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The Creed of Universe Spirit

A creed is simply a statement of beliefs or affirmative statements. On most of the pages of our website and in our printed materials you will find our statements about many spiritual matters. But, understanding the way we believe is almost as important as understanding what we believe.

Universe Spirit holds that our spiritual beliefs continually evolve in part because of new scientific discoveries and if you are spiritual in nature, the yet-to-be discovered infiniteness of Ultimate Reality itself. Our spiritual creed is never imposed on any member by some notion or power of absolute "religious authority." This is because we believe that it is only the individual who must test and decide if our creed and beliefs reflect both scientific and spiritual truth, beauty and goodness that further reflects the nature and purposes of the evolutionary universe and Ultimate Reality.

With that and the other qualifications regarding how to determine what constitutes healthy spiritual and creedal beliefs as well as and healthy faith believing (found elsewhere on our website in our principles, great news, promandments and building an authentic spiritual lifestyle sections), the following represents a broad and general overview of our creed.

In Spiritual and religious matters Universe Spirit and its Evolution Spirituality Forwards that:

1.) The transformative, direct spiritual experience of Ultimate Reality is the core essence of all personal spirituality religion as well as religion’s single most powerful resource and tool for personal spiritual transformation.

2.) The transformative, direct spiritual experience of Ultimate Reality as the core essence of personal spirituality and religion is always freely and directly available to anyone anywhere at any time.

3.) The main and ultimate goal of all healthy religions is basically the same (expanding transformative, direct spiritual experiences of Ultimate Reality and, only the paths to getting there are different.

4.) It is both logical and spiritually enlightened self-interest to seek out the most useful and effective spiritual wisdom concerning the expansion of one’s transformative, direct spiritual experience of Ultimate Reality no matter what religion or other source that spiritual wisdom may have come from.

5.) One religion or one religious perspective alone does not have all the answers and all current religions might be partial or complementary views of the infinite wholeness and unfathomable Mysteries, which will forever surround the infiniteness and absoluteness of Ultimate Reality.

6.) The deep personal spiritual transformation that comes from the direct spiritual experience of Ultimate Reality also happens to be one of the most effective source for social and global healing and transformation.

7.) It is up to the individual to be the final authority in honestly seeking out that which is spiritually true. Our organization does not have a Pope or final ecclesiastical authority because our highest belief is that all final spiritual truth and authority is determined and held by the individual with the assistance of the Ultimate Reality within them. We further believe that complete individual free will in spiritual matters is the prime spiritual directive of the universe. We do not recognize anyone in our spiritual communities who have been specially, uniquely or exclusively appointed by Ultimate Reality or that have an exclusive claim to a final ecclesiastical authority, divine leadership or special or exclusive spiritual revelation that must or should be held as a new or senior final truth for all of our other community members to abide by in their personal spiritual matters and choices. Our organization believes that the combined group spiritual wisdom and maturity of our membership and, the already existing spiritual validity tests from all of the spiritual heritage of mankind is fully sufficient for both the individual and our organization to optimally decide how to evolve and grow in the optimal spiritual way.

To help the adult individuals within our community who are of a spiritual nature make spiritual their own final determinations of spiritual truth for themselves we provide both science and an extensive cross cultural and cross denominational spiritual information on how to best connect with the highest self and/or Ultimate Reality already within themselves and then how to know they are hearing its most authentic spiritual guidance as well as manifesting the fruits of authentic spiritual growth. To further help the individual have the most life affirming spiritual information to use in their decisions, we also provide extensive cross cultural and cross denominational spiritual information, principles, creeds, codes of conduct, position papers, discussions etc. (see links at page bottom and to left) on all maters and issues of spirituality or living a spiritually principled life in the secular world.

8.) We believe that no one individual spiritual perspective or community created ecclesiastic statement of spiritual principle or conscience will completely define or limit the possible future spiritual evolution of that spiritual perspective, principle or statement of conscience or, the future spiritual development of the organization. We believe that it will be this way because we are in the process of evolution and the ultimate mysteries and infinite, absoluteness of Ultimate Reality will never be fully knowable to finite minds. Humility toward the unknowable aspects of Ultimate Reality will always exist in any authentic spirituality and it is healthy for this to be openly recognized in our spiritual community.

Because of these forever unknowable aspects of Ultimate Reality, all of our efforts to know and define it always will be at best, partial and incomplete. They always will be ever expanding and evolving spiritual metaphors, myths and constructive scaffolding that serves only to help us better grasp the spiritual realities of the absolute truth, beauty and goodness of Ultimate Reality. Our spiritual metaphors, myths and scaffolding will evolve and continually be released, remade and upgraded with each major step we make in achieving greater understandings of new aspects of the previously unknown Ultimate Reality. As an organization and as members of our spiritual community, we further pledge not let our spiritual metaphors, myths and scaffolding separate us from the hearts and souls of the members of other spiritualities nor be the cause of intolerance or mental or physical violence toward their spirituality or their spiritual metaphors, myths and scaffolding.

We further believe that members of Universe Spirit and Evolution Spirituality should try to:

9.) Integrate the life affirming wisdom of male and female spirituality.

10.) Integrate the life affirming wisdom of rational science and the new Universe Evolutionary Worldview with the most universal and inclusive values and wisdom of spirituality. (Use the Universe Principles of Sustainability daily to bring the best of science's wisdom into your life to enhance your personal and group success. The knowledge of the sciences is a powerful too in advancing a spiritual life as well.)

11.) Integrate both the many life affirming, post-postmodern and prior era spiritual and secular ideals and principles of our spirituality into their lives. Click here to see a master list of these spiritual and secular administrative ideals and principles.

12.) Re-integrate art back into its vital role with spirituality and religion and, their own lives. (Also see About Art and Spirituality at Universe Spirit for additional information).

13.) To see more objectives that we hope to achieve through the application of our open source spirituality aspects of our extended creed click here.

For more information on our naturally evolving spiritual creed, other suggested moral and social ethical guidelines and spiritualized lifestyle ideals for better, more artful living for our members, their families and our Life and Spirit facilitators, see:

Our Codes of Conduct

Universe Principles of Sustainability

Our Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities
Our Position Papers

Our Great News (which also covers more of the science related aspects of our creed.)

If you like what you see above and on our website, you too can be a part of a great spiritual work and adventure for our time. Help us co-create a Universe Spirit that holds the promise of being both the next step in the evolution of personal spirituality and religion as well as the next logical step beyond today's interfaith movement by clicking the What's Next link.

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