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Religion: God: The Master List of Names Used for God in World Religions and Sciences, etc

Evolution Spirituality is an open source, integral and evolutionary meta-spirituality that strives to integrate the core personalized and non-personalized spirituality from both Eastern and Western religions as well as the best concepts from both science and humanism that refer to God/Ultimate Reality and/or our optimal relationship to it. As you will see in the master name list below, we use multiple terms for God or Ultimate Reality in hope that it would be more comfortable for our members coming from the spiritualities of either the East or West or humanism and the sciences. This way they can select and use the name for God/Ultimate Reality that is most familiar and empowering to them while they are involved with this omni and trans-denominational new form of meta-spirituality,

To this end we often use different names like Ultimate Reality, the Ever Present Origin, the Integrative Spirit, the Integrative Consciousness or similar terms for both the personalized absolute concepts of God (Yahweh, Christ, Goddess, Jehovah, Allah, Krishna, and the various Trinities, etc.) and/or for the non-personalized absolute concepts (Buddha, Buddhahood, Brahma, Consciousness, the Tao.) Many Eastern spiritualities do not have a personalized God concept, but rather have an impersonal All concept that is parallel in scope in many ways to western personalized All God concepts. As you might imagine, integrating the absolute personal and impersonal O­neness or Wholeness concepts of both eastern and western spirituality with Ultimate Reality concepts of science and humanism has been difficult to say the least! For individuals that are humanist, science based, agnostic and atheist we use Total Reality concepts such as the Universe, Kosmos, the Great Radiance, Ultimate Concern, Ultimate Wholeness, Ultimate Reality, Ultimate Unity, the Great Mystery, Total Post Big Bang Reality, etc.

The following list is the current omni-denominational and trans-denominational terms that are used by members from different backgrounds at Integrative Spirituality to convey Ultimate Reality --- either the absolute Allness of Eastern or Western non-personal and personal spiritualities and/or the Ultimate Reality of Science and Humanism. You may interpret the following names to mean or reflect any individual name or combination of names or states of a personal God, impersonal Ultimate or, science or humanistic Reality Totality concept that you would like to use.

Know that in the terms listed below we are speaking with awe, wonder and a forever an incomplete understanding of the Infinite Mystery, Great Unitive O­neness and Absolute Inclusiveness and inter-connectedness that we each and all exist within --- no matter what we may call it or how we may describe it. If you are more comfortable with your current names for Ultimate Reality, God and/or Buddha and your choice of name(s) best supports you, there is no reason to discontinue using what is most meaningful and powerful to you.

What we offer here is our attempt to recognize the many ways the world's spiritual and humanistic traditions have acknowledged Ultimate Reality and allow our organization and members to honor them with ongoing use as needed. We also believe that creating both a trans-denominational understanding as well as new omni-denominational usages for the name(s) of Ultimate Reality is inherently important. 

This is because the journey to increasing your understanding of Ultimate Reality in all of its name forms is critically essential to life. This is because when you are both learning about Ultimate Reality and are consciously evolving in partnership with Ultimate Reality, you are on the greatest, most rewarding spiritual and physical partnership in all of the evolving physical universe. This journey toward and with Ultimate is the most primal, purposeful and only adventure in all of existence that will:

a.) create every single thing that is worthwhile to be or become,
b.) help you to do every single thing worthwhile that could be done and,
c.) eventually create every single thing that is worth having --- both now and throughout eternity!

Omni-Denominational and Humanistic Names for Ultimate Reality:

If you can add to this list or help us find a better way to express the concept of Ultimate Reality in a way that is comfortable to ALL of the above spiritual and humanistic perspectives, please contact us and do so. We would love the help!

* Absolute Spirit or Absolute Consciousness

* Absolute Inclusiveness

* Allah

* Anima Mundi (World Soul, Gaia, Universal Soul)

* Atman

* Brahma

* Causal

* Christ

* Cosmic Christ

* Consciousness

* Divine

* Divine Feminine, Kali, Oya, Pele, Mary, Shakti, Black Madonna or any of the other many names for Goddess embodying Absolute Divinity in a female manifestation.)

* Divine Mother

* Divine Mystery

* Divine Presence

* Ein Sof

* Ever Present Origin

* God

* Godde

* Goddess

* God/Buddha

* Great Interconnectedness

* Great Mother

* Great Mystery

* Great Spirit

* Great Union

* Great Radiance

* Great Relationship

* Great Unity

* Higher Power

* Highest Essence

* Highest Self

* Holy Spirit

* I am Who am (a non qualitative personal Divinity)

* Infinite Consciousness

* Infinite Essence

* Infinite Mystery

* Infinite o­ne

* Infinite o­neness

* Infinite Source

* Infinite Spirit

* Infinite Wholeness

* Integrative Consciousness

* Integrative Spirit

* Jehovah

* Kosmos

* Krishna

* Larger Self

* Love

* Nondual Awareness

* Original Essence

* Original Organizing Principle

* Pre Big Bang Reality

* Post Big Bang Reality

* Shakti

* Shiva

* The Cosmos

* The Source

* The Evolutionary Absolute

* The Infinite

* The Great O­neness

* The Great Radiance 

* The Great Spirit

* The Tao

* The Great Unified Field

* The Great Unity

* The Force

* The Tripartite Absolute, (a term (R)evolutionary Spirituality uses for the combined Personal, Evolutionary and Impersonal absolutes of God.)

* The Absolute Trinity or TriUnity

* The Supreme

* The Ultimate

* The Universe

* Total Reality

* Total Pre and Post Big Bang Reality

* Ultimate Concern

* Ultimate Reality

* Ultimate Truth

* Ultimate Unity or O­neness

* Ultimate Wholeness

* Universal O­ne

* Yahweh

* Wakan Taka

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