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The Spiritual and Social Activism Principles of Evolution Spirituality

Introduction to the Spiritual Activism of Evolution Spirituality

Co-creating with the divine intelligence (or what Tom Atlee the author of The Tao of Democracy refers to as co-intelligence) to increase our capacity of developing creative solutions to the world's rich challenges, taps into the power of the universe. Instead of pushing, driving and forcing with our will, we can let go and let the process of social change organically unfold. We can put our attention on the process itself and support the evolution of a better global and local society by going within and using this divine intelligence to guide us in our actions. This is where spiritual activism begins, with the transformation of each individual being.

Through the awakening of each individual the consciousness of the entire society then evolves. A deeper unification results from this process and that is where the most power lies to affect global and local change. When society as a whole unit functions together collectively setting intention, creating new vision and pursuing unified action there is much hope. The connection with the spiritual realm fuels this unified action and planetary healing becomes possible. - Back To Top -

Wisdom from the past

We as a race have been blessed with many beings that have paved the way for us, such as Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Mother Teresa. These beings embraced values that resonated with the higher realms of spirit to provide a solid foundation for creating change in the world. They lived and breathed key values that provided them with access to the infinite fuel and support from the universe. The integration of living life with these values is a must for us to open the doors of heaven on earth. There lies much challenge to act in ways that are congruent with these values at all times, but the possibilities of achieving success at it are greatly amplified as a collective. - Back To Top -

Integrate Key Values for Developing a Spiritual Activism Foundation

These key values are guiding forces on the path of spiritual activism in the Universe Spirit movement. They have been used to result in tremendous power and change for the world. - Back To Top -


  • Love and respect yourself and recognize the divine part of the universe you are.
  • Love and respect others as you wish to be loved and respected and treat them as you would the Creator, because they essentially are the Creator.
  • Seek to gain friendship and develop partnership where it appears most unlikely.
  • Become aware of bitterness within and commit to infuse it with love and forgiveness. Let this process result in internal peace and radiate it outward for the creation of a peaceful world.
  • Practice committing acts of unconditional kindness to those whom seemingly don't deserve it.
  • Use love as a tool where all other solutions fail and leverage it's power to generate political and social transformation. - Back To Top -


  • Forgive our self. Understand that we are here to learn and evolve from our mistakes. They do not define us, nor do they need to hold us in captivity and keep us from our true selves.
  • Forgive those in our life we feel have harmed us and make amends. Realize these experiences have been there for us to receive growth and understanding from.
  • To find forgiveness in the face of pain takes tremendous courage. Instead of lashing out against the pain, surrender into the pain and emotional charge. Set the intention to process through these emotions and ask for help in doing so.
  • Take responsibility for your part in hurtful experiences and what you may have contributed to. Ask yourself where can you be more authentic.
  • Through forgiveness, one can then contemplate the inherent goodness in all others. - Back To Top -

Connection to the Source and all Sentient Beings

  • There is an intelligence that is within each of us and guides our lives. This is the source of all life. Begin to let this source guide all of our actions.
  • Have faith that all outcomes are directed by the source. Be responsible for setting the intention of goodwill and then let go of what that outcome should look like. As Gandhi said, "the victory is in the doing," not the results.
  • See the image of GOD/Buddha in everyone. Hold the intention to find a piece of GOD/Buddha in those who anger us most.
  • Think from the perspective of an eternal being, who is here to partake in the journey of evolution with all other planetary beings. Be willing to trust in the goodness of others. Evolve this trusting into synergistic partnerships.
  • Go within to find inner resources and power. This is a wellspring of strength and patience with infinite wisdom for all our challenges. Harness this valuable inner resource. As John Trudell states "We have the power within us and that is true spirituality."
  • Focus on the protection of all life. We hold the consciousness of all life on the planet, including the planet. If we harm the biosphere or life within it, we generate harm towards ourselves. - Back To Top -


  • Realize that there is no distinction between enemy, friend or stranger. Bridges can be built with anyone if there is the willingness to do so.
  • Do not allow judgment to run your life. Notice instead the reflection of your own being in these mirrors of reality.
  • Engage with others on the basis of equality. Each of us possesses inner gifts and sacredness. Interact with this understanding.
  • Accommodate cultural differences and find the knowledge these other cultures can provide to you. Integrate their knowing and understanding as your own.
  • Create a level playing field for negotiations. Allow ALL relevant stakeholders to express their contributions and provide them with respect and compassion for it. - Back To Top -


  • Nothing exists in reality but the truth. Become a person who is convicted to knowing and living truth.
  • Commit to speaking the truth in all matters with all beings.
  • Energy that is not in alignment with the truth will not be supported by the universe and therefore cannot be maintained without harm.
  • Listen for the truth from within yourself and within others. Let your intuition guide this realization of what resonates with this highest vibration. - Back To Top -


  • "An organizers job is to help ordinary people do extraordinary things" is what Cesar Chavez insists. If each person could tap into the GOD within themselves, the world would be an extraordinary place.
  • The world of service is enlightened self-interest. It is in the best self-interest, to help others because we then are in turn helping our self.
  • Be grateful for having the opportunity to serve the universe by helping humanity. Do the work from a place of compassion, authenticity, fortitude and forgiveness and that is what will be reflected back to you.
  • Associate with others on the path of service. Let them be your inspiration. Bond in partnership together, as unified forces.
  • Focus on responsibilities instead of rights. Be accountable for your own actions and realize that this word is for the entire world and for future generations.
  • By giving all the love and resources it takes to help others we will then receive all that in return.
  • Understand the needs of those you wish to serve. - Back To Top -

Move to then create a new reality in the outer world

Living with consistent values that are in alignment with the universal source is an ongoing journey, but one that will be intensely fulfilling and empowering. By integrating these values in conjunction with focused and aligned actions, activism becomes the new way of being in the world that manifests positive results. - Back To Top -


  • Use the power of prayer and meditation to precede actions. Allow the activism to become a spiritual practice.
  • What you choose to place your attention on is what becomes your reality. Choose the places you wish to place your attention on with great care and contemplation. If you engage in battles, you then become embattled. If you shift the attention to love, respect, collaboration and win, win, win solutions (you, other and the culture, community and environment,) that is what is manifested in the outer reality.
  • Communicate with attention to your words and energy. If you seek a positive outcome, choose words that keep possibilities open and amicable. Put forth the energy you wish to receive back.
  • Be aware of all the thoughts, feelings and actions that are experienced on the journey of activism. Realize they are all part of the package and can be drawn on as resources.
  • Listen to what others communicate to you and understand their needs. Ask yourself if you are in alignment with serving those needs. - Back To Top -


  • Allow activism to become artistic and creative. Play and have fun while doing it. Integrate story, spirit, aliveness and community when pursuing actions and generating awareness.
  • Understand how the creativity of the universe works. Let processes unfold and self organize. Become interested in pursuing depth in conversations and in generating creativity in collaborative ways that ignite the spark of magic.
  • Creativity is about new possibilities and new outcomes. Let go of the need to be right and control the outcome and instead let the creativity of the universe flow through your divine channel.
  • Seek alternative ways to engage and problem solve. When something is not flowing or working, don't be afraid to speak the truth and offer alternative paths. Refrain from blaming, attaching or judging and focus on creating synergistic experiences. - Back To Top -


  • Decide your purpose, the path of service you want to pursue and maintain a commitment to that path. Don't let others advise sway you from this commitment.
  • Set the intention for all your actions to be consistent with this decision.
  • Establish goals of what you would like to accomplish through the service and be flexible in pursuing them.
  • Be a person of integrity and stay true to what you commit yourself to.
  • Continuously clarify your motivations and intentions and identify when the ego is in the drivers seat.
  • Look beyond the short term and determine what visions can be attained for a brighter future. Work toward what is possible for eons to come and not only to what will affect us in our lifetime.
  • Always be able to adapt to what the universe has to present to us and be open to even changing a course of action if necessary. - Back To Top -

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