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Universe Consciousness: Definition, Principles and History

At its most basic level universe consciousness (AKA evolution consciousness) is the objective consciousness and understanding of the physical nature, history and progressive evolutionary directionality of the universe. It is also the consciousness of the interconnectivity and interdependence of all things in the universe on one single union. In the words of one of the grandparents of the universe consciousness movement Thomas Berry, “the universe is the only text with no context.”

Authentic universe consciousness seeks to align the actions of individuals and groups to the core success patterns of the universe’s life-sustaining processes. The wisdom behind this truth is wisely explained by another grandfather of the universe consciousness movement Teilhard D Chardin who said, “the universe is the arc to which all lines must conform.”

Because universe consciousness understands universe history and universe evolutionary processes, like the universe it too seeks to align and balance both the individual's needs, rights and responsibilities to fulfill its potentials with the collective needs, rights and responsibilities of the group for sustainability and union harmony.

Universe Consciousness even allows for the possibility that the physical universe may somehow be alive and conscious as a whole system and, in many ways appears to be behaving much like the living organisms within it. While universe consciousness is the most expansive of all perspectives it is simultaneously a perspective of humility, awe and wonder because of the vastness of the unknown and as of yet, unpredictable areas of the universe.

Individuals or organizations authentically holding universe consciousness act for the overall and combined good of all entities and life support systems within the universe so that all can survive in meaningful ways with enough.

Until we find proof that other universes exist and that we live in a multi-universe reality, universe consciousness of our universe is the biggest of all possible objective perspectives we can commonly hold. When one holds the biggest possible perspective for most things there is a distinct survival and sustainability advantage from that perspective.

What Do Individuals do Who Hold Evolution Consciousness

Individuals who hold a universe consciousness (Universe Evolutionaries,) seek to blend and harmonize a strong collective of individuals, they focus on the good of all living entities as integrated systems, they seek to expand the use of human intelligence, tools and other competencies. They see themselves as part of a larger conscious whole that also serves self. They generally seek appropriate material living in terms of real necessities and Maslow hierarchy self-actualization needs so that less is more and more satisfying!

Universe conscious individuals see themselves first as universe citizens, then planetary citizens, then citizens of their nation and then citizens of their local states and municipalities. Universe conscious individuals and responsible universe citizens use universe consciousness and its master perspective to better solve all of the challenges that enter their lives whether it be a personally social, political or economic collective situation.

“The planetary consciousness, which has created our planetary problems is not the consciousness that will solve them. To resolve our current planetary challenges it now requires the new and larger universe consciousness!” Lawrence Wollersheim

Universe consciousness provides a tremendous life advantage to anyone who possesses it such as advantages which can be used to forward one's relationships, family, career, business, social advocacy agendas and planetary well-being.

Evolution consciousness and Ultimate Reality

A part of universe consciousness is consciousness of that which created or initiated the universe. This is the subjective zone of Evolution Spirituality and the personal subjective search of every individual for Ultimate Reality. Universe consciousness appropriately blends both the objective consciousness of the natural physical universe as well as the subjective consciousness of the Ultimate Reality, which according to almost all religions is believed to have created or initiated the universe.

How to Create Universe Consciousness

Universe consciousness is created by and from:

  1. Understanding the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview, which holds as a primary tenant that evolution is progressive and that certain core reoccurring patterns found in progressive evolution are the minimal key and universal principles for sustaining life as well as civilization. Because these principles are science-derived and are blind to any cultural, religious or philosophic biases or favoritism they can be used as universal values and ethical principles for more effectively bringing the people and resources of the planet together to preserve the planet and the future for 10 million more generations. To learn about the new Universe Worldview, click here.
  2. Practicing the new Universe Evolutionary Principles of Sustainability, which are the day-to-day guidelines and embodiment of the essential elements of the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview and the daily practice of universe consciousness. The more you read and practice these principles in your daily life the stronger the unitive and non-polarizing universe consciousness will naturally become in you. To learn about the Universe Principles of Sustainability in detail, click here.
  3. Understanding more of the latest science on the 13.7 billion year "big history" of the progressive evolution of the universe. This integral story of the universe includes not only the full history of inorganic and biologic life but also includes the full evolution of the development of our current civilization. This is done by reading the new books on progressive evolution and cosmology such as "Evolution's Arrow, The Direction of Evolution and the Future of Humanity," by John Stewart and "View from the Center of the Universe," by Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams.
  4. d. Understanding the finest wisdom from humanities vast spiritual heritage concerning the nature of Ultimate Reality as found within the Evolution Spirituality movement subjectively also helps to create universe consciousness.

Forwarding Evolutionary Universe Consciousness

Universe consciousness is currently forwarded in part by the Unissance social Network and annual events like Universe Day. It is also forwarded by the Evolution Spirituality movement as well as any other organizations that adopt and forward the concepts of promoting and teaching universe consciousness, progressive universe evolution and universe citizenship.

The History of Evolutionary Universe Consciousness

Every deep thinking scientist and mystic who has contemplated and taught about the universe and its origin has helped to develop today’s understanding of universe consciousness. That heritage of objective and subjective wisdom is contained in part in the more modern list of universe consciousness related books below.

These books are by no means a complete list of all the contributors to the concepts of universe consciousness. The book list below leans heavily toward the objective sciences and the concepts of progressive evolution. The subjective contributors to universe consciousness are covered in the Evolution Spirituality movement.

The following lists will lay out a few of the authors and thinkers behind the expansion of the new universe consciouness ideas. In a sense within the Evolution Spirituality movement we consider these individuals below important and originating universe consciousness teachers. Among these various individuals there are significant differences in approach, emphasis as well as content and, not all of the individuals below hold all of the universe consciousness perspectives expressed in the Evolution Spirituality movement.

The Leading Contemporary New Universe Consciousness, Worldview and/or Progressive Evolution Authors:

Here are the most current new books, materials and authors helping to define, expand and disseminate the New Universe Worldview and its progressive evolution perspectives:

  1. View from the Center of the Universe by Joel Primack and Nancy Abrams. (The books View from the Center of the Universe Along with The Universe Story by Brian Swimme (just below,) constitute one of the most accurate and complete statements of the common and shared cosmology and new genesis story currently held within the New Universe Worldview. These two books are essential initial must reads to grasp the scope of the new Universe Worldview.)
  2. The Universe Story: From the Primordial Flaring Forth to the Ecozoic Era--A Celebration of the Unfolding of the Cosmos by Brian Swimme. (It is the Genesis Story that we use in our organization.)
  3. Evolution's Arrow: The Direction of Evolution and the Future of Humanity, by John Stewart. (This also is an essential New Universe Worldview read summarizing the key elements of progressive evolution.)
  4. Thank God for Evolution! How the Marriage of Science and Religion Will Transform Your Life and Our World by Michael Dowd and Connie Barlow. (If you have a Judeo-Christian background this is easy fast read that will provide many of the New Universe Worldview perspectives.)
  5. The new Universe Principles of Sustainability, by Lawrence Wollersheim (See both Parts 1 and Part 2 of the New Universe Principles as well as the key links on those pages. The New Universe Principles are a statement of the values and ethical guidelines found within universe progressive evolution.)
  6. The Evolutionary Epic, Science's Story and Humanity's Response, by Russell Genet, Brian Swimme, Linda Palmer and Linda Gibler. (A great series of essays exploring various aspects of progressive evolution and the perspectives held within the New Universe Worldview.)
  7. Maps of Time, An Introduction to Big History by David Christian (and his CD lecture series called Big History. This book and the CDs provide a multi-disciplinary look at all of the universe's evolution including all human history. This work is finally being taught in progressive universities around the world.)
  8. Conscious Evolution: Examining humanity's next step, Barbara Marx Hubbard.
  9. A Brief History of Everything, Ken Wilber. (The evolution of the Universe for individuals coming from or appreciating an integral perspective.)
  10. Evolutionaries, Carter Phillips. A great and well written history of the evolutionary movement heavy on the philosophy and spiritual aspects, but weaker on evolutionary science and cosmology of the evolutionary universe.
  11. Connie Barlow for her work on the Great Story Materials.
  12. There are many teachers and professors bringing the perspectives and scope of the New Universe Worldview into their courses a few of them are Loyal Rue, Ursula Goodenough, Craig Benjamin, Todd Duncan and Eric Chaisson to name but a few.
  13. Lawrence Wollersheim for their work on this Universe Spirit.org website, the Universe College the Unissance social network and at the soon to be opened Universe Institute and Universe Academy.
  14. Integral Consciousness and the Future of Evolution, Steve McIntosh. 

The Universe Consciousness, Worldview and Progressive Evolution Earlier Thinkers and Authors

Here are the older books and authors that helped to define, expand and disseminate the original parts and perspectives of the New Universe Worldview and progressive evolution:

  1. The Self-Organizing Universe: Scientific and Human Implications of the Emerging Paradigm of Evolution, Erich Janstch. (Lots of deep advanced science on progressive evolution.)
  2. Design for Evolution: Self-Organization and Planning in the Life of Human Systems, Erich Janstch.
  3. The Future of Man, Teilhard de Chardin. (This was one of his many books on aspects of progressive evolution. He is considered one of the founding founders of the New Universe Worldview.)
  4. Process Theology, David Ray Griffin and John B. Cobb. (The Christian focused marriage of science and spirituality and progressive evolution.)
  5. The Great Work, Our Way into the Future by Thomas Berry. (Progressive evolution and the future sustainability of our planet. Thomas Berry was one of the earliest advocates of many of the perspectives of the New Universe Worldview.)
  6. The Life Divine, Sri Aurobindo, (He was an Oxford Scholar who discusses the progressive evolution of life and spirit in the universe. He is also considered one of the founding sources of some of the perspectives of the New Universe Worldview in the areas of spirit and consciousness.)
  7. Original Blessing: A primer in creation spirituality : presented in four paths, twenty-six themes, and two questions by Matthew Fox

New Books Coming out Soon on the Perspectives of the Universe Consciousness, the Universe Worldview and Progressive Evolution

There are currently 3-4 new books close to release about aspects of the New Universe Worldview and progressive evolution. One of those books is The Universe Manifesto, How the New Universe Worldview Re-Aligns Everything, by Lawrence Wollersheim.

(Please note: The list of new universe consciousness authors and leaders above is not intended to be a complete list and if we have inadvertently missed anyone who also should be on this list please let us know.)

Universe Consciousness and Universe Citizenship

The new universe consciousness is naturally helping to emerge a growing consciousness and awareness and what it means to consider oneself a universe citizen. To learn more about universe citizenship click here.

Universe Consciousness and the New Annual Universe Day

Universe Day is similar in some ways to promoting a bigger sustainability perspective like Earth Day, but, the perspective of Universe Day is much larger and more foundational to creating global sustainability in many ways. Click here, for more information on Universe Day.

The Unissance Social Network of the New Universe Consciousness

Are you part of the rapidly emerging next step of evolution? The Unissance Network connects a global movement of people holding the new Universe Worldview. It is people creating an evolutionary alignment of consciousness and action to birth a more enlightened, peaceful and healthy society capable of sustainable prosperity for all!

It is the movement of an expanded, universe-informed consciousness that is urgently needed to resolve the social and environmental problems created by our limited planetary consciousness. If you are a partner in this new movement please join by clicking Here!

Universe Consciousness and the Universe Evolutionary Principles of Life

To find our more about the Universe Principles of Life increase and support universe consciousness, click here.

Universe Consciousness and The Universe Charter

The Universe Charter is a special document that helps forward elements of universe consciousness. To view that document, click here.

Universe Consciousness and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The Universe Declaration of Human Rights is a special document that helps forward elements of universe consciousness. To view that document, click here.

Universe Consciousness and The Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities

The Universe Declaration of Human Responsibilities is a special document that helps forward elements of universe consciousness. To view that document, click here.

Update on Early Adopters of Universe Consciousness and the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview

Many non-profit organizations are becoming leading early adopters of universe consciousness and the new Universe Worldview. Its perspectives, benefits and its Universe Principles of Life offer distinct advantages for mission execution, cooperation building and education the public about the many re-alignments necessary to create a sustainable prosperity for all. To read more about the new Universe Worldview, click here.

What's Next? How to Find out More About the New Universe Consciousness and Universe Evolutionary Worldview or Get Started Using it ...

The online Universe College currently offers many courses incorporating some of the books listed above. Or,

Click here or any What's Next link on the web site to find out how to get started.

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