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The Three Great Knowledge Types of Life: The Three Most Critical Areas of Knowledge Needed for Achieving Life Success

The Three Great Knowledge Types Essential for a Successful, Sustainable, and Meaningful Life:

Know yourself and the world in the Now: (The Micro-Map)

1.) This is the knowledge of an ever changing now, which is continuously emerging. One obtains this knowledge from learning how to hold a keen moment-to-moment conscious awareness of one’s internal and surface self-interactions with one’s current environment. This knowledge and skill implies that you are also being aware of the feedback others and the environment is constantly giving you! This is the moment-to-moment micro map of your life. It is the map of how you are acting (both internally and externally,) and then learning and reacting (adapting both internally and externally,) to your ever-changing present environment. This critical knowledge of the NOW comes from developing the skills and habits that increase or maintain both the degree and depth of conscious internal and surface self awareness and environmental awareness that one is able to hold in each new moment.

Know yourself and the world in and through exchanges with others: (The Exchange Map)

2.) This is both general life and key work/job skills related knowledge. It includes how to create and improve one’s day-to-day physical livelihood, maintain functional personal and social related relationships and how to physically survive and sustainably thrive. This general knowledge is best utilized when one is also discovering and developing their innate natural potentials, talents and proclivities. This type of knowledge focuses upon the minimal practical life and job related job, personal and social skills that are readily and fairly exchangeable with the outside world for one’s day-to-day physical livelihood and survival.  And,

Know yourself and the world through knowing the directionality of progressive evolution in the Universe, and your essential nature within it: (The Macro Map)

3.) This in the knowledge that is known as universal knowledge. This knowledge presents the big perspective, big history and holistic systems macro map of all life and the universe in which we exist. This knowledge includes:

a.) The deep universal probability truths about the origin, nature, laws and progressive evolutionary directions of the universe and the processes of Life itself when seen as a whole and from a total holistic system 13.7 billion year perspective ---what is now being called the Universe Evolutionary Worldview. Here one asks and answers the most important existential questions of life from a scientific perspective.


b.) The universal knowledge concerning one's true core nature or higher (non-surface,) self. (For those of a spiritual nature, this can also venture into the areas of knowledge found within humanity's vast heritage of life affirming and progressive evolution-congruent spiritual wisdom from the last 10,000 years. 

Here one asks and answers the most important existential questions of life from a scientific perspective.


When you know the above deep universal truths you can better align your current individual micro life course and directional goals with the macro timeless truths and the unstoppable progressive evolutionary directional flow of life in the universe as a whole system and totality.  If you do not align your micro-course with the macro map it is doubtful you will live well in any sustainable or meaningful sense. Also, when you fully integrate the knowledge that comes from knowledge of the macro universe directionality with the awareness of your true nature or highest self, and with the knowledge that continuously emerges from the NOW awareness of your surface self, you are far better able to make the wisest continuous map course corrections, adaptations, and adjustments needed to both stay on your most, efficient, successful and meaningful micro life course.

According to the greatest minds of history if you do possess the three essential and critical minimal areas of knowledge (emerging NOW internal and external knowledge, practical "how-to and what to do" life and job skills knowledge and universal knowledge,) your life will be considerably more successful, meaningful and happy, and --- probably far less unnecessarily turbulent than those who do not possess these three forms of critical knowledge and life education! According to these same great minds, ANY educational system that claims to prepare their students for meaningful success and happiness in life from "the best that has ever been said or written" has to have significant portions of their curriculum and classes built around each and every one of these three critical life knowledge areas. (Click here to see how these three essential forms of knowledge expand out into a balanced list of essential art- of-living skills.)

More About Why These Three Great Knowledge Types are so Critical for Everyone's Life Success?

Life is continuous change! One has to be present in the ever-changing NOW to continually and optimally adapt to the continuous changes of life to keep one's life on its optimal micro map success course! 

To continuously adapt and adjust your chosen life course wisely in each moment you do need to integrate the above three critical minimal kinds of knowledge. Here's why:

1.) You need knowledge of how to maintain consciousness awareness of both self and the environment in the NOW that is unfolding in each new moment to adjust to the micro external changes of life and then adjust and adapt the micro life course map of your internal and external life as it unfolds in each new moment!


2.) You need knowledge of the practical "how tos and what to dos" of work and general life interpersonal and social exchange skills (communication and other social skills,) as well as work skills to both make a sustainable and fair exchange living and to further take the unfolding ever-changing NOW of interactions with others and adapt it as needed toward reaching your chosen macro life course goals and,


3.) You need knowledge of the macro universal truths because they are the big macro map or what progressive universe evolution is unstoppable doing in the universe. This allows you to see well in advance and predict if your current chosen micro life course that is unfolding in each new NOW moment is one that will align with the macro progressive directionality of evolution in the universe and it will likely get you to your macro life destination goals or, if it is a course that will most likely take you off course into dangerous waters that could waste your time and efforts and needlessly "oppose" and retard your chosen micro life course and goals at every wave and moment.  

How many of today's educational systems actually help their students create and hold the indispensable personal micro and the macro maps and goals integrated with the macro universe map and goals along with --- the how-to and what to do knowledge and skill training of all three of these critical knowledge and life education areas? Unfortunately, most of us would agree, that most simply do not! 

What do you do if you have discovered that as an individual you don’t possess all three areas of critical life knowledge or that you are weak or unskilled in one or more areas? What if for instance, you discover that your ability to maintain a high self and environmental moment-to-moment awareness needs work?

What if you discover that you never really developed a needed practical life skillset, which best utilizes your natural potentials and, for which society would pay you a good wage. What if you have not adequately developed inter-personal and social skills such as communication, conflict resolution, cooperative team building, etc? What if you never really learned much about the deep patterns of the universe or life when viewed as a whole evolutionary system, which affects your day-to-day life far more than most realize.  What if you never learned enough about your true core nature and higher non-surface self.

If that is the case, don't worry. No matter where you have found yourself in each of these three critical life education knowledge areas, you can always take any one or more of these areas and learn more to improve them.  (Click here to see how these three essential forms of knowledge expand out into a balanced list of essential art-of-living skills.)

In our organization, the Universe Spirit website is integrally designed to support all three of these critical three great knowledge types and the minimal life education and skills areas one needs to have a successful, sustainable and meaningful life.

(Special Reminder: The Universe Evolutionary Worldview. (and if you are of a spiritual nature its Evolution Spirituality,) as found on this website is an open, personalized, and self-created process. You can always self-select, sequence, and use the wisdom and tools you find in the optimal way that will work best for your current conditions, stage of development, and understanding.)

If you want to discover more about exactly how to improve one or more of the three critical knowledge areas and how we do this, click this What’s Next link.