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Spirituality and Meta-Spirituality


The definition that is most used at Integrative Spirituality is:

Those questions and answers as well as objects and processes which most directly relate to the individual's relationship and understanding of Ultimate Reality/God (the Great Mystery and Wholeness that interconnects all things,) and how that understanding and relationship informs the individual's relationship to all other individuals and things.

In recent years, "spirituality" has often carried connotations of the believer's faith being more personal, less dogmatic, more open to new ideas and myriad influences, and more pluralistic than the faiths of established religions. Those given to describing their spiritual beliefs in terms of "spirituality" rather than "religion" are apt to believe that there are many "spiritual paths" and that there is no objective truth about which is the best path to follow.

Others hold that spirituality is not religion, per se, but the active and vital direct and/or personal connection to a force, power, Ultimate Reality or sense of the deep self.

Some proponents of spirituality believe that the goal of 'being spiritual' is to simultaneously improve one's wisdom, willpower and communion with God/Ultimate Reality, which necessitates the removal of illusions at the sensory, feeling and thinking aspectes of a person.

Other spiritual proponents point out that that spirituality is a two-stroke process. The upward stroke relates to inner growth and the downward stroke relates towards manifesting improvements in the world/reality around us as a result of the inward change.

The rule of thumb when evaluating any spiritual approach is that six months of dilligent, proper practice should manifest noticeable improvement in one's life. If not, then the usual advice is to pick an approach that is more likely to assist you in achieving your specific goals.


At Integrative Spirituality when we add the prefix meta to the word spirituality as in meta-spirituality we also specifically mean a new form of spirituality and spiritual organization that goes beyond as well as transcends and includes earlier forms of spirtuality, spiritual process and spiritual organization. One of the goals of a meta-spirituality is to strive to complete the next evolutionary steps from that which it has been drawn from (namely earlier forms of spirtuality, spiritual process and spiritual orgsanization.) This new transending and including process creates both its own new level as well as a whole new additive category to previously what we have known spirituality, spiritual process and spiritual organizations to be.

Meta-Spirituality also strives to expand the meta-theories of spirituality, spiritual growth processes and spiritual organization, which is the theoretical consideration of the meta-properties (such as the foundations, methods, form and utility,) of spirituality, spiritual growth and spiritual organizations. In its most simple terms Meta-Spirituality is that new form of spirituality and spiritual organization, which naturally comes after traditional and previous forms of spirituality, spiritual growth processes and spiritual or religious organization in the evolutionary process...

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