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Trust Bequests to Us

Sometimes estate plans will include a trust, and if this is the case for you, it is possible to designate Factnet Inc. (the non-profit corporate name of Job One for Humanity and Universe Spirit,) to receive a specific dollar amount, specific assets, or the total of the trust assets.

If you have any questions, contact us at, manager@joboneforhumanity.org

Irrevocable Trusts - In this case, it would be a charitable trust and these are neither included in probate nor estate taxes and will allow you to exchange highly appreciated, low basis assets for income. This is in the form of an annuity or as a percentage of the fair market value of the assets. You then avoid capital gains tax o­n the appreciated assets, get a current income tax deduction, reduce future estate taxes and it provides income to you and/or family. Irrevocable means you can not change your mind and alter the trust designations.

Revocable Trusts - These allow you to have trust that your property won't be included in probate, but are included in your estate for tax purposes. Therefore, there are no immediate tax benefits until the property is passed to the charitable organization at death. Revocable means you can change your mind and alter the trust designations.

Individual Trusts - These provide an option for you to receive an immediate tax deduction while providing you or a family member with investment income for life.

These options should be discussed with your tax advisor, attorney and/or estate planner. Please see our Contribution Guidelines and Safeguards and Tax Guidelines for additional information. Send us an e-mail at manage@universespirit.org with additional questions and/or to make appropriate arrangements.