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Universe College: What are the Goals of the Universe College Curriculum

The Goals of the Universe College and its Curriculum

The Goals of the Universe College and Curriculum

Unlike most current higher education institutions the Universe College creates the correct balance of synthesizing knowledge in a multi-disciplinary approach with analyzing knowledge with a single discipline focus. Our specific integral curriculum goals are:

1. To show students their natural place in evolution: biologically and culturally, and to place that understanding within the larger context of an evolving universe. We do this by educating about science-grounded facts and perspectives of the integral and new evolutionary Universe Worldview. We also gather and incorporate the best humanity's vast spiritual heritage. From the preceding emerges an integral, unified understanding of life and spirit and of the universe's natural and social systems in which we are embedded.

(The evolutionary Universe Worldview articulates a multi-disciplinary big story and universe perspective that conveys sustainability and quality-of-life advantages upon all individuals (or groups,) who have discovered and use it. It is truly everyone’s multi-disciplinary big story and it is the universal educational birthright of every person on the planet.)

2. To  help students understand their role as universe citizens and Universe Evolutionaries, through finding a  deeper understanding of who they are, where they come from, and how they might thrive and become more fulfilled by living ethical and sustainable lives. (At Universe College you can learn how to live and apply the new universe and universal ethics derived from our latest universe science and embodied within the Universe Principles of Life.)

3. To provide a critical resource for the new universe-aligned lifestyle and livelihood models critically necessary to current and future generations to steer humanity through the impending evolutionary crises transitions into a sustainable evolutionary trajectory.

4. To focus upon creating new evolutionary leaders, spiritual teachers and ministers, educators, advocates, partners, activists as Universe Evolutionaries that will support the emergence of a new Universe Worldview that is aligned and continually adapting with science, technology, spirituality and social innovation.

5. To put first things first in relation to humanity's sustainability! We do this by forwarding Job One for All Humanity! Job One for All Humanity puts first things first. It is working together to "preserve, sustain and steward our planet's life-supporting physical and biological environment!" As an urgent survival necessity, this single task needs to become every individual's, group's, corporation's, government's and religion's life-critical Job Number One!

6. To help create a new mini-culture and cultural network where sustainable livelihoods and lifestyles are honored and financially supported.

If we do not quickly enact the needed lifestyle and structural changes to insure a sustainable planetary environment, at the minimum, we and future generations will be severely and adversely affected and at worse, humanity will go extinct as a species. Science has estimated that 98 percent of all species that have ever lived on the planet have already gone extinct! If we as a species continue to pollute, misuse and destroy our physical and biological environment in unsustainable ways, in the not too distant future our going extinct as a species is not a merely a remote impossibility.

This Job One for all of Humanity of saving humanity from extinction is today's most critical moral and spiritual imperative (for those so spiritually inclined.) It is now time for each individual and every planetary organization to act on this growing planetary challenge. This is done simply by becoming an active and effective evolutionary partner with other individuals and organizations to help to live and co-evolve a sustainable planetary environment and future.

7. To educate on how to use the new and mission-critical dialectical thinking tools of the new Universe Worldview for managing the interacting complex living and non-living systems we have evolved today.

Summary of The Goals of the Universe College Curriculum

The 3 main integral curriculum goals are to educate through artful means on:

1. How to live a good, successful and meaningful individual, community and spiritual life, 

2. How to create the new models for individual right livelihood, right lifestyle and a sustainable prosperity for all, and

3. How be an informed and responsible universe citizen and Universe Evolutionary capable of evolving a future for humanity designed to last at least another one million generations.

Click here to review the master list of online courses at Universe College. At the top of this page are listed all the departments and sections of Universe College. If you scroll down this page, you will see all of the courses currently active in each department. To the right of each course name you will find its description.

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