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'The Integral Commons', Issue #1, Spring 2006: Part 2




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Why the name, The Integral Spiritual Commons?

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Editorial: Are We in The 2nd Enlightenment?

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Partner News

Integrative Spirituality is an alliance partner of IONS and a proud co-sponsor of IONS regional conference: Global Consciousness: The Missing Piece of the Sustainability Puzzle, April 22, 2006 in Oakland, CA. Click here.


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Integrative Spirituality, PO Box 1508 Sausalito, CA 94966

Email your letters and comments to us.

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The Integral Spiritual Commons Issue #1 April 2006


Upcoming Integral Commons Events


Big Mind - The Next Level - 4/8

Integral Life Practice at IONS - Petaluma, CA - 4/18-22

IONS Regional Conference - Oakland, CA - 4/22

Enlighten Up - Integral Approach to Communication, San Rafael, CA - 4/23


Wisdom University's Sacred Activism Conference, Seattle, WA - 5/11-14

Sustainable World Symposium - San Francisco, CA - 5/13,14

Metanexus Conference, Philadelphia, PA - 6/3-7


Bay Area Integral Day Long - 6/24


Upcoming Integrative Spirituality Events


Morning Staff and Public Meditation on 'The Creative Spirit' -ongoing

IONS Regional Conference - Oakland, CA (co-sponsoring) - 4/22

Integral Spiritual Salon - 4/30


Staff Retreat - 5/6

Spiritual Cinema on the Bay - 5/21

Integral Spiritual and Lifestyle Training - 5/27,28


Integral Spiritual Salon - 6/11

Post Bay Area Integral Day Long Potluck -6/24


If you have an upcoming integral event that you would like to list please post it to the event calendar and in addition, email manage@universespirit.org with details so we will be sure to list it in next quarter's issue of The Integral Spiritual Commons. Click here to see our full calendar.

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Volunteer: Help Co-create an Integral Commons for Spirituality

Integrative Spirituality is growing quickly. Additional volunteers who are willing to work about 2 hours a week (8-10 hours a month) are needed to help serve in the great adventure of co-creating an evolving global integral spirituality and a global Integral Commons.

Your spiritual and secular wisdom and experience is urgently needed to help forward the emergence of the new Integral Spiritual Age and Integral Worldview. And, it is easy to get started co-creating the integral vision!

Just look over the volunteer positions listed below and email us which one(s) you're interested in. Email to manage@universespirit.org with the word 'volunteer' in the subject line. Let us know if you have any background that will particularly be helpful for that position. Top priority volunteers needed immediately are:

Open Source Programmers for work on website: Experience with PHP and Post Nuke needed. If you also have experience with MySQL data bases a plus.

Web masters: who know front page or similar program like Dreamweaver and Html. Post Nuke experience a real plus.

Integral Interviewer: To Interview Integral leaders for website and our quarterly Newszine.

Integral Content collectors and readers: With a focus toward the spiritual, gather and get permission to post and publish on the web site all types of Integral articles and editorials, Integral events on our web and ezine calendars, Integral quotes for our new Integral quote of the day, Integral book reviews for the site and Integral art works from the emerging Integral artist community.

News Editors for Stories of the day/week and the Quarterly ezine. News editor also surfs the site for best new spiritual and secular materials added to site by our spiritual community for inclusion in quarterly ezine.

Audio Video persons: To help in the creation of Our Integral Spiritual and Lifestyle materials. Needs to be in the SF area.

Graphic Designers: To help in the integral creative refinement of our website imagery and in the creation of artistic brochures and other print mediums that reflect an emerging integral art style.

Integral Fundraising person, Integral Marketing, Integral Public Relations, Integral Event Volunteers - SF Bay area

Is there something else that you see needs to be done in our organization: Tell us about it. There will be other different positions opening soon. We will send a special email update to all registered web site users and members when these positions open up.

Why donate at this time?

A new form Integral and Integrative Spirituality spreading the inclusive and transcending solutions, principles and processes of the Integral Worldview from a spiritual perspective is one of the greatest single tools and sources of life affirming leverage to realistically and practically help resolve the critical global and local challenges both humankind and you personally are facing. If you believe in the solution creating advantages of the integral worldview, and, you believe in the tremendous leverage that a healthy spirituality can bring to bear in helping to resolve the daunting problems of the world, then donating to help Integrative Spirituality achieve its goals is nothing more than an enlightened investment in your own highest values and commitments.

Once you know that we are a non profit organization you want to support there are several easy ways to do it. You can immediately go online by credit card, or use normal mail or direct deposit or, you can help fund our mission by doing something as simple as purchasing the same name brand products that you are already purchasing from our affiliates. Click here to choose the best method of donation for you or click the banner below to make an instant online donation:

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Website News

Newcomer Advice

A good place to start navigating our site is on the page describing the 24 interactive web tools. We have over 24 different ways for you to interact with our online community on this website and to help co-create a global spiritual commons. To interact with the website you have to be a member and be logged in. Click here to check them out now.

What’s NEW this Month - Google Ads

Integrative Spirituality is beginning new ways to fully fund itself beyond the traditional path of only member donations and grants. One of the new funding methods we are using and now refining is allowing appropriate or community value compatible advertising using Google Adsense ads as well as banner ads at various locations on our website and in our newsletters. With your help, we will have to continually filter these automatic ads to make sure only community value appropriate ads are displayed by the advertising companies that we are using. Everytime you click a Google Ad or search box on our website or in this ezine it helps support our mission and costs you nothing.

Web Feature: Quote of the Day

These free omni denominational spiritual support quotes will help keep you focused on your personal spiritual path by either provoking new spiritual insights or by inspiring daily breaks for one minute meditations or worship sessions. View Today's quote by clicking here and Signup up for free daily spiritual support quotes here.


You can also add your favorite spiritual quotes to our collection by using the Add/Submit Your Favorite Spiritual Quotations here. New quotes will be reviewed by our staff and where appropriate they will be added to either the Quote of the Day window that shows up the left of every page on the website or they will be added to the spiritual Quote of the Day daily email service.

Please Spread the Word about Us!

Let your friends and family know about Integrative Spirituality by clicking here. And please feel free to forward this free ezine using appropriate netiquette to your friends and other integral and spiritual organizations.





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