evolutionaries and co-partners with evolution

What's Next  

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What types of individuals is this new science and evolution spirituality balanced movement designed for and, what would be your best next exploration step based upon your greatest current interests and personal background?

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