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The Sustainability Advocate’s 12 Principles of Right Action from the Universe Principles of Life

All of the science-grounded, new Universe Principles of Life are being released exclusively for our existing 5,000 member online community, our local 400 local San Francisco community Universe Spirituality members and the Integral, Evolutionary, Ecology, Environmental, Sustainability and Eco-spirituality communities. The Universe Principles of life come in two parts, the 12 Universe Principles of Right Action and the 9 Universe Principles of Right Mind and Right Attitude. We recommend reading the 12 action principles first. The Universe Principles of Life are derived from the soon to be released new book the Universe Manifesto. Additional explanatory commentary and exercises for each principle will be published soon. There has been 3 years of new cosmological and evolutionary science research and thinking put in just to get them this far. 

We strongly suggest that you print them out and then read and practice them every day and discover for yourself just how dramatically your life, groups and the world can improve. It takes many daily readings of them and at least 90 days of conscious practice of them for their power to slowly evolve away any contrary deeply embedded or habituated thinking and reactions. My clarity and live has improved hugely since I have begun practicing them and, it has been far more than worth all of that conscious effort.

These principles apply equally to individuals or groups of any size and they also embody the practical core of a natural and evolutionary spirituality of life and what we call Universe Spirituality. I am proposing that this statement of the universal principles of life are the universe science-based most common core values and fundamental ethical behavioral guidelines that should be commonly adopted by all conscious evolutionaries, sustainability advocates, environmentalists, cultural creatives, integral post moderns and universe-conscious universe citizens as both ideals and standards for our behavior and interactions as well as for defining a basic and common evolutionary Universe education and skill set. Practicing ALL of these principles in balance and not just practicing one or two of them is what I firmly believe that it means to actually be or become a complete integral, universe evolutionary and life sustainability and thrivability advocate. If you have suggestions or criticisms, send them to manage@universespirit.org with “Principles” in the subject line. Sincerely, Lawrence Wollersheim

Application of The Universe Principles of Life will Create a just Civilization, a Sustainable Prosperity and a Meaning and Purpose Filled Life for All

Always apply the 12 Universe Principles of Right Action using the balancing attitude perspective derived from the 9 Universe Principles of Right Mind and Right Attitude! (After you review the 12 Universe Principles of Right Action [below,] you will find a link to the 9 Universe Attitudes near the bottom of this page.)

When applied as a whole system the Universe Principles of Life are the simple structural principles for how you build and maintain healthy, sustainable and thriving, individuals, families, groups, businesses, communities, nations and planet. If you consistently apply the Universe Principles of Life to your life and in the groups to which you belong, you and your groups will have the highest possible probability of achieving a sustainable prosperity rich in meaning and, which also creates a just civilization even in the sea of future uncertainties that we all exist within. Living the Universe Principles IS the optimal way to master and "play the percentages” by having the odds heavily weighted to your or your group’s advantage as compared to individuals or groups who do not know, understand or practice them. 

The 12 Universe Principles of Right Action below are based upon acting in alignment with the most repeated success patterns of the last 13.7 billion years of evolution. A simple way to think about these most repeated Universe success patterns is that they are as the key value interests of the universe. In the Universe Principles you will often see the phrase “in alignment with the universe’s value interests,” therefore it is important to know just what those universe value interests are before reading the principles and why the universe’s value interests are so much more important and powerful than your or your group’s interests. Why they are important is simple.

1.) The universe is the largest know master system that unconditionally is the last and first force that ultimately conditions and controls all of its sub systems like you and I, the planets, your government and even your employer. If anyone or anything remains out of alignment with the universe’s core value interests, they or it will slowed, pushed back, broken down then eventually recycled.

2.) Ultimately, “You do not belong to you..." [alone or even mostly]. "You belong to the universe." Buckminster Fuller

The Universe’s Core Value Interests

The universe’s value interests appear to be to release ALL inherent potentials for experience and relationship and to exhaust all possibilities for increasing, improving or developing:

1.) Creativity, which births

2.) Complexity, which creates

3.) Novelty/variety/diversity, which with increasing complexity eventually creates increasing uncertainty and also creates increasing:

4.) Expansion/growth/development and in some cases reproduction (Within reproductivity productivity is found to be an intrinsic universe value interest.)

5.) Awareness, (starts with sensing awareness of physical universe then expanding to self-awareness then expands to awareness of other as selves, which then expands to awareness of the greater Universe and eventually toward awareness of Ultimate Reality [what some might even call Total Reality or God awareness,])

6.) Learning and intelligence,

7.) Adaptability,

8.) ENERGY EXCHANGE that is appropriate (fair) for the establishment of sustainable and dynamic energy balances, unions)

9.) Union, toward new, larger and more sustainable and better managed unions of increasing environmental control and evolvability where the self interests of the parts have been aligned to the interests of the union and to the value interests of the Universe,  

10.) self-organization and freedom/choice for parts in unions,

11.) integration, order and harmonization of parts in unions,

12.) robustness, redundancies and reserves of parts and unions to insure against rare, very large-impact negative consequences from future uncertainties and black swans. (Black swans are unpredictable events with consequences of huge or exponential impacts.)

13.) And finally, toward a new created and aware super-union of all Universe parts and unions and, then possibly toward a new transcendence of the universe itself when all universe value-interest possibilities for releasing, increasing, improving, developing or transcending experience and relationship (sharing,) have been exhausted. The Universe could be said to then have completed a cycle of the Universe’s own potentials having achieved manifestation/distribution, development, realization and transcendence.

The above Universe core value-interests ARE evolution’s “goods" and most probable directional mega-trends for the future. This is because they have proven themselves to be the core, most repeated mega trends of evolution’s past 13.7 billion years in spite of all manner of uncertainties and spontaneities.

The universe’s main reoccurring value interests as found within its deepest key repeating patterns are sometimes called the core directionality of the universe or the evolutionary impulse. Sometimes these universe value interests are even called the goals of the physical universe. 

The 12 Universe Principles of Right Action

“The most practical belief system for a large-scale society in the long run is one that is firmly anchored in factual reality.”-- DAVID SLOAN WILSON 

The 12 Universe Principles of Right Action are to Exhaust all Potentials and Possibilities to:

1. Increase Now Awareness: Gather current knowledge, intelligence and life adjustment feedback through present awareness of self, others and the Universe.* 

2. Increase Past Awareness: Gather and be aware of past historic knowledge and intelligence on self, others and particularly the Universe to learn life’s guiding principles and to develop exchangeable life skills and knowledge. (Knowing the history of things is past awareness and can be an essential compliment to present awareness in most, but not all situations of life.)

3. Increase Fair Exchange and Productivity: Fairly and abundantly exchange  sustainable, quality individual and group productivity of real value with other individuals and groups and enjoy the earned pleasures and rewards of those meaningful productivity exchanges. (Every physically and mentally sound adult needs to be in an abundantly productive fair exchange with their groups and environment. Establish essential justice by eliminate all forms of individual or group freeloading, “gaming the system" and non fair-exchange energy and resource theft.)

4. Increase Adaptation: Improve self and group ADAPTABILITY by adjusting to accurate correctional feedback or by changing the environment where possible and appropriate.

5. Increase Experimentation: Aligned with universe value interests experiment and tinker with lots of small, low-risk experiments to discover new beneficial adaptations or to create and collect “positive accidents." Be particularly watchful for "positive accidents” and serendipities when they do occur. Aggressively pursue and utilize them as well as real opportunities. These three things are truly rare and potentially far more beneficial than generally understood in producing positive results and positive "black swans.” (Black swans are unpredictable events with consequences of huge or exponential impacts.)

6. Increase Wise Cooperation for Union Building: Wisely COOPERATE to build both more and larger unions where self interests, union interests and Universe value-interests are mutually aligned in a win/win/win scenario. 

7. Increase Full Consequence Capture: Insure timely full consequence capture for ALL individuals or groups that caused a particular consequence through full transparency, truth and co-responsible accountability to capture ALL individual and group learning potentials, effective correction-motivating stress feedback or success-enhancing reward reinforcement feedback. Insuring full consequence capture along with fair exchange are two of the most irreplaceable, powerful and evolution-proven ways to create justice and maintain wellbeing in any group. Full consequence capture is also an effective way to prevent freeloading, “gaming the system" and non fair-exchange energy and resource theft, which inevitably weakens then destroys sustainable or thriving groups and unions.

8. Increase Freedom with Wise Boundaries: Improve self-organization, freedom and choice in self, in one’s union’s parts and in one’s unions in a way that self-interests, union interests and Universe value-interests are aligned.

9. Increase Flow: Improve integration, harmony and dynamic flexible order in self, in one’s unions and, one’s union’s parts that is universe value-interest aligned.

10. Increase Appropriate Abundance for Justice: Build robustness, redundancies and reserves into parts and unions to insure against rare, very large-impact negative consequences and emergencies caused by future uncertainties and “negative black swans” and to provide for real charity and group support for illness or incapacitation situations. (This can also be done by creating distributed and decentralized resources, authority and adaptability at local node levels of networks.)

11. Increase Realization of Potentials: Aligned with universe value interests, realize ALL individual and union potentials to develop and, where possible, to transcend! 

12. Increase Co-Evolution of Our Future: Improve one's self and union’s evolvability by knowing Universe value-interest aligned principles and creating governance and management systems (protection, constraint and empowerment) in all areas of life that use these principles to expand sustainable environmental control. Improving evolvability also includes creating future awareness and intelligence by using short-term, very qualified future modeling and risk analysis. We have finally reached the amazing phase of evolution where we can now become evolution’s partner consciously co-evolving universe evolution. 

The 9 Universe Principles of Right Mind and Right Attitude

One uses the 12 Universe Principles of Right Action in wise and balance application with the 9 Universe Principles of Right Mind and Right Attitude.

To see the companion 9 Universe Principles of Right Mind and Right Attitude, click here!

How to use the Universe Principles

1.) Read, meditate upon and practice them every day and discover for yourself just how dramatically your life will improve. It takes many readings and at least 90 days of practice for their wisdom and power to slowly evolve away any of your present deeply embedded and habituated thinking and reactions. You will never know how well they work until you actually practice and apply them even if you do not fully understand them! Just start reading and practicing --- explore and experiment.

2.) Regularly think about how you are or how are not currently using applying them in your life or in the groups to which you belong. If you are applying them, figure out how you can apply them more. If you are not applying them, figure our how you can then watch the proactive evolution unfold! It will take real life self discipline to start and then continue to read and apply these life success and sustainability critical principles.

3.) Remember in your practice that the 9 universe attitudes are the discriminating and wise spirit from which you apply all of the 12 action principles in a balanced way. Right application attitude equals right results. This is very important to remember as you can do the correct thing with the wrong or unbalanced attitude and the correct thing will produce wrong results. Always apply the 12 actions from the perspective of the 9 attitudes!

What the New Universe Principles of Life will do for Your Life!

When you apply the universe’s 13.7 billion year-old science and time-proven universe-scale principles for sustainably evolving and thriving life in the universe as found within the action and attitude guiding Universe Principles of Life these principles:

1.) will convey to your life and groups the ultimate, "big story,” universe-scale perspective along with the colossal problem-solving and quality-of-life improving advantages that comes from holding the core all-of-life conditioning wisdom from the biggest possible of all perspectives,  

2.) will show you how to align with and "surf" the unstoppable and ever flowing "empowered wave" of evolutionary life itself --- the manifesting directionality of the physical universe’s natural progressive evolution principles and indirectly with the creative impulse of Ultimate Reality itself. 

3.) will provide a new, evolutionary time-proven, practical and step-by-step principle-aligned map and tool for managing your daily life challenges,  

4.) will help you realize your big, long-term personal goals in dramatically more effective, sustainable and meaningful ways. 

5.) will provide a new, evolutionary time-proven, practical and step-by-step principle-aligned map and tool for collectively managing our many potentially life-ending planetary challenges. On a planetary level the evolutionary Universe Principles of Life are the most practical global steps to realizing the benefits implied by the following:  

“The planetary consciousness which has created our current planetary problems is not the consciousness that will solve them. To effectively resolve our most serious planetary challenges it will require a new and larger universe consciousness and its emerging new Universe Worldview.” by Lawrence Wollersheim (An essential new universe consciousness and universe worldview is both embodied and born in the daily practice of the new Universe Principles of Life.) 

Important Research and Footnotes:   

* The word Universe can also include whatever you call or believe the Universe’s origin to be, the great mystery, total reality, God Buddha, Ultimate Reality etc. 

Looking at the Universe Principles as a whole and particularly through their key words like fair exchange and sustainability one can begin to see in new and expanded wording the core essence, key parts or more enlightened aspects of almost every ethical, moral and legal code humanity has ever developed. This is only natural because humanity has always basically used what happens in real human life in nature (the universe,) for creating its codes even when it attributes the origin of these codes to other more super natural sources.

Each of the Universe Principles taken collectively also suggests all of the important educational core curriculum that evolutionary universe citizens should persue and that integral, evolutionary, environmental and sustainability organizations should be teaching to create effective and complete curriculums.

The Universe has demonstrated adaptive patterns that can use and incorporate unforeseen spontaneities to eventually also forward its core value-interests.

The universe as a whole system unto itself appears to behave much like smaller living evolutionary systems or, is it really that smaller living evolutionary systems are behaving like the universe when it is viewed as a whole system. Is the universe itself --- a living thing or organism at ultimate universe scale?   

10/9/10 This is 105 th version, but first public version of the Universe Principles of Life since work began on them in 2007.  

Other Helpful References:

For more see on progressive evolution that is behind the 12 Universe Principles of Right Action see: http://universespirit.org/node/847

For more information on the science and ideas behind the progressive directionality and value interests of the evolutionary universe see http://universespirit.org/node/858

For more information on what sustainable prosperity means see http://universespirit.org/node/283

Much More will detail and science behind the Universe Principles of Life be released in the upcoming book The Universe Manifesto by Lawrence Wollersheim.

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