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What is World Spirituality Day

What is World Spirituality Day*

World Spirituality Day each December 31st is an omni-denominational celebration originated in the Evolution Spirituality movement. It is dedicated to renewing one’s most profound and transformational direct spiritual experiences. These profound and transformational spiritual experiences are the essence of personal spirituality that lies at the core of all great religions. Being a part of this all-faiths celebration of Spirit will supercharge your New Year’s resolutions and transition with the revitalized energy and wisdom of your own most profound personal spiritual experiences.

World Spirituality Day occurs each December 31st because this day is considered by many to be a day not only of transition from one year to the next, but also between the old and the new. What a great natural opportunity then, to review one’s most profound past spiritual experiences and reflect on how they might empower and support one’s success in the new year. The life transforming insights from these memories can also add an amazing new spirit, vitality and creative balance to the traditional New Years celebration and party itself.

World Spirituality Day was originally the idea of Universe Spirit, but now belongs to everyone and all denominations of the global life and spirit commons. It can be observed anywhere --- by oneself or with friends and family or, with a group in an event setting.

Another way to think about the annual World Spirituality Day is as a global "Day of the Spirit." Since its creation in 1970, Earth Day has steadily improved global environmental awareness. It is now celebrated by millions worldwide. World Spirituality Day also grows annually. It too holds a similar promise to improve the global spirit and social condition through its kaleidoscope of multi faith spiritual gatherings and events.

Regardless of religion, race, gender, age or culture, there really is something for everyone in World Spirituality Day. - Back to Top -

Suggestions on How to Celebrate the Annual World Spirituality Day* Wherever You Are

Here is a simple suggested approach but you or your organization can be as creative as you like:

  1. Set up a gathering with friends and share your profound, transformational spiritual experiences and listen to theirs. Invite your family, friends, community, yoga group, book club, or anyone to a specified place at a specific time. Describe ahead of time the nature of the gathering and ask them to prepare by reflecting on their most memorable spiritual experience. Set the intention to remember as much as possible about these unique life changing spiritual experiences.
  2. Any location or time during World Spirituality Day will work but if possible, it is better to pick a location and time of the day that is highly meaningful to you and/or your group.
  3. Before you start, spend a few moments getting into a relaxed, meditative or worshipful state.
  4. Remember in as much sensory detail as possible your single most profound and transformational personal spiritual experience. If you like, and you have more than one, go to your next most profound and transformational spiritual experience and so on until you naturally want to take a break. Many people soon begin to feel an amazing sense of overflowing wellbeing, strength and peace that for some, longs to be shared. And if you think you’re one of those people who loves to share,
  5. Create resolutions for the New Year, either in private or in public, which may or may not have a connection to this reflection on your transformational spiritual experiences.
  6. Dance and sing following the reflections and resolution making if that feels authentic and right for you.
  7. If so desired, celebrate and/or carry on with the rest of your New Year’s party plans inspired by the effects of your personal World Spirituality Day event.
  8. Video tape the event for future viewing and reminding of the day’s intentions throughout the year to come. There is a multitude of creative variations you could add to further enhance your World Spirituality Day experience. We recommend you add whatever you like and celebrate in whatever way feels appropriate to you and your family, friends, community, organization, etc.

There is a multitude of creative variations you could add to further enhance your World Spirituality Day experience. We recommend you add whatever you like and celebrate in what ever way feels appropriate to you and your family, friends, community, organization, etc.

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* World Spirituality Day can occur at different times depending upon how your culture or religious denomination celebrates New Years Eve. Most people using the Roman calendar celebrate New Years Eve December 31st. (The Chinese New Years Eve is February 7th, and the Jewish New Years Eve is September 15th.) The nondenominational World Spirituality Day is simple to participate in and can be celebrated either alone or in a group. - Back to Top -

How to Join the World Spirituality Day Network

Joining the World Spirituality Day event network by emailing us at manage@universespirit.org and put World Spirituality Day event information in the subject line. You will receive email information about new events, programs, activities, tools and resources that will assist you in creating your own local World Spirituality Day event. You will also receive information on how to promote the efforts of your organization and/or your own local event to the general public as well as information on collaboration opportunities with other individuals or organizations in the network.

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