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Total Global Warming Fossil Fuel Carbon Pollution Damages will be Over 400 Trillion. And, if Arctic Methane Is Released, Add $60 Trillion

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Remember Arctic methane? You know, the ecological time bomb lurking inside the polar region's thawing permafrost? Well, we now know how much the fallout will cost when and if this subterranean gas is ever released. $60,000,000,000,000. Yes, hat is 60 Trillion US dollars!

But that is only a fraction of the total amount that economists estimate climate change will cost the planet by 2040. That carbon pollution cost number is $400 trillion

So, estimating for about 8.73 billion Earthlings come 2040, the average cost of carbon pollution climate mitigation and cleanup will come to roughly $45,819.00 per person. But, more than half of the world's population is far too poor to ever pay even close to this amount in new taxes so that means that the taxpayers of affluent countries just had another $90,000 (not the estimated 45k.) This is an additional national debt added to whatever their existing personal national debt portion already is. If your any average family in an affluent country with two kids. The fossil fuel industry has added $360,000 dollars in tax debt to your family just so they can dump their toxic carbon pollution  on the public without charge or penalty. 

Next time you see a fossil fuel company executive or your fossil fuel lobbyist-loving national politicians, be sure to thank them profusely for subsidizing the grossly profitable 26 trillion dollar a year fossil fuel industry and fossil fuel producing nations with lots of corporate and international welfare by specifically allowing them to off-load and shirk an estimated 400 trillion dollars in their direct carbon pollution damage costs on you and the other unaware taxpayers of the world. Thank them loudly and publicly for allowing the fossil fuel companies and the fossil fuel producing nations to freeload upon and steal from the planetary goodwill, commonwealth, ecosystems and taxpayers. 

Particularly thank them for allowing the fossil fuel industry and the producer nations to continue to make obscene levels of profit (trillions of dollars every year,) at the growing expense and detriment of the average citizen, future generations and all of the planet's current population. 

It is now time to dust off your piggy bank! You have a lot of saving and sacrificing to do to make up for the costs of toxic carbon pollution of the taxpayer subsidized fossil fuel industry. Each day you and your nation is going so much more in future tax debt because of these fossil fuel freeloaders and polluters.

Also, do not even think about taking these fossil fuel industry and producer nations to the local, national and International Courts to make them pay for their ongoing or past carbon pollution damages to society, non polluting nations and the planet's ecosystems!

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