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The Master List of Cross-Cultural God Names, a Useful God Definition and Definition for Ultimate Reality, The Great Mystery

Our Master list of Humanity's Omni-Denominational and Cross-Cultural Spiritual, Secular and Humanistic Names for Ultimate Reality, God and The Great Mystery:

If you can add to this list or help us find a better way to express the concept of Ultimate Reality in a way that is comfortable to ALL of the above spiritual and humanistic perspectives, please contact us and do so. We would love the help! This alphabetical listing implies no prioritization.

(In the list below God, Ultimate Reality and Great Mystery terms more generally used by Evolution Spirituality members who use this website are marked with an [ES] at the end.)

* Absolute Spirit or Absolute Consciousness  (Please also see our expanded definitions of spirit and spirituality and universe by clicking here.) 

* Absolute Inclusiveness [ES]

*All [ES]

* Allah

* Anima Mundi (World Soul, Gaia, Universal Soul)

* Atman

* Brahman

* Buddha

* Causal [ES]

* Christ

* Cosmic Consciousness

* Cosmic Christ

* Consciousness [ES]

* Divine

* Divine Feminine, Kali, Oya, Pele, Mary, Shakti, Black Madonna or any of the other many names for Goddess embodying Absolute Divinity in a female manifestation.)

* Divine Mother

* Divine Mystery [ES]

* Divine Presence

* Ein Sof

* Ever Present Origin [ES]

* Evolution itself as a whole and integrated process at universe scale [ES]

* God (to see the unique and specific core concept of God that we use is used on this website and within the new form of Evolution Spirituality  can be reached by clicking here.)

* Godde

* Goddess

* Great Interconnectedness [ES]

* Great Mother

* Great Mystery (Click here for the special definition of Great Mystery Used in Evolution Spirituality.) [ES]

* Great Spirit (Please also see our expanded definitions of spirit and spirituality by clicking here.) 

* Great Union [ES]

* Great Radiance

* Great Relationship [ES]

* Great Unity [ES]

* Higher Power

* Highest Essence

* Highest Self

* Holy Spirit (Please also see our expanded definitions of spirit and spirituality by clicking here.) 

* I am Who am (a nonqualitative personal Divinity)

* Infinite Consciousness [ES]

* Infinite Essence [ES]

* Infinite Mystery [ES]

* Infinite O­ne [ES]

* Infinite O­neness [ES]

* Infinite Source [ES]

* Infinite Spirit (Please also see our expanded definitions of spirit and spirituality by clicking here.) 

* Infinite Wholeness [ES]

* Integrative Consciousness

* Integrative Spirit (Please also see our expanded definitions of spirit and spirituality by clicking here.) [ES]

* Ja (the Rastafarian name of God)

* Jehovah

* Kosmos [ES]

* Krishna

* Larger Self

* Love

* Nirvana

* Nondual Awareness

* Original Essence [ES]

* Original Organizing Principle [ES]

* Pre Big Bang Universe Reality [ES]

* Post Big Bang Universe Reality [ES]

* Shakti

* Shiva

* The Cosmos [ES]

* The Source

* The Evolutionary Absolute [ES]

* The Evolutionary Universe [ES]

* The Infinite [ES]

* The Great O­neness [ES]

* The Great Radiance 

* The Great Spirit (Please also see our expanded definitions of spirit and spirituality by clicking here.) 

* The Tao

* The Great Unified Field [ES]

* The Great Unity [ES]

* The Unifying Force [ES]

* The Tripartite Absolute, (a term we use for the combined Personal, Evolutionary and Impersonal absolutes of God.) [ES]

* The Absolute Trinity or TriUnity

* The Supreme

* The Ultimate

* The Universe (When Evolution Spirituality uses the word Universe that is capitalized we are using it in the panentheistic sense where the personal and impersonal concepts of both western and eastern spiritualities are also interwoven. As is so often the case in speaking of Ultimate Reality at this level many paradoxes present themselves. Please also see our expanded definition of the universe by clicking here.) [ES]

* The Totality of Reality [ES]

* Total Reality [ES]

* Total Pre and Post Big Bang Reality [ES]

* Ultimate Concern

* Ultimate Reality

* Ultimate Truth

* Ultimate Unity or O­neness [ES]

* Ultimate Wholeness [ES]

* Universal O­ne

* Universe Union [ES]

* Unbounded Evolving Wholeness [ES]

* Yahweh

* Wakan Taka (American Indian Name for God)

* Wholeness in a Developmental Process (Hegel's Highest or Ultimate Truth) [ES]

* Wholeness of all Universe(s) evolutionary systems [ES]

Heard enough? 

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The Ineffable (unable to be put in words,) Nature of Ultimate Reality

In the Evolution Spirituality movement we hold a necessary humility and awe because the Ultimate Reality (including or as the Origin of the universe,) will never be fully knowable to us with our current scientific instruments. All efforts to objectively fully know or disclose the origin, nature, purposes, and destiny of Ultimate Reality in words will at their very best be ---nothing more than grossly partial maps, myths, or metaphors.

No matter how much we can know about Ultimate Reality and how much we can do that reflects Ultimate Reality it will always objectively be a partial and incomplete representation of the theoretically infinite potentials and infinite aspects of the current theoretical highest integrated levels of Ultimate Reality. Therefore we as an organization and as fellow spiritual co-journeyers will always stand in awe, humility as well as openness to new surprises concerning the origin, nature, purposes and destiny of Ultimate Reality continually unveiling the unending mysteries of itself to each individual and successive generation through direct observation of the actions and reoccurring patterns of the physical universe and any and all means sources or circumstances regarding its ultimate and complete truth, beauty and goodness and/or consciousness (particularly through the progressive evolution of the physical universe.)

From the above, it follows logically that we hold that no individual or organizational spiritual effort to know or disclose Ultimate Reality has any inherent special exclusivity or any absolute or final truthfulness, completeness, authority, or importance above all or any other individual or organizational effort to know or disclose to the seemingly unending Great Mystery of Ultimate Reality. Any objective science and spirituality integrated co-operation and collaboration between any of the partial individual or organizational efforts to know or disclose to the unending mysteries of Ultimate Reality, holds the promise of both adding to humankind’s knowledge base of Ultimate Reality or of being complementary and therefore also revealing of a greater vision of the inherent wholeness of the origin, nature, purposes, and destiny of Ultimate Reality.

The spiritual humility derived from our awe and wonder regarding this incompleteness of our knowledge about Ultimate Reality and the continual unfolding of the infinite and endless Great Mystery also implies that we as individuals and as an organization(s) are always in a state of openness to the continual surprise of learning more about Ultimate Reality from every possible source and circumstance to further evolve our current spiritual ideas and ideals about what Ultimate Reality is. Because of the above, in Evolution Spirituality the objective highest truth that we hold about Ultimate Reality that was the origin of the universe is that it is still the Great Mystery and in truth that is all that can be said about it using any objective scientific proof.

In addition to the concept of the ultimate mystery of Ultimate Reality many Evolutioneers, Universe Citizens or Planetary Citizens of a spiritual nature or members of the Evolution Spirituality movement here at Universe Spirit in general hold that the second most primal way to also see Ultimate Reality is through a panentheism lens.

Panentheism is not pantheism. Panentheism at its most basic level holds that Ultimate Reality is both the transcendent origin of the universe(s) and simultaneously --- immanently involved in the evolving and progressing physical universe(s).

Possible Definitions and Distinctions in God Names

Ultimate Reality is the word concept for the many ways how both secular and religious individuals of traditional Religion 1.0 can view the largest, most powerful, and inclusive reality concept that could or does exist. It can and often does refer to that remaining Great Mystery that is the origin of the universe. For most western societies the common catch-all word for this Ultimate Reality concept is God. Ultimate Reality has been defined in many other ways by other secular and spiritual organizations as well.

Ultimate Reality can also mean both the physical origin of this universe as well as all of the universe (or universes,) the total of all conceivable reality that the Origin of the Universe originated or could originate. It is a term full of many meanings and paradoxes when seen and described from different cultural and religious perspectives as has happened throughout history.

Those known as Evolutioneers, Universe Citizens or Planetary Citizens of either a secular or spiritual nature or members of the Evolution Spirituality movement as found on this website hold that some form of originating Ultimate or Total Reality exists. In the new Evolution Spirituality movement, Ultimate and Total Reality first means:

"That great remaining mystery which originates the universe including as parts within this totality all manifest actuals and potentials within that mysterious Origin as well as all other potential universes (multi-universes,) originated by that Origin."

But In the Evolution Spirituality movement, you are the one who ultimately decides what Ultimate Reality means to you.

For those of a spiritual nature, the new form of Evolution Spirituality found on this website is open source, integral and evolutionary. It strives to both recognize and where applicable also integrate the best of the many Ultimate Reality concepts from the personalized and non-personalized spirituality forms found in both Eastern and Western more traditional religions (that refer to Ultimate Reality as the Origin of the Universe and/or God,) with the Ultimate Reality paralleling concepts of secular science, humanism.

As you will find in the master list of God names (below,) there are many terms for what one could call the "Ultimate Reality." We hope that one or more of these names and concepts would be more comfortable for our Evolution Spirituality members coming from either exclusively secular humanism and the sciences or the spiritualities of either the East or West. Using this sacred names of God master list (below,) each individual can self-select and use the secular science or sacred spiritual or religious name for Ultimate Reality that is most accurate, familiar, and empowering while they are evolving within our omni-denominational new Evolution Spirituality form of meta-religion and meta-spirituality. 

For individuals that are strictly secular humanist, science-based, agnostic, and atheist Evolution Spirituality uses the total reality concepts such as Ultimate Reality, Total Reality, the Universe Origin, Kosmos, Ultimate Concern, Ultimate Wholeness, the Multi-universes, the Whole universe system, Ultimate Unity, the Great Mystery, Total Post Big Bang Reality, etc.  For individuals of a spiritual nature Evolution Spirituality practitioners can use different names like Ultimate Reality, the Ever-Present Origin, the Integrative Spirit, The Great Radiance, Consciousness or similar terms for the personalized absolute concepts of God, Yahweh, Christ, Goddess, Jehovah, Allah, Krishna, and the various Trinities, etc., and/or the non-personalized eastern absolute concepts like the Buddha, Buddhahood, Brahma, Consciousness, the Tao, etc.

Many Eastern spiritualities do not have a personalized God concept, but rather have an impersonal All Reality concept that is parallel in scope in some ways to western personalized All God concepts. As you might imagine, integrating the absolute personal and impersonal O­neness or Wholeness concepts of both Eastern and Western spirituality with Ultimate Reality/total reality concepts of secular science and humanism has been difficult, to say the least! 

The following list is the current omni-denominational and trans-denominational terms that are used by Evolution Spirituality members from different backgrounds to convey Ultimate Reality --- either the absolute Allness of Eastern or Western non-personal and personal spiritualities and/or the Ultimate Reality of secular science and humanism. You may interpret the following names to mean or reflect any individual name or combination of names or states of a personal God, impersonal Ultimate or, science or humanistic Reality Totality concept that you would like to use.

Know that in all of the sacred God names listed below we are speaking with awe, wonder and a forever a humble and incomplete understanding of the remaining Great Mystery, Unitive O­neness, Absolute Inclusiveness and universal inter-connectedness that originated the universe and in which we each and all exist and are embedded within --- no matter what we may call it or how we may describe it.

What we offer in Evolution Spirituality is a thoughtful attempt to recognize the many ways the world's spiritual and secular humanistic traditions have acknowledged Ultimate Reality and allow our organization and members to honor them with ongoing use as needed. If you are more comfortable with your current names for Ultimate Reality, God and/or Buddha and your choice of name(s) best supports you, there is no reason to discontinue using what is most meaningful and powerful to you. (Our master list of names for Ultimate Reality is found at the bottom of the page. The specific definition of God used on this website is also at the bottom of the page or can be reached by clicking here.)    

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